They were always supposed to be funny, at the 
 circus doing tricks,

 Making children laugh, adults whom were once so 
 Young, believing.

 They wear many different expressions to hide what's 
 Really inside,

 Appear do they friendly in the daylight, but in the 
 Coming days of

 October, faces of clowns in the dark, only faces in 
 The night.

 On a cool, crisp, October, days before Halloween, 
 I went walking,

 A breeze in the air as it is now Fall and the days 
 Are much shorter.

 Laughter echoed through the swaying trees, from a 
 Distance a face known to me,

 Not like before as a child sees a clown, a quick, evil, 
 stare as he ran away.

 Left behind was something that can't be erased from 
 My mind,

 Night after night they became more and more, just one 
 Face the same.

 Clowns in the dark who wear not the faces of fun but 
 Of their pain,

 Revenge, Clowns from all time, wreak havoc in the night, 
 No reason why.
                  Keith Garrett

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