A SMALL TOWN'S CURSE

 In this small town only children could see an 
 Evil that lives,
 For adults whom stopped believing, there was 
 No reality.
 A group of kids who became best friends stood 
 Together strong,
 They would fight the bad that came to dwell in a 
 Forgotten town.
 A simpler time when an afternoon Saturday movie 
 Was just fine,
 To build a dam, too swim in a pool created by those 
 Who would dream.
 A dancing clown with promises of balloons and 
 Never ending fun,
 Dressed up in colors and wearing a face that only 
 The young could see.
 From hell it seems he came as he is something other 
 Than appears to be,
 He's a monster dressed to kill, he comes to feed 
 For eternity.
 These children of Innocence become each scarred 
 By a curse,
 Brave as they battle a force, as no child should 
 Live a nightmare.
 Not defeated as they grow to become adults and hide 
 This haunting pain,
 Go their own separate ways into the world with what 
 They hold hidden.
 Each successful in business, money is theirs, although 
 Happiness is not,
 Emotional scars deep inside forgotten until the past 
 Rings loud in ears.
 Return to this small Maine town they do, seven people, 
 Thirty years lost,
 Bring it to an end this evil, this dancing curse
 That brings fear.
 Lucky seven, their faith and love for one another 
 Keeps them together,
 It's back and these once children, misfits of  
 Horrible Family memories
 Sacrifice all they have, their lives, and destroy this 
 Clown, but a monster.
 A small town curse is destroyed as finally these 
 Friends may have peace,
 They now learn of laughter, love, and happiness 
 Though seven are now five.
 The dancing clown, Pennywise, IT.

                 Keith Garrett  

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