HALLOWEEN MAN

 His hate for October began a lifetime ago, 
 He was a boy,

 A father loved so dear, did this night destroy 
 A child's life.

 Learned of a father's death, a fall from a cliff 
 On a dark night,

 He had to believe that another was responsible, 
 Too much pain.

 Years passed by as this boy grew older, only 
 Halloween haunts his night,

 Something has changed, no longer in his right mind,  
 He's on his way.

 Revenge for him makes no sense to the sane man,  
 Evil he's become,

 Kill he does, those who would wear masks on a cold, 
 October night.

 His father did not come home on a long ago Autumn  
 Night, He also died,

 He is the Halloween man, once a year he terrorizes 
 All that he can.
                              Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN MAN

  1. It’s natural, for a young child, to associate like this, when something tragic, happens, in his, young life, and how unfortunate, that this kid, never experienced the fun of, dressing up as something or, someone else, and getting lots and lots, of candy…

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