DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!

 I was warned about it many times by my 
 Grandfather, Father,
 And for many years family members,

 The rule was when visiting this most unusual 
 Was never go downstairs past the basement.

 There's a room further on that's been built 
 into the Earth,
 A fearful warning, don't open the door! has been 
 Echoed for a century.
 I went down there one night after everyone went 
 To sleep,
 I wanted to know what was in there.

 I put my ear to the door and listened for a possible 
 Quiet, no window to look through, nothing.

 I discovered a key above the door, hanging there,

 Although I wanted so badly to see what was in that 
 I wondered more about why this key was there if it
 Was so forbidden to open the door.
 I went back to bed, night after night dreams filled 
 My head,
 What was in there? a monster, crazy people, were there 
 Bodies or treasure?
 Could it be just an empty old room of dust and cobwebs,

 I needed to know and soon I would find out. 

 I would see what no person should ever see,

 I took the key into my hand and unlocked it.

 I heard the words, don't open the door! but I did,

I opened the door, Oh god! I opened the door.

                   Keith Garrett   

6 thoughts on “DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!

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  2. Keith, this poem was great and I felt inspired to re-blog it with some thoughts of my own about how that sensation just before we do the taboo impacts us…especially those on either side of the cyber crime equation. Thanks for a great mental image.

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