MY NAME IS MALABAR

 Just for one night, each year a day in October,

 I soar down from sky, to bring hell to all humans. 

 From a place I come, a far off demonic world, 

 Fast as the wind, horror is my only game.

 I'm mean and ugly, soon you'll see my face,

 When you do then say goodbye to this mortal place.

 My teeth are like razors, my eyes red as blood,

 Claws on my hands and feet, a tail of pain.

 No conscience have I, not a heart of sorrow,

 If you do meet me, never again a tomorrow. 

 My name is Malabar, for you it means death,

 Nothing can stop me, I'll devour you to survive.

 Hide where you dwell, do not let me Introduce myself,

 After midnight look out of your window,

 As I soar to the sky, In one years time,
 I'll be back for your life.

             Keith Garrett

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