THEY BRING FEAR

 A cold, October night, wind rushing through the 
 Creeks and sounds awaken me in the darkness.

 I think to myself, can you hear it, a sinister and 
 Evil little laugh,
 As if it were far off in the distance.

 Am I Imagining things, I get up and take a look 
 Again a heart stopping sound.

 Through the window the moon light shines,

 I can see it, the shadow of a creature,

 Maybe just a foot or so tall.

 It can't be real, only in my mind as it vanishes 
 There it is staring at me with those awful eyes.

 Running down the hall, out the door with a horrible 
 Little laugh,
 Some kind of miniature, ugly, looking elf.

 I am trapped, looking out the window in the dark, 
 Cold, night,
 They're everywhere, more of them are out there.

 Where they come from I do not know, they bring fear,

 Night after night they gather, no place to run, 
 Just a place to hide.
 They are by sight horrible to the mind,

 What they want is not known, what I know is that 
 They bring fear.
                       Keith Garrett

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