ON HALLOWEEN

 Waiting for the light of day to come to its end, 
 I'm there in the shadows, behind the trees I lurk.

 This is my night but you may think it's yours,
 Let's find out,
 Celebrate the faces you wear, I wear only one face, 
 Inside your houses, hide you should but there is no 
 Intelligence in you,
 You'll walk the night with your children hunting for 
 A chocolate or treat.
 Up in the trees as the wind blows is where you might  
 Find me, maybe,
 The moon is full as it sits in the wide open, night sky.

 I move as you move through your neighborhood streets,

 Seeing what you see awaiting you, waiting for a 
 Different treat.
 There's something stalking, hunting without a trace, 
 Quietly there,
 By morning I'll be gone but with me some of those who 
 Wear masks.
 Am I like you or do you pretend to resemble what I am,

 What I am has a face that changes with each season, 
 Tonight, no face.
 I haunt your neighborhood on Halloween, I am this 
 That you will never dream, I am in your neighborhood.

                               Keith Garrett  

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