SHADOWS OF FRIGHT

 They appear as they are while I lay in my 
 Bed at night,

 The light from the moon shines through my window.

 Spiders crawl up and down the walls, my eyes follow,

 Images of snakes on the ceiling above, slither along.

 Bats with fangs, their shadows I do see,

 Flying on by, I have fear through the night.

 Vampires with a thirst for blood are a haunting sight,

 What do I see but only a silhouette of a monster.

 Creatures of the night, shadows of fright,

 Mummies and werewolves out on an Autumn night.

 Frankenstein wanders but it's only a shadow to me,

 A vision of that which is horror you see.

 A glimpse of a witch on a broom flying high,

 The stroke of midnight, a shadow across the sky.

                         Keith Garrett  

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