Keith Garrett   PORFINIFIGUS

 Where he comes from nobody knows, he does live,

 A myth, a fable, only a child believes, one who 
 Has seen.

 Along the river bank of a small Eastern town in Maine,

 A place of play for a boy named Luke, this is no dream.

 Many fantastic tales he does tell, who will listen 
 This time?

 Described to others as a type of elf, an ugly troll.

 Many late afternoons is when Luke visits the river,

 Today it is a bit windy, he will appear once more.

 He speaks to Luke in whispers, I am Porfinifigus,

 I am created from your thoughts and fear.

 Why do you find me here each day, are you real?

 I told you that i live in you, you gave me a name.

 There are wishes that you ask for, I can hear you,

 With every wish there comes a curse.

 I have many things to wish for, will they be mine?

 For everything you receive, something I will take.

 I wish for all things in this town be mine,

 Foolish boy, everything in this town be no more.

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