THE OTHER ME
 To my eyes I could not believe,

 Not sure if I saw him staring at me.

 From a distance I thought I saw another me,

 That's crazy, just my Imagination.

 Then I saw him on the other side of the street,

 A strange smile, scary he seemed.

 Following him to get a closer look,

 Faster he moved, faster than me.

 He turned and let me see his face,

 Stranger eyes but a shock came over me.

 He spoke these words loud and clear,

 I'm the other you, see what lies inside.

 I'm the other you, what frightens you so,

 There was no catching this one who knows who I am.

 He's the other me, I don't like him to be,

 There's nothing I can do, he knows all about me.

 He's not so good, not what I am, why do I chase him,

 Let him run, I'll leave and go another way.

 Now he tries to find me, I'm smarter than he,

 I've escaped from his hands, he's the other me.

                    Keith Garrett 

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