SEASON OF THE WITCH
       Keith Garrett
 Late October, the days grow short and the nights even 
 There's a chill that falls over the land this season,
 Fear lives.
 A small town in Massachusetts where the winds of cold 
 An evil hides here in this quiet place, the woods of 
 An old house, hundreds of years standing, death to those 
 Who wonder,
 What lives here, who lives here if at all human is black  
 Magic, So evil.
 The people of this town are well aware of the strange  
 Night Happenings,
 Now it's October, it's that time of year again, they  
 Conjure Witches.
 The owls are heard at night, they wait in the trees, they
 Can See,
 Bats fly through the fog filled skies searching for blood 
 On This night.
 On Halloween night all the doors in this unusual little  
 Town Will be locked,
 Fore they draw you into their hell, be not the weak, they 
 Feel and hear.
 Spells on poor souls that take the life from them, evil  
 Grows Stronger,
 Cauldrons filled with a power, substance of  magical  
 Force, A potion.
 Season of the witch, season of doom for the mortal man,

 He can not resist temptation, he can not pull himself 
 Away From the witch.
 Deep in the woods where trees so tall cover a house of  
 Satanic Ritual,
 Tonight they ready themselves in this place made of wood 
 And Brick so old.
 The moon rises, a full moon of orange and yellow, night 
 Of The witch,
 through a window is seen to an eye fear as they have 
 Faces,  Many years.
 On a Fall night spells are cast out into the wind, they 
 Take Bodies and minds,
 Old and ugly are these daughters of the devil, tenants of
 Season of the witch comes to life in dark woods in a town 
 Of Fear,
 Twelve O' clock becomes the hour of the witch, from the  
 Light of the moon,
 They appear in the sky, they fly hunting for the breath  
 Of Life So that they may again live to haunt Halloween.

                        Keith Garrett

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