WELCOME TO GRANDMAS

 High upon a hill sits this house of darkness,

 Hiding beyond hundred year old trees that sway in the 
 To stumble upon it is a deadly thing but to enter will 
 Be a house of hell,
 Out of gas in the dead of night, clouds cover the moon.

 A group of friends with no idea what awaits,

 This house can not be seen from below as nothing else 
 Is around.
 Their curiosity to walk up the path has no reason,

 Fear of being stranded or of what may lie ahead.

 Picture grandma dressed in clothes of comfort, an apron,

 Her hair up in a bun, baking cookies, pies, and other 
 There may be a warm hello at the door but grandma has a 
 Surprise for you,
 You're staying the night, one hell of a night! 

 The door opens and there's an excited greeting for these 
 Poor Stranded strangers,
 She welcomes them and Invites them to have dinner and  
 Stay The night.
 What a night it will be, the wind is howling as a storm 
 Settles over this town,
 After dinner grandma shows them to their rooms, there's
 A Warm fire glowing.
 As everyone gets ready for bed and a stormy night,

 An echo of a scream is heard through the darkened 
 Nothing to be found as all search around,

 A light from the kitchen for those to see. 

 There stands the sweet old lady preparing tomorrows 
 Through the rain driven night, behind the thunder that  
 Hides The hellish screams.
 It is she whom is called grandma who smiles with delight,

 No longer are they here at this old house, Grandma likes 
 To Feast on Halloween.
                              Keith Garrett

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