THE DEAD TRAIN

 A traveling locomotive on a course bound for 

 Never does it stop, a sound heard echoing in 
 The night.

 Where it started is a story unknown, where it's  
 Headed, No ending be told,

 Dark and quiet except for the whistling in the night 
 And the rumbling train.

 To look into the windows there's not a thing, a 
 Person to see,

 When again it comes back around then a closer peek 
 There will be.

 The dead train becomes its name, no way to stop it, 
 Why that name?

 It disappears and then it's seen roaring down some 
 Railroad track.

 Never a face, no one walking around, no engineer 
 Guiding this train,

 The lights flash from the darkness when it sees 
 Me watching.

 A first stop it will make since last years fatal day,

 I'm taking a trip, my ticket in hand,

 All aboard! yells the conductor, the dead train 
 Takes me away.
                                      Keith Garrett 

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