November was here, colder than usual compared to 
 Many others,

 This was to be a snow filled holiday but it's 
 Thanksgiving again.

 Today will also have an unexpected visitor not yet 

 From a great distance, this traveler will trek to 
 Change some lives.

 Morning is here, it's very cold as we all gather   
 Downstairs for coffee,

 We send the kids out to get some wood to build a nice, 
 Warm fire.

 It gets busy early with everyone preparing for this 
 Special day,

 A stranger makes his way, while we take some things 
 For granted.

 A lesson of importance we'll all learn, a stranger 
 On the way,

 Walking the streets, a story to tell as the snow and 
 Cold are no friend.

 A next meal, shelter over one's head, with every step 
 A friend is close,

 Within the warmth of this home, a day of thanks and love, 
 Out the window

 A soul I did see, walking slowly under the snowing sky, 
 that could be me.

 Invited in was this person with no place to be, an  
 Identity To be seen,

 A story was told, appreciated what we did not see, 
 thanksgiving with a stranger.
                            Keith Garrett

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