A WINTERS STROLL

   Walking along the road with you alone,

   Under the sky of a Winter cold.

   Beneath the leafless trees all covered with snow,

   A chilly storm that visited last night.  

  The woods are empty except for the deer we see,

   Beyond there are hills of white layered blankets.

   Further, in the distance, mountains are a sight,

   Down from the sky, snow of white.

  A Winters stroll just you and I, hand in hand,

  A flowing river of Icy cold, where does it go.

   Walk with me through this beautiful place,

   We stroll along to a cloud covered lake.

   Listen to the wind, miracles surround,

   Winter is here, Icicles hang from rocks above.

   It may be cold but a warm feeling within,

   A Winters stroll, just you and me.

                                            Keith Garrett 

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