LOST IN THE SNOW

 This tale is about a man, one I knew,

 Traveled down a road, now lost in the snow.

  Dark nights and alone, cold, so very cold,

  Stands on his feet but which way to go.

  It's hard to see if your eyes are closed,

  Lost in the snow but there's a place of help.

  Don't rely on who is searching, maybe no one 
  At all,

  Be strong old pal, find your own way out.

  Believe it or not, some have been seeking you out,

  Worried about your safety, the message is there.

 There's much around to keep you alive,

  Nothing comes easy, don't give up my friend,

  Fore you must try or you'll surely die.

  Lost in the snow is no way to end,

 There's a road that will take you again to a friend.

                Keith Garrett  

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