A WALK THROUGH WINTER

  We set out early for our walk into the cold, frosty day,

  What a beautiful scene as the morning light shines

  Large pine trees are many, standing high in the sky for 
  Quite a while,

  Snow has settled on the ground, like a thick, white blanket, 
  From a passing storm.

  Having a little fun throwing snowballs at each other, hiking 
  Through the woods,

  Pinecones we find along the way, of many shapes and sizes, 
  Create a beautiful scene.
  Icicles are seen hanging from rock formations, as we head 
  Further along into the woods,

  A rushing river of water is a sight, so cold it must be as it travels 
  Beyond where we are.
  A walk through Winter, chilly winds blow after dark, into the night, 

Again it’s daylight.


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