It was dark, I glanced out of the window and saw him,

Tall with dark hair, a sweatshirt soaked from the falling rain.

Why was he out there, by a tree he stood watching the rain fall,?

Clouds of many, darkness was everywhere, he stood drenched.

I wasn’t going to open the door as I was curious but a little scared,

Was I mean for not showing care, He was a stranger, why was he there.?

Standing In the rain, where did he come from, what was his name,?

Good or bad, I did not care, I walked away and left him standing In the rain.

Keith Garrett



Chubby Checker had the peppermint twist,

Chuck Berry sang out Maybelline.

Jerry Lee Lewis screaming, great balls of fire,

It was Buddy Holly and Peggy Sue.

Johnny Cash, his song walk the line,

Elvis Presley belting out Jailhouse Rock.

Rick Nelson was the Travelin’ man,

The big Bopper with his Chantilly Lace.

Richie Valenz yelling out La, Bamba,
Nancy Sinatra and a tune of boots.

Petula Clark going downtown,

Patsy Cline singing softly with crazy.

Janis Joplin giving a piece of my heart,

Grace Slick chasing white rabbit.

The Beatles with Hey Jude,

Pat Boone echoing out April love,

Little Richard pounding out Long Tall Sally.

Jim Morrison feeling rider on the storm,

Jimmi Hendrix In a world of purple haze.

Robert Plant on his Stairway to Heaven,

Eric Clapton, After Midnight or Wonderful tonight,

Singers of a lost time, they come to mind.

Keith Garrett



As a child he lived here many years before,

The great depression was not a time of all pleasant things.

It was however a time of childhood, a sunset for some,

There was a family of fathers and mothers, sons and daughters.

A boy was he of seventeen, a dreamer, a writer,

He had nothing but he had also everything.

On this mountain in Virginia he was born,

So many days ago, long gone are they now.

He wrote his many thoughts by a lamp in the night,

Played games with his brothers and sisters.

Together this family sat together for dinner each night,

A lifetime ago is when this story was told.

By a boy whom with his family struggled but did laugh as they

Were blessed with much love and togetherness,

On this mountain, once upon a time.

Keith Garrett



At times is it that I don’t quite understand,

Do I hear the words spoken but perhaps do not listen.

Maybe I don’t sometimes see although I possess sight,

Do you think inside of me the anger lives much to long.

Am I missing a piece of happiness that is so close, I cannot see,

My mind is always spinning, I seem to have not much peace.

I watch the world from where I am and don’t like what I see,

I cannot change all that is bad but I can change some things in me.

Oh my god!, I do believe you know the answers to what I have thought,

I do believe from long ago that you knew where our world was heading.

You gave free will, we have a choice but mankind has taken for granted,

The beauty and gift of this life, is it to late for all to change what’s damaged.

Keith Garrett



Castles of knights so long ago, a far off land, a sword in a stone,

Dragons that fly across the sky, fire they breathe, burns the night.

Wizards dressed in robes of black, stars and moons on their backs,

Spells from a book, potions brewed up special in a pot of fire so black.

Sorcerer’s that cast upon the land an evil presence of giants so bad,

Legends of stories told from times of so old, kings and queens, guillotines.

Mythical tales and magical scenes only dreamed from minds of fairy tale stories,

Possibly, Imaginations so real that just maybe once upon a time in another world.

Mythical tales from generation to generation, a place of old England,

Were there things once so real turned to tales and not believed again.

Keith Garrett



My mind is an island, many places to roam,

Different things that I see when I’m on my own.

If wander I do to far away,

Lost might I be in this land made for me.

See as I do and think as I may,

There are beautiful things in my thoughts everyday.

I can find my way back to where it is I should be,

If I’m looking the right way or a trail I might leave.

My island can be peaceful and sunny or stormy and dark,

I’d rather be happy and have my island be a walk in the park.

Keith Garrett



To walk on water is an amazing thing I cannot do,

Flying across the sky, never will I fly, a thought from my mind.

Through walls of solid never will my physical body walk,

I have not the power to raise my hands and change the world.

To part the sea is a wonder that I’ve not yet seen,

Fire I cannot make rain from the sky, no not I.

I have not the ability to hide from pain,

Fear is an emotion that lives in the human being.

I am not god for it is that I may bleed and do,

I breathe the air but no guarantee of a tomorrow.

Mortal I am, for now here I’ll stand and walk this land,

Older I’ll get as surely I will not live forever in this place.

One day I’ll die and pray that my new home will be beyond the sky.

Keith Garrett