Disappear, go away and leave me alone,

I don’t need you anymore, you bring nothing.

My energy is being drained, a piece taken away,

You’re out there but I need you not here.

Be not here whomever you are, stay away,

I’ve seen you in too many places around this world.

You’ve done much harm to me fore you are them,

You don’t have a place in my life, a disease you be.

Not to be trusted, worn by you are many faces,

Many faces you are, which might be the right one,

Be not here and I won’t have to wonder who you are.

Keith Garrett



These things I might find strolling along a country road,

From my mind, I can create a day or reality along my way.

I see the sun rising in the early morning sky, my day begins,

Dream do I of a perfect setting, fields, and hills of beautiful color.

Nothing can go wrong, not in this made up scene that I want to be,

Swim do I in a pond that appears along a country road, quiet and alone.

There is a wind blowing through the trees, across the field I feel,

Haystacks scattered in a country dream, a farm where I wish to be,

Along a country road, all possibilities unfold, from a dream, all that can be seen.

Keith Garrett




Out on the horizon, beneath the sinking sun, It rolls In,

They all come to watch, they come to ride the wild surf.

For the true surfer, It comes from within, at one with the wave,

Shooting the tube, living on the edge, free to glide across the water.

From Australia, the split, surfers’ paradise, they battle the rolling storm,

To Hawaii, Waimea Bay, North Shore, Pipeline, or Hanalei Bay, the wave.

Above the wave where dreams’ are made, surf the open waterway,

Around the world beyond the shores of Peru to New Zealand, ride.

Above the wave, beneath the wide open sky, forever ride,

Touch the water and listen to the sound of the crashing waves.

Keith Garrett




He saw the sun but when the sun went down,

He wanted nothing more of that which was around.

Heading for the great Colorado Rocky mountains said he,

I will not be back until I see a land of eternity.

A long time ago, this man not many would know,

As for the few, he treated them with kindness, they would not forget.

A loner of a man, no choice to love and care, an inherited family,

Because he did help another kind, they took from him the love in his life.

He wanted to be alone and he learned to care, again only pain and despair,

A mountain man you see, he had a life, until life met eternity.

Keith Garrett



Never an astronaut, dancing slowly upon the moon,

Flying in a jet across the sky, no, not did I ever fly.

A football star throwing the ball far, a dream that won’t be,

Under the lights, a victory on a Super Bowl night.

What is it like to be a movie star pretending to be many things,

Known everywhere, this is not what I was born to be.

An Olympic star, a racer of cars, I wanted to be but that’s not me,

A great writer, a hero of sort would be something I might be.

A rescuer of the down and out, a conqueror of homelessness,

I may not be an Einstein of genius, I am good enough for me,

A list of things to be, how much can one man need?

Keith Garrett




They come together as one to speak out against a wrong,

What do they show the world around them, they teach nothing.

A man is dead, who is it they blame, believe with anger the law,

They do no better as their protest is of evil, used as an excuse.

A gathering of criminals looting and terrorizing to show their dislike,

Attacking and beating those of different colors out of hate and anger.

Possibly it could be their frustration with their own lives comes to life,

Destroying their own town, fires burning, does this make them proud.?

Jobs and economy being ruined, in their own town they raise their fists in triumph,

Are they fools, they are of ignorance, blaming society for more than one incident.

This is no gathering of good people, they are of no help as they create the bad,

No good will come of this, only a town scarred and destroyed, never forgotten.

Keith Garrett




Away from the mistrusting world that is what I call home,

Out beyond the hills, a place where peace is real, follow me.

My travel takes me to where no anger or violence can find,

Come along, join me where life can be as it should be, love and peace.

Above only sky, blue, clouds of many shapes passing slowly by,

Look! I told you it would be here if we just kept looking, do you see.?

Only grass beneath me, green for miles in all directions, sky above,

For a few moments, I lay my body down upon this cool, field of freedom.

I can build a cabin, feel free to join me in my quest for a better life,

Warm fires on cold nights, walk outside to nothing but beauty everywhere.

Only grass beneath me, a better world, here i remain for the rest of my time.

Keith Garrett




Darkness falls, the sun drifts off to sleep in this part of the land,

Dinner is served as hunger rests in my stomach and mind.

I’m tired as this is my time to relax and enjoy shows of the night,

Comedy is my friend as I forget the hardship and worldly problems.

A candle glowing on a table is a peaceful sight in this room with soft light,

The crickets can be heard from the yard in the evening quiet.

Slowly fading into a beautiful dream state on the couch with a drink,

The blinds are closed and the door opened as the lights are turned out.

A snack and thoughts of the coming days and all that may be are dreamed,

In the evening I can lay in the dark, close my eyes, and drift off to different sounds.

In the evening I am at peace as the dark, quiet, world soothes my never ending soul.

Keith Garrett



Where are we today in America, land of the whining, home of the crying,

History of our country is being wished away, torn down and defaced.

It can’t be taken away, there are those who may not like events that have happened,

Good or bad, these scenes can’t be taken from memory, history has made us who we are.

Hate appears much stronger today than ever before, divided we stand I believe forevermore,

We live in a bitter world as we have nothing better to accomplish than to tear down statues

From our past wars, events which were of right and wrong but that’s just the way it is.

Everything is now being examined, ridiculous! to the point of ignorance, let the past go,

Complaints about cartoons, cereal boxes, songs of life being screamed at with anger.

The word white will soon be of the past, taking from the dictionary, no definition,

Why is there reference to one race that matters, if you speak that all lives matter

Then anger and violence erupt, do not say white lives matter as this can not be,

Looting, burning, and rioting in the streets, destroying your cities is no solution.

There have been many types of slavery, people enslaved since the beginning of man,

There should be equal right for all but taking away the rights of many to have

Those equal rights is a crime in itself, Today is wrong as taken from us will soon

be the national anthem, God bless America, and much more, the right to be me.

Keith Garrett




Not to be seen, noticed among the crowded streets,

To walk a chosen road, dreaming, and not seen.

Just a little time to be left alone, on my own,

Not a sound I’ll make or attention I’ll create.

Invisible moments, there will be no picture or scene,

No description of a man, all around me will be.

At times not to be before these eyes anything,

Not an unwanted sound, nothing all around.

The soul needs moments of peace, a slower pace,

Escape from the fast pace of the human race.

Invisible moments, quiet times under a forgotten tree,

In an empty field of grass, I’m not known to be.

Keith Garrett