I awoke last night to a booming sound, echoing across the sky,

Cracking like a whip was it as I lay there listening and wondering.

Thunder, louder it became, the sound of sparks high in the sky,

Very unusual as my eyes needed to see what this spectacle could be.

Nothing could I see except the sounds ringing into the dark night,

Did you hear it last night? it came out of the sky, I tell you no lies.

Like heavy footsteps across the clouds, horses galloping with no sight,

What was happening, was it something so real, was it just I who heard,

Did you hear it last night, did it bring you fright, was it from beyond the sky?

Keith Garrett



Once without chains, no bars to hold them inside,

Free men with the gift of choice, unwise in their thoughts.

Descent men maybe once, a moment of pure sin,

Damned to await their own fate, a day with eternity.

They committed the ultimate crime in life,

No right was theirs to make a decision of god.

Taken for granted the freedom that was given,

That which they gave away.

Missed now by them is the daily wanting desires that free men might have,

Now they await their judgement day,

As their hourglass empties, they can only wait.

Keith Garrett




Back in the past from where they came,

Four different faces performed on the stage.

Their appearances all covered, hidden from view,

Whom were they really, nobody knew.

Like demons they dressed but music they played,

All of them different, what did they have to say.

In their songs were expressed feelings,

Looking at them didn’t seem so,

Hearts they all had, this soon all would know.

On the drums he will bang with a face like a cat,

His name is peter, inside he’s more than that.

Ace wears a disguise just like the rest,

Playing his guitar is what he does best.

Paul is another, lead guitar he does play,

A star on his face, has something to say.

Like a serpent showing his tongue,

Like a dragon spitting fire,

A mask he does wear and his shoes make him higher.

Keith Garrett



Step into reality, an exotic and spectacular place of dreams,

Realize this world of adventure and things not to often seen.

Somewhat dark with a hint of light beaming through the trees,

Sounds all around as the creatures of this land watch in the shadows.

There’s a misty haze that appears as the night shows its face,

So far away from the not so peaceful, deep forest of that which breathes.

Leaves upon the ground, walking among life that speaks not a word we hear,

With these feet we make our way from a magical getaway of existence.

This forest, a beautiful, deep, forest hiding from the outside,

Lost in it may be the heaven, the happiness, a garden of Eden.

Keith Garrett



Run and run until the day was done, fun in the sun,

Not a care, chasing butterflies within the wind.

A book that’s numbered beginning with one until it’s done,

I played in the sun, playing and laughing with children no more.

A child with adult that would one day find a way out,

Child within, the older we get always seeking a part we once were.

Our faces do change, lines appear in the light, older by night,

Hair turns color as the seasons turn into years, eyes show more.

One less fear, a new one is here, another tear, dried with the years,

I see where I’ve been, we all walk our ongoing road, we have a child within.

Keith Garrett



She, a mother and wife of a man she trusts,

He is a traveler of business to lands of the world,

Baseball cards become a clue, figure it out she will do.

A paper trail of money will lead her to a man she once knew,

Across many countries, she will seek him out, children at home.

A father who does not care, never a thought but money everywhere,

Deception, a most worthless type of human being, he does not see.

How can this be, he has a different reality, not things that you believe,

He is far away, leave him there, go home and start a life today.

Keith Garrett



I’ll send your children far away,

They won’t come back so I’ll have my pay.

This war we have is not for real,

It makes no difference to me fore I don’t feel.

This thing won’t end, not for a while,

Look at my face, see my smile.

Your sons will die but that’s okay,

We’ll just send more in harm’s way.

It’s death for money, why should I care,

I have no son to send over there.

I’m a coward, I’m not brave,

The last good president is in his grave.

My war on terror is so insane,

That’s only because I don’t have a brain.

So say goodbye to your loved ones,

We’ll ship them off, we’ll give them guns.

There’s not much more that I can say,

Just try to have a happy day.

Keith Garrett