CIRCLE OF PEACE

  Round and green, on your door it hangs,

  Representing harmony and peace, known as a 
  Christmas Wreath.

  It says not a word but to the world it speaks,

  To mankind this circle, a circle of peace.

  Many different sizes, colors, and shapes but the 
 Meaning comes through,

  Unity of man for me and for you.

                                  Merry Christmas,

                                      Keith Garrett


                                     DECEMBER PEACE

  It soon comes again, that time of year,

 To be thankful for life and put away all of the fear.

  The season grows cold as the days' become short,

  It's Winter now, storms of another sort.

  My memories of how it was as a child,

  The snow coming down, I watched as it piled.

  The chilling wind is something so real,

  December peace is what makes me feel.

  I sit by the fire and dream of things,

  Watch as the years go by to what this life brings.

   As a boy I had wondered what it was to be grown,

   December peace, all but alone.

                                           Keith Garrett



  Snow covered mountain tops, wind blowing ever so cold,

  Leaves of yesterday falling into Winter, trees of 

  Storms of many coming to life, traveling the skies of 

  Raindrops one by one then many at a time, down they 

  There's a chill that awakes settling into the nights of the 

  Icy roads, lonely they seem, stretching endlessly Into 
  The Distance.

  Fog moves in from the ocean creeping, floating across 
  The  Land,

  Creating an eerie scene of what Winter can be, most 

  On the move are those wanting this most joyous season,

   A time of togetherness, a time of love and celebration for
                          DECEMBER, THIS IS DECEMBER.

                                         Keith Garrett


                                  A PICTURE OF CHRISTMAS

  Trees of white, standing under the falling snow,

  Sleigh rides through the woods, just you and I.

  Roasted chesnuts and a sip of rum in the night,

  A log on the fire, and music so fine.

  Listen to the church bells as they ring in the sky,

  Carolers door to door, singing in the night.

  Lawn decorations and bulbs of color hanging

  From roof tops on the streets,

  smell of Gingerbread baking through an open window, 

  A picture of christmas seen in the eyes of young and 

  Feel the spirit from once long ago.

                                Keith Garrett


                                     BETWEEN THE TREES

  From the road I step beyond, into another world,

  Peaceful beauty is waiting as my morning begins.

  No one here but me and whatever lives between the 

  Listen to the birds high above, what types sing 
  Different Songs?

  I step into the darkened forest with my feet 
  Crunching The Aged leaves,

  Quiet sounds are everywhere, things not seen, look 
  Close As they are to be.

  Shadows move with the swaying branches just as they 
  Move With time,

  Between the trees there is a most colorful, landscape 
   To Take in, Follow me.

  There is life here that has stood for many generations, 
  Beyond History,

  Between the trees so many men and women have dreamed, 
  All Things seen.
                                            Keith Garrett


                                       BEFORE CHRISTMAS

  I loved this time of year,  Christmas is coming,

  Looking out of the window was a favorite thing.

  I loved looking at the colorful lights on the tree,

  I went to bed last, tired and worn down from time.

  Before Christmas I had my long physical life you see,

  I died last night, Before Christmas I died, I went away.

  I knew I was leaving, there was no sadness as I felt 

  When Christmas comes I will be with him in heaven, 

  The one I lost and now have joined together for all time.

                                                    Keith Garrett



  I was a child in 1969, I had not a clue of the world,

  I knew of certain things, those of which I lived through.

  Riding my bike, and a deadly Halloween night, that's 

  I remember all that I did as a kid, a lifetime ago, and a 

  Vietnam was a reality, and I was protected by my  
   Childish World,

  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, Clint Eastwood was 
 The man.

  Raindrops keep falling on my head, Simon and Garfunkel 
  Were  Grand.

  Scooby Doo and all of the colorful cartoons that I knew, I  
  Think Of you,

  Baseball with the miracle mets, Bill Russell, and the 
   Champion  Celtics.

  Joe Namath with his Guarantee, the Jets beat the Colts,  
   Charles Manson, And history,

  The Innocence of the Brady Bunch, walk on the moon, Led 
   Zeppelin, And a tune,

  1969 was the year when love and innocence were mixed 
  With My day.

                                         Keith Garrett


                               BEAR  CANYON

  Come with me on a great adventure,

  We'll travel North to a place full of bears of white.

  Far away where peace like nothing you've felt, awaits you,

  Bear Canyon, where mountains of white stand high in the sky.

   Frozen lakes and rivers of water so cold,

   One of the only sounds will be the rushing water.

   Tree branches covered in white layers,

   What lives here in the cold will soon be known.

   Down below we look upon that which gives it a name,

   Bear Canyon where roaming everywhere are beautiful,

   White furred, magical bears.

   Get yourself lost in a dream like bear Canyon.

                                                        Keith Garrett


                              A THANK YOU, DEAR LORD

  It's me again, many thoughts swirl in my head,

  For this life you gave to me, i am most grateful.

  I wake each morning to the rain or shine,

  You've let me walk your worldly creation, i'm still alive.

  I forget at times and also for granted take,

  This life is precious, there's much good in the world.

   A thank you dear lord for the things given to me,

  The wonders of this land at times are hard to see.

   I'll try to remember that fragile is man,

  Speak to you soon, I keep trying to understand and 
 Be the best I can.
                    Keith Garrett


                                        25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS

  When December starts,the pace of the season takes off,

  There becomes much unneeded stress put upon ourselves.

  A joyous time and celebration it should be, these 25 days,

  A time and chance to become a little closer to neighbors.

  There's a rush of shoppers dressed for this cold time of year,

  Some are happy and thankful just enjoying the life that they have.

 There are those who are unhappy and feel the need to show it,

  Many emotions are witnessed throughout the holiday season.

  Family comes to town, sharing a walk downtown within the lights,

  Decorated shops and store windows up and down the streets.

  25 days of Christmas are to be a special time with loved ones,

  Share this time with them, try to forgive, let a grudge die today.

                                    Keith Garrett