MYSTERY OF HER SONG

Many years before, she sang a song, he watched himself Gavotte,

Who was this song about, Carly sang loud.

The possibility that there were three so vain,

There was one in her thought’s, knows of him today.

As she lives, they still live and have not yet gone away,

Much older today but the song still plays.

A clue as Mick danced the Gavotte, a rolling stone,

Jack and Warren, they were vain hung out at a place of the same.

Mystery of her song, she does not speak out loud,

Who was so vein, was she so angry, Carly remembers you’re so vain.

                Keith Garrett


                  PAINFUL MEMORY
 Our minds remember, a picture or scenes from the past,

 A reel to reel movie that for a lifetime lasts,  
 Beautiful And sad.

 Scars are formed from many types of pain, a reminder 
 Of your days,

 We take a look backwards of the steps we take, where 
 We played.

 A painful memory is more than one, It may reshape us 
 Into something strong,

 If we can't learn from  a lesson taught, it may be we 
 Wander in circles of not.
 A painful memory has found us all, we stand to experience 
 And remember the fall,

 It is a hurtful thing that follows us through, a painful 
 Memory As we live each day new.
                                Keith Garrett



 There Is a place, It takes a lot to get there, 
 A search everyone must make,

 There's a place, It might be so  far from where you 
 Stand Or closer than thought.

 A place where dreams are made rests deep Inside the  
 Heart, Desire to succeed,

 They are made with hard work and sacrifice, up late 
 Into the night, Weary eyes,

 Running every morning before the sunrise catches up 
 With you, Make that dream come true.

 Climbing the mountain until the pain disappears Into a 
 Numbing nightmare of fight,

 Rowing across the channel against the ferocious water,  
 It's up to you to make it back to shore,

 You can do It!, this Is a place where dreams are made, 
 Battle through what tries your mind.

 Through the jungle you make you way, nothing stops a man  
 Who Dreams of a better place,

 Don't give up, say this to yourself as you struggle for  
 That fifty, Fifty chance to make It a dream.

 You are the men, the women who run when the bell rings,  
 Sirens take you beyond the danger,

 Remember, It was all of you who passed the test so that  
 A life may be saved, You had a dream.

 Do you carry a gun? a badge worn every day from sun till  
 Sun, This was your dream my friend,

 To win each day Is to go home and walk through that door  
 With a kiss for a family, you survived,

 A place where dreams are made, Inside the human soul, the  
 spirit Of those who never choose to lose.

                Keith Garrett                                                          


                   A HEARTBEAT

 Listen to my heartbeat, thump, thump, It beats,

 Blood runs through it, listen to me as I breathe.

 A heartbeat means life, It beats fast or slow, 

 Thump, thump, it goes, a heartbeat that slowly grows 

 It speaks of who I am, only one of a kind,

 Listen, thump, thump, with a hand to my chest feel 
 As I am alive.

 A heartbeat lets us know that this moment is still ours,

  Hear it pound, listen to its beautiful sound.

 Thump, thump, thump, thump, one beat at a time,

 A heartbeat so precious, thump as it beats one more time.

                 Keith Garrett


                 I'M JUST A POOR BOY

  No car do I own, socks' full of holes, day by day
  An hourly wage,

 I lie there In bed worrying about tomorrow, a bed 
 Of my own.

 No credit cards' or a bank account, my only money In 
 An aging wallet,

 A table of food always, dinner as a poor boy will 
 Gladly serve.

 Clothes on my back, shoes that take me to where 
 I survive,

 Blesses of many In a world of sorrow and strife.

 I'm just a poor boy with a smile and a tear, a wish 
 And a fear,

 What I lack In gold Is made up of treasure discovered 
 Every day.

 I'll take a trip somewhere from my mind, to a 
 Place of fantasy,

  A rich man can't find, where a poor boy can't buy.

 I'm just a poor boy with so much to give, I give to you,

 I'm just a poor boy, what's a poor boy to do.

               Keith Garrett 



 Waves crashing against the rocks, moving upon 
 The sand,

 Beyond the horizon the sun going down, the sky
 Is a scene.

 Water of such a brilliant blue, foamy white leading 
 The way,

 Visions' of colors', visions' of memories come to life.

 Through the eyes are seen lively dreams', what Is made,

 The world Is a wonderful, colorful, memory some day.

         Keith Garrett           



 Around us, we hear those who speak,
 Words and phrases to others,' who will hear?

 So many different tones from mouths each day,
 Softly spoken or In a deep mean way.

 Talking a lot Is a way for some,
 Fast and unclear Is another way too.

 We hear many voices as we spend our day,
 Talking about their lives and crying about their pain.

 Voices are heard singing songs,
 Which makes us happy and brings our emotions outside.

 On the phone, there are voices, to us spoken words,
 We can't even see them but still they are heard.

 Without voices, we will not be heard,
 If we are not heard, then there Is silence.

              Keith Garrett  



  There we are together, standing as the sun disappears', 

  Only a lonely tree keeps' us company, we are alive!

  Many colors' rest In the open sky as day turns' to 

  We stand together, yet apart with our own vision of life.

  Through different eyes do we see the same things',

  As only our thoughts' create a separate way of seeing 

  We are two souls' occupying the same earth, dreaming, 

  Watching the world In two directions', seeing a   
  Different Way, Imagine.

                     Keith Garrett            



 Darkness disappears' as day comes to life,

 Footsteps of mine traveling the morning light.

 The fog begins' to lift, showing the beauty of God,

 I walk this way with hope by my side.

 Quiet as It's early, fore sleep still lingers,'

 On the move are these legs, tired, forever tired.

 Rays of light shine through the distant clouds,

 Sunrise has a story for a man roaming alone.

 Everything has changed as the days' seem the same,

 A song, he sings' a song In my ear always heard.

 My favorite music from the man from Jersey,

 Sunrise, sweet sunrise, each day my journey.

                  Keith Garrett  



 Up In the air, he spreads' his wings',

 He stretches to the heavens' and sees many things.'

 This God of the sun, keeper of the light,

 Soars In the sky on an eternal flight.

 So peaceful Is he, away up so high,

 Forever and ever, this spirit will fly.

 Keeper of the light, what do you see,

 Beyond the sun, a mystery to me?

 Through the wind you travel round and round,

 Watching over this star, from you there's no sound.

 I can only Imagine, you're a spectacular sight,

 Fly way up high, keeper of the light.

                   Keith Garrett