To everywhere, I start from here, where I stand I’ll leave behind,

Watch my steps and join with me, I’ll walk from here and travel far.

I’ll travel by bicycle across the land, across the open road,

Around the world, around the world, follow me so very far.

In a driven car from here to there, into the sun I’ll make it there,

Follow me as I wander through country of never ending horizon.

The sounding whistle of a rumbling train catches my eye,

Take my hand and jump into a boxcar, ride, we will ride.

Across the hills, over the bridge, and through tunnels of darkness,

Faster we move to where it is we travel, follow me, follow me.

I am the captain, I will be your guide as we journey under gods sky,

Soon we must part from this locomotive driven by the man whom cries.

Down a grassy slope we walk many miles with the wind at our backs,

In the distance it sits, a giant balloon waiting under the stars of the night.

Follow me, tired as we make our way through the trees, into a dream,

It stands so high as we board it, climbing up, up beyond the clouds.

Drift with me into the wind and hang onto my arm as we vanish,

This is the best of life, down, down we fall slowly to the ground.

Now take my hand and get ready as we begin a flight through the night,

Fly with me above the world, hold on tight, we’re in heaven tonight.

This journey takes us on a beautiful boat dancing on the sea, follow me,

Around the world, follow me, an adventure for two, not many will ever see.

Keith Garrett



There up high I stare to the wide open sky,

Watch as I do you circle, round, and round.

Free to fly, soar with the wind, I see you fly,

What is it that you see as you drift through the air?

Spread those wings and sail, sail to anywhere,

Beneath the stars, under heaven above, fly.

What the lord has given to you is the gift of flight,

Fly away, fly away, get lost into the night.

Created were you by he without a face,

Spirit in the sky will take you on a special flight.

Make your journey through the clouds moving by,

Into the sun that shines from so far away.

Finish your flight, goodbye, I say farewell, fly, fly far away.

Keith Garrett



A friend, a doctor, to them a healer of anything,

For granted they take this human being of care.

He is not god, not a miracle worker they should know,

Flesh and blood, no magical powers does he possess.

He could not save a life fore he is a mortal man,

How could they expect more from him, he didn’t understand,

Flesh and blood, they found out he was merely flesh and blood.

Keith Garrett



Walk with me, shoes on your feet, let’s walk, you and me,

Strength is mine, the power has been bestowed upon this man.

Faster and faster I travel the road, my path is studied, it is seen,

All moves around me but I am the guide, I walk the miles.

They follow behind or I move ahead, they cannot catch me,

Songs are thought of singing as this road is traveled, fifty miles.

Do it I will, by myself I am one, by my side there lives the will,

Everyday it is that I grow stronger, fifty miles, fifty miles.

Stand with me, hold my hand and walk it with me, you are my strength,

Walk this with me, fifty miles, it’s only fifty miles, only fifty miles.

Keith Garrett



On a road of travel without any end,

Rests his weary body wherever he can.

Sleeps in the night hidden from sight,

Days’ of length, the next stop is any place.

From town to town he wanders with hope,

Worry fills his head about that next meal.

Find a job and stay in one place a short while,

Friends and smiles disappear with the miles.

A drifting man sees much of the land,

Meets many faces, lonely where he stands.

A price he pays to live in such a way,

There’s a gift in seeing the world,

What’s taken away is the peace of settling in one place.

He chooses a path, he’s a wandering man,

Today he’s here, gone again.

Keith Garrett



Like a tornado it appears suddenly, out of nowhere it attacks,

Burning heat that rages on a path of destruction without remorse.

Visible fire, a monster that with its touch can make life disappear,

With the help of natural wind this creation man made or not builds strength.

It consumes without fear, tireless, always hungry as it makes its way anywhere,

Smoke fills the sky, dark, thick, smoke travels upward into the atmosphere.

The birds fly, watch as the animals run with great fear through the hills of flame,

Survival is the only game being played today, the losers will forever go away.

Fire storm, Destroys does it a piece of our beautiful world with every attack,

Sometimes forever gone, healing of the land takes so long, scars are never gone.

Keith Garrett



Appears in the night sky, after days light has gone,

Whistles with a bright light, crackling way up high.

Shooting across the sky, into the late night, colors fly,

Smoke fills the air, a smell of it as it drifts away.

Streaming light, sparkling rockets so bright,

Disappear with time, tonight freedom shines.

There is a fire in the sky, eyes fixed until daylight,

The morning light shines, a celebration of life.

Keith Garrett