Outstretched, they reach far and wide, around the world,

Fierce and strong, they can crush or destroy what’s needed,

Careful and loving as they will comfort when the going is tough.

A being so full of mystery, with power and wisdom so unknown,

Creator of all that we know and more, arms of God will carry us home.

Wherever you may be, within all that we see, they exist to help us up,

Touching a universe that seems to have not an ending of discovery,

The arms of God are not to be seen as they are not a fantasy or a dream.

Keith Garrett





There are things I want back, that which has been taken from me,

Some can never be found again as the others are always within my grasp.

I been working real hard trying to rid the anger that does live Inside my soul,

Gone are things In a life that were beautiful and are a memory never let go.

The youth that once was known Is now living In the next generation of man,

I do keep hold of the energy that does not yet die, youth still lives Inside.

I have been broken In many ways, physically and emotionally but I fight the fight,

I been working real hard to get back the once powerful walk, the strength to lift.

Everyday the will to stand up and take control, do what must be done to overcome,

I been working real hard to be a better me, ways that must be changed, always working.

Keith Garrett



She could do such unusual things without much thought,

Out of bottle caps she could make a crazy hat.

She could jump really high, almost fly,

Close her eyes and make an apple pie.

She could walk backwards while tying her shoes,

Dance around a pool while reading a book.

She could play the harp without her hands,

Tell you the time in just about any land.

She could watch a movie without a sound,

Recite every line while spinning around.

Aunt Penelope was a strange one indeed,

At the age of one hundred and fifty three,

Old aunt Penelope is still but a fantasy.

Keith Garrett



Sleep comes quick as the days activities wear me down,

I’m not so sure where I am, where now do I stand in time.

Little control now in my own world as I am at the mercy of it all,

Worry strikes me down hard as my tomorrow seems a bit lost.

I awake in the night from the unwanted visions of my daily thoughts,

Decisions are not mine, waiting for so long to get back what was mine.

Everything has changed in a period of shortness, where am I to be,

I know from where it is I sit but for how long shall this man keep his spot.?

Through pain and a stab in the back my purpose appears taken from me,

I awake in the night wondering and waiting for the morning light,

There’s no getting what I had back, only need pieces of who I use to be.

Keith Garrett




Just ask, If at all possible I will be there,

Do you need me now,? speak from your lips the words.

For you there’s nothing I wouldn’t do,

Reach out and don’t be afraid, call out my name.

Anything dear friend, I promise this I say,

Hear me as I’ll never forget your name.

To get to you I’d walk the miles,

Sit and listen as the sun go’s round and round.

Walk through fire to save you from pain,

Give up my blood so that you have one more day.

A part of me is something I could do,

The ultimate sacrifice if this is what I should do.

Anything dear friend, anything at all,

Let me know and I’ll make my way to you.

Keith Garrett



Crime in the streets, it goes on in the day and by dark of night,

Anger and mistrust are now an epidemic of disease running wild.

Shooting guns are everywhere, open your eyes, beware as the enemy is here,

We are hated but laughed at all around this spinning globe, we are weakening, they know.

It is us who are deadlier, more dangerous than those who surround and invade,

Standing together we pretend, we are each one on our own, make no mistake, we are alone.

Our lives matter but only to us, there is no high power who cares if we survive or turn to dust,

Can you see it? everyday the horror encircles our American way, we slowly decay, soon to go away.

An uncertain America where the flag moves slowly down, shredding a little each day,

Something wicked is coming soon our way, be well prepared with trust only in yourself.

Keith Garrett




Many things there are that possess strength and power,

I am the wind, I can travel further than most natural things.

Things of the earth, I am everywhere and always somewhere,

I can not be seen therefore you can not look at me, I am the wind.

I can find ways to break through and move around, I create sound,

Everyone knows of me, all things are touched by what I am.

There Is much proof of my existence as I can be gentle and quiet,

I can also destroy, be of much destruction and terror to a world.

I am the wind!, I find you, I too can not see you but I have the advantage,

I am of much more power as I do not ever get tired, I am the wind.

A name I have been given to show of my difference, You know me, I am the wind.

Keith Garrett