He gave up on himself as he did on others,

 To try something of a challenge gave him much fear.

 Instead of standing tall, and helping a fellow human 

 Was to much trouble for him,

 He did not understand the worth of either one.

 He did not become strong by facing his fear,

 Nor a good and descent man because he never 
 Cared about much.

 There was good in him but he took not the time 
 To work or overcome difficult tasks,

 The path he walked became quiet and lonely.

 Because he was known as a quitter and never gave,

 In return not a soul cared to help him,

 They also in return gave up on him.

 He was quit on, as he was the quitter.

                    Keith Garrett



 They exist In fairytale land, step from books 

 Remember when you were a child, what did you see?

 They stood tall on the big screen, a never ending 

 Did you believe It was real? In my world, I could 
 Truly feel.

 A magical place for you and me where all the 

 A wooden boy comes to life, his nose grows with lies,

 Pinocchio would one day become a real boy.

 He did not wish to grow up, always dressed In clothes 
 Of green,

 Fly's high in the sky, Peter Pan lives a magical life.

 Cinderella had not much, a slave to the labors of mean,

 A slipper lost would bring a prince charming her way.

 A girl treated terribly by a woman of such wickedness,

  With the help of seven dwarfs, a prince will save her,

  A magical place for you and me, a world of Walt Disney.

                        Keith Garrett


               MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

 I've drifted across the open sea, I wait for 
 You to find me,

 In a bottle I have been placed, a message 
 That I am alive.

 You are no longer there anymore but I let you 
 Know I exist,

 A thought of what you meant to me, a thought of 
 What I once meant.

 If my message gets to you, yet then again how 
 Can this possibly be,

 You are a memory from yesterday, I am a thought 
 That sails the sea.

 Time does not stop, It has no sympathy, it makes 
 What is what was,

 Life and all that's within it is reduced to memories, 
 Things of yesterday.

 Message in a bottle is what I am, If you find me 
 Take me for what I am,

 You are forever now, I am something that will 
 One day fade away.

                                  Keith Garrett


                LAST NIGHT I DREAMED

 Last night I dreamed I lost a child,

 The horror, sadness, all emotions seemed so real.

 As if someone had taken him away,

 Searched did I everywhere, oh! the pain.

 In my dream another gone, one disappearing,

 This was not real as I was dreaming.

 In my dream, I saw paper napkins floating downstream,

 Representing the loss, them going away.

 In my dream, I awoke, a dream within a dream,

 As if I now understood the full meaning.

 When I did awaken I felt relief,

 They did not die, they were not taken.

 It was truly understood, my children were now gone,

 There was some loss as they would not return.

 My children of whom I loved so much were reborn

 Into the adult world,

 I'll forever miss the laughter and play of the 
 Young innocent ones.
                       Keith Garrett    


                       HER SOUL,

                  A THOUSAND YEARS OLD.

 Her face, a look that says she comes from a  
 Different Place,

 A smile that lights up within a darkness, so 
 Young but Old.

 She sings out with an operatic sound, mesmerizing 
 To the ear,

 Into a state of wonder that will take you away,  
 Watch her eyes.

 Appears does she as a little girl, maybe from a 
 Long ago world,

 Sings as if she has lived lifetimes, her voice 
 Echoes with years.

 It is that her soul could be that of a thousand 
 Years old.
                     Keith Garrett


                 JUDGMENT HAS A FACE

 From behind a door, walking down a street, who are 

 They wander around, they look without a friendly sound.

 With paper and pen, not a friend as they may smile 
 But pretend,

 Watched you are as you walk, speak, examined over 
 A way you dress.

 Judge me with your thoughts but what is there to see 
 In you?

 I am judged by those who I never again see, strangers, 
 Some family.

 Judgment has a face, not the same as it changes from 
 Day to place,

 We are judged with the rotation of our world, travels 
 With the wind.

                       Keith Garrett


                 KEYS TO THE KINGDOM

 For whatever it's worth you came out on top,

 Power in the hands of the right and wrong is scary.

 You are human but who are you really behind those 

 Through the years, from any shore, leaders are seen 
 With fear and war.

 Behind guarded doors of a house, Palaces and castles 
 On foreign soil,

 Keys to the Kingdom are held by those with or 
 Without morals.

 There are battles fought to hold onto or gain 
 Possession of many keys,

 Keys to secret places, vaults, and of course, keys 
 To the end of the world.

 Some keys should be destroyed, taken from them who 
 Misuse Keys to the kingdom.
                                      Keith Garrett



 Born we are, each of us with a purpose unless 

 Nothing stops what we do depending on anything in 
 Our way.

 We see so much with these eyes of mystery given 
 From the master,

 What about those without sight, is there a gift 
 That comes from here.

 Nothing taken for granted when you never saw what 
 You are missing,

 You now see with your heart and mind, this is what 
 Challenges your time,

 We travel a thousand roads trying to choose the best 
 Way to go, We don't know.

 Decisions of intelligence, luck along the way, a 
 Prayer of hope, And we may be okay,

 In the course of a lifetime, we pass each other by,    
 Shake hands, Laugh, And say goodbye.

                         Keith Garrett


                    I LISTENED TODAY

  My day had changed, some people appeared to me,

 As I was thinking of my losses and more to 
 lose again.

 Things become much brighter when you learn  of a 
 Worse pain,

 From a country, Guatemala is from where once they 

 Our paths had crossed for a reason I do believe, 
 Meant to be,

 I gave them many things that were of help and 
 And worth far away.

 A man told me of life as a child in a place much 
 Different than here,

 A tortilla on the ground, brown and some green, 
 A fight for this meal.

 He spoke of trimming away the bad and eating 
 What was left,

 Of cheese that was molding after some days, clean 
 Away the worms, Okay.

 If we would throw upon the ground our food not wanted, 
 Pick up they would do,

 His story of a father who died from sickness and hunger 
 so that they could eat.

 All the clothing I gave to them would be to those over 
 There like gold or money,

 Shoes for their feet, today such a great feeling, 
 my plans had changed.

 He said to me, " If you think you're full and had 
 Enough to eat,  Save half

 For tomorrow, fore nothing matters more than the 
 Hunger inside,

 I listened today to a man who was once a child
 In a sorrowful place.
                         Keith Garrett


                       I REMEMBER,
                      KEITH GARRETT

 So many sunrises, so many sunsets ago, I remember,

 A place not forgotten, seemed like magical moments.

 A town lost in time but never in this man's mind,

 A friend with a name that's been spoken from 

 Where did you go when the sunset young man,

 Forever have you disappeared from me, where are you.

 I remember when we walked the streets of Yorba,

 We were free as two boys could be, Summer's of 

 Treasured are for me those wonderful days 
 In the sun,

 Skateboards and less troubled times for boys 
 That could run.

 A moment never drifts by that I don't recall my friend 
 Known by me,

 Marty was your name, pictures of you remain locked

 Something not finished, regrets and memories of
 Less painful days,

 I know of your loss fore i have lost too, take a walk 
 Back in time, dear friend.

 I live each day in a place that knows my name, home 
 Is far away,

 A wish to stand before you and say thank you for 
 A day in the sun with a friend.

 I remember, my friend from Yorba Linda.
                                                                                                   Keith Garrett