AUTUMN COMES ALIVE!

      As the Summer ends and the night air turns cool,

             A feeling of Fall comes to us all.

      All around us the shadows change In their own way,

         The sun turns In early and shortens' our day.

      Through the trees, the wind blows dropping the leaves

       To the ground,

      Their colors have all changed as they make not a sound.

           It's time for pumpkins and many more things,

        Autumn comes alive! with the plants that It brings.

         Into the new season with the hope that It brings,

             These colors of Fall are shared with all.

                                                                                                                     Keith Garrett


                    THESE THINGS' I DREAM

    Within myself, thinking of  a place In another reality,

      What lies around me may be a different consciousness.

    This state of mind as I am not awake, floating, floating,

     I see a world like never have I Imagined before, I see.

 Visions' sent to my brain, pictures of stories past or future,

        These things' I dream, a mystery from an eternity.

                                                                               Keith Garrett                


                        THE WRESTLER

        Broken down, a man ageing In appearance and spirit,

         A lonely road Is wandered by this wanting warrior.

  His pain Is out there, It Is of the heart, love lives In the ring,

    The world does not need him, what he needs Is no longer there.

  Tears run down an old but regretting face, see him as he searches,

  Loneliness Is a prison of un-wanting sorrow, his fight has an end.

    Scars of yesterdays' blood are a reminder to a once young soul,

  The only thing of value left for a man Is one final goodbye dance.

    He Is the wrestler, battles within him are now done, darkness lingers',

  He walks In the sand, he sees the sinking sun, his day Is almost done.

He struggles to the ropes as he rises one more time through the pain,

 A tear, a smile, through the air, fade to black, he Is the wrestler.

     Keith Garrett


                        THE WARRIOR

    Dressed for battle, he stands ready to fight, the warrior,

       Fear lives within him fore this emotion brings wisdom.

           Strong as he fights for that which he believes,

       A lonely way of life but a man makes a choice, a stand.

       A family, not In this souls' plans, born to walk alone,

       This chosen way that may haunt Is just a house of cards.

  It's not said that a bad man Is he, quietly the sun rises for him,

   This path chosen, a quiet one If those choose to let It be not a fight.

     Always ready for battle, though silently lives In the shadows,

      This wanting to be left In peace man Is a warrior on his own.

           Keith Garrett 


                     I WAS THE LUCKY ONE!

       On stage they are stars', from a fan maybe a kiss,

        To some calling them lucky, wishing It were them.

        At times I've wanted to be someone else, not me,

   They were the lucky ones, they had all that I only dreamed.

       I watch them holding hands,' to each other a smile,

         They are the ones, the lucky ones, who am I?

         When a kiss from you I received with a smile,

       Was It you they called the lucky one, was It you?.

   For every gift I've received, for all that I've given away,

         Gods gift of you, I know I was the lucky one.

          Keith Garrett 


                     WITH CLOSED EYES

        Many things' are noticed when one can't see,

   Against our face the wind, or a bird chirping In a tree.

        From the air, the sound of a plane soaring by,

            Thunder claps as loud as a sonic boom.

         People laughing with each other, driving past,

     Dogs' barking In a near by yard as they're listened to.

        The sound of music heard through an open window,

         Two people In love saying goodbye at the door.

    There are many, many things' we notice with closed eyes,

          Not only the darkness that's with us Inside.

         The mind will open at the time our eyes close,

      And see more than can be Imagined In this dark world.

                                                                   Keith Garrett  


                    WHAT DOES THE SKY SEE

                From up so high looking down upon,

                 Does the sky see me as I look back.

 On the hills' the wind blows' through the trees, and swims' does the ocean,

            Is this what the sky sees If only It had eyes.

                      Can It see the birds' fly,

        Or the squirrels' climb the trees In the morning light.

                       What does the sky see,

            n Possibly only what your Imagination dreams'.

        Keith Garrett 



 Soft as a gentle kiss, a touch on the skin of a memory In the wind,

  A soft breeze, a West wind blowing through the trees, across the sea.

      Travels' through the years', not a face does It wear as It whispers,

    It can only be seen with eyes that dream, soft as It speaks.

   It changes tides, moves past and around what In nature exists,

   Night and day, It will go from here and there, place to place.

      It Is the zephy, has been since before the time of man,

 Energy without form, created by God In heaven, when and how long ago.

 For It no beginning, no ending as It howls' through time, not seen but why,

 Powerful as It Is with no body or soul, why does It know just where to go.

                                                    Keith Garrett                   


                       WE'LL MEET

                 BUT NOT UNTIL TOMORROW

    You do not know me, we have not yet met, not our today,

  I have not met you, I do not yet know who you are, not yet.

 You're out there, I can sense you, I can feel you In the wind,

 We'll come together one day as strangers' but only for a moment.

 Preparations' there are to be made for us to come face to face,

 I must heal from this pain created In my heart, a broken heart.

   Mentally, and emotionally I am growing, growing towards you,

 The future will arrive, you and I side by side, all In good time.

     We'll meet but not until tomorrow, yes! darling tomorrow.

        Keith Garrett 


                    WHAT CAN A BLIND MAN SEE

     From the sound of anger, a pictured face from a mind,

   A clap of thunder, faces of darkness, a storm on the rise.

     The touch of a woman, from her fingertips to his face,

       Love can be seen from a man with a heart of dreams'.

    A place with no light, what might a man see with no sight,

       Only that which he feels', always that which Is real.

         What can a blind man see, he sees what Is missing,

   Blinded from the eyes of of the ones' whom miss what they see.

                                                                 Keith Garrett