What was it like many generations ago exploring a new frontier,

Starting a life where everything was so uncertain and dangerous.

Indians and bandits roaming the land trying to everyday survive,

The Indians living off the land, bandits taking all they can.

Building towns where a man or family can start a business for themselves,

Settling outside this town you choose to live and start a family of love.

You’ll have to rough it for a while longer as you have for so long now,

Waking to the morning light, at times cold as a hot cup of coffee will do.

Working hard from sunup till sundown with a dream in your heart,

A cabin with a fireplace, rooms built for comfort, a roof over your head.

The old west was more than a saloon with gambling, drinking, and gunfights,

It was about survival, discovery of new places, and things accomplished back in a time.

Hardship and disease, many died, gave their lives for a better life, triumph and sorrow,

These people from the past paved the way for dreams and success here in our today.

The pioneers had more struggles than can be imagined but also had to be tough and strong,

The old west is no longer alive but they did leave their mark, a path across the wilderness.

Keith Garrett


I’ve struggled In search of the worth of a man, to be a winner,

Questions I’ve asked, thoughts of the value from within the human heart.

Created not of money or material things, objects, treasures that we hold,

Born within us, no! not an Inherited trate, the heart of a winner.

In the morning awake do we to the rising sun, we’ve just begun,

From our nightly slumber we stand and face the day, each day.

What drives us, what moves us along, perhaps survival,

It Is the man, the woman whom strives to achieve In which we see.

To the mountain top we may never get but we’ll keep on climbing,

We do not stop fore one day a hope that It will be there,

Standing tall with your head held high, not In the physical sense.

But a feeling In the heart, a place In the mind,

To strum the guitar till the tune Is through, finish what you’ve started.

Shoes on your feet, each day a trek to work, at the end a mile home,

Not to win the game or conquer the fight.

Give It your all and sleep for the night.

I do not know where my road will take me, what I battle has no ending,

I stand here a winner for all that I have accomplished,

A winner Is one whom strives to make tomorrow a better day.

Keith Garrett



Dressed in jeans, a black hat and boots,

On a horse of beautiful color, I rode.

A ranch up high in Colorado, I dreamed,

Working, putting up fences with cowboys.

A long day was a good day for me,

Up in the dark, before the roosters.

Breakfast was early, earn your money,

Sweat and a little fun, working in the sun.

I dreamed I was a cowboy, riding the open land,

The dreaming cowboy, is a hard working man.

Keith Garrett



On boots they jingle, western wear for the cowboy,

Listen for them as they approach, they have a sound..

Spurs that spin, dress up a western look,

Worn by the cowboy, cool as he moves.

On a ranch, somewhere in a western town,

A boot with spurs, clicking as the sun goes down.

Take off your boots and rest for the night,

Jingling, clicking spurs again at morning’s light.

Keith Garrett



Everything I’ve got, what’s inside of me strong,

Pours out with energy, stopped I can not be, give up I will not.

Stand and take notice as I conquer what invades my spirit,

Emotionally grow do I, strength and power absorbed within this soul.

Heart of the lion oh! I do possess, listen to me, hear me roar,

Weakness stares at me, such a pathetic coward it is, look away.

Fear and sorrow attack and intimidate who I am, rise up and fight!,

Walking away, turn and gaze over my shoulder leaving it behind.

Hear what this man has to say, do you know that which lives in me,?

I grow, and grow fore I have the heart and soul.

Keith Garrett