A long ride, not much in between,

 Upon a quiet, deserted town I came.

 Not a soul in sight, a breeze echoes through 
 This place,

 Many different sounds as if people lived.

 Only ghosts of a town that once had breath,

 The back and forth clanging of an open 
 Jailhouse door.

 A saloon sign creaking as it swings in the wind,

 I can almost feel those who once were here.

 Only dust walks these streets, this town that died,

 I'll stay here for the night, I'll be alright,

 The only thing that will be my company are a horse and 
                               Keith Garrett


                  WITH CLOSED EYES

  Many things' are noticed when one can't see,

 Against our face the wind, or a bird chirping 
 In a tree.

 From the air, the sound of a plane soaring by,

 Thunder claps as loud as a sonic boom.

 People laughing with each other, driving past,

 Dogs' barking In a near by yard as they're listened too.

 The sound of music heard through an open window,

 Two people In love saying goodbye at the door.

 There are many, many things' we notice with closed 

 Not only the darkness that's with us Inside.

 The mind will open at the time our eyes close,

 And see more than can be Imagined In this dark world.

                Keith Garrett  



 About a land so far across the sea, stories of Knights 
 From days lost,
 Castles of stone standing through centuries of tales 
 Told, Those who know.
 Kings and Queens ever since this Island was discovered
 Back in a dream,
 Magical wizards are fables of men said to them as a 
 Child long ago.
 Those dressed In armor, a King by the name of Arthur 
 And a sword,
 A legendary table of round, sat Knights so long ago on 
 Shores unseen.
 Princes and princesses, dancing at parties of royalty In 
 A far off land,
 Common men and women lived together and begged for food, 
 A hand.
 Woods of old England, warriors and Knights with bows and 
 Mystical dreams of times, of shores unseen, a book of 
 Along the River, lakes of swans gliding across the  
 Mirrored Glass,
 Over the hills where the whispering winds watch the grass 
 In the English night sky, through the known expected fog 
 Of the land,
 A rising moon shines Its glowing light upon the trees,  
 Upon These shores.
 Seasons of many centuries, witnessed by a people with  
 Voices Of sound,
 Sir Lancelot dressed for battle, riding high upon a dark 
 Horse Into forever.
 Dragons of fantasy flying through the sky, wings spread, 
 Breath of fire It Is told they possess, demons brought to  
 Life In a dream.
 Legends of many moons long since past, ghosts of heroes  
 Wander In mist,
 Mystical dreams of shores unseen, songs sung In green 
 A beautiful sound from voices such a long time ago.

                  Keith Garrett 


                    I'VE STOOD STRONG

 I've stood strong, Oh! so long and watched time 

 To see the sun rise, too see the sunset.

 Above me, the clouds drift past each day,

 Can't see where they go, this Is where I stay.

 In the dark of night I stand not alone,

 What keeps me company Is that which roams.

 The wind passes through me on a journey across the 

 I'm never cold nor have I died.

 Many have visited and stayed where I stand,

 Some are now part of this land.

 I'll still be here long after you,

 I've stood strong, I'm different, this Is true.

       By Keith Garrett 


                   I'M JUST A POOR BOY

 No car do I own, socks' full of holes, day by day 
 An hourly wage,

 I lie there In bed worrying about tomorrow, a bed 
 Of my own.

 No credit cards' or a bank account, my only money In 
 An aging wallet,

 A table of food always, dinner as a poor boy will 
 Gladly serve.

 Clothes on my back, shoes that take me to where I 

 Blesses of many In a world of sorrow and strife.

 I'm just a poor boy with a smile and a tear, a wish 
 And a fear,

 What I lack In gold Is made up of treasure discovered 
 Every day.

 I'll take a trip somewhere from my mind, to a place 
 Of fantasy,

 A rich man can't find, where a poor boy can't buy.

 I'm just a poor boy with so much to give, I give to you,

 I'm just a poor boy, what's a poor boy to do.

                       Keith Garrett 



 A fight for survival, mans quest for power to rule,

 Fear and ignorance but money will be the tool.

                                                                                    Inventors of destruction, builders of a  force,

 The enemy is our brother, traitor to the land.

                                                                                        Which side are we on, who is on our side,

 Conflict and hatred, how many must have to die?

 And then there were none, not much left to say,

 Put the bombs away, we may have another day.

                     Keith Garrett



                     ACROSS THE SKY

 I soar through the air up In the wide open sky,

 Just myself and some wings', we fly, and fly.

 So peaceful up here, quiet without many a sound,

 Feel like I'm flying to the sun, far from the ground.

 Clouds' are floating to nowhere that I can see,

 A never ending flight, just the sky and me.

 Looking down Is another world not like here,

 Across the sky, not crowded with fear.

            Keith Garrett                


                    A WESTERN SCENE

 They stood alone but together, gunfighters so mean,

 A battle on a dirty street, a ghost town today, of 

 A western scene where  dance hall girls entertain 
 gamblers so drunk,

 Outlaws whom do rob and kill will one day have their 
 Walk to the gallows.

 There is a ranch out beyond where a town sits, cowboys 
 Who once rode,

 There was a time when laws were different, justice could 
 Be a swift act.

 Bounty hunters tracked down fugitives who escaped and ran 
 From the law,

 A western scene where a family worked hard for a farm, 
 For their dream.
                  Keith Garrett


                    BEYOND THE SKY

 From my beginning I've sat and watched you,

 Up so high, beyond what Is blue.

 I'm always here but you can't always see,

 Perhaps clouds' cover your view of beautiful me.

 If my lights' are turned on you might see my smile,

 On a dark clear night I'll be up for a while.

 As you awake In the morning I'll be asleep,

 Another time Is when we'll meet.

             Keith Garrett


               AN ACT OF FAITH

 Is there trust in yourself, what trust in others,

 How far would you walk for another, what would you give?

 Are you of a good heart even if in the end there is no 

 Do you expect something in return for putting your life 
 On the line.

 Would you run out in the street to save a child or one in 
 A burning car,

 Is it  a question of a moral value, fear and life is a 
 Thought that comes to mind.

 An act of faith, would you take a chance, do anything  
 For friend or man,

 Would you give of yourself if there could become a certain 
                                 Keith Garrett