I’m sorry I couldn’t get you to listen, you didn’t want to hear,

So sorry when I tried to explain, you responded with a hand to my face.

I couldn’t quite understand when you asked a question of me,

I had no time to finish with an answer, to attack was all you could understand.

You didn’t listen, or understand, because you showed no care, what a man,

I was not a child of perfection, I’m sorry you had to teach me with pain.

Never would you believe in me whether right or wrong,

I saw the anger on your face, did the raising of your hand make you feel strong.

You had no right, did you even think, I was just a kid, you were supposed to be a man,

I’m sorry you had your problem, do you remember being a boy,

Did your dad use a belt like you, well Mr. I’ll always remember your name.

Keith Garrett



Xavier is a name not to common, will you agree,

Exit sounds like an x but only a word to be.

X-ray is a picture, one that shows inside,

X marks the spot, where a treasure may be.

Extra is something more although it appears to start with x,

An x could be a wife or husband, it could be the start of xylophone.

Excellent is very good but this does not begin with x, only sounds like it,

An x is a most unusual letter, many stories are told using this,

X stands for ?, more than is probably thought of.

Keith Garrett



So many different places show you a lifetime of remembered and forgotten faces,

With every passing year it is with sadness that a family member or old friends may disappear.

Lucky are we for having those we care about and love in our lives for whatever time there is,

I have had friends from the beginning of my time, to recall them all is without possibility.

They drift from my mind but yet they may be somewhere older and still quite alive,

Wherever they are alive and possibly forgotten or carefully kept close inside, I’ve been blessed.

Some are fortunate in this life to have a friend or two whom have been with them a lifetime,

There are those friends thought of and missed very much and never seen again as we move on.

With every passing year the cycle of life continues as even a new born baby ages with each day,

The future appears constantly without fail, everyone goes away but always comes another day.

With every passing year memories drift further away into places that don’t remember whom we are,

Children play in parks where we as friends did play, did we leave a trace, we went away.

They run on school playgrounds where even teachers aren’t the same, did we leave our names,

Time marches on, something of us will always remain but who out there will ever see.

Keith Garrett




Times of old, in a land where stories are told, men of an oath,

A place, old England where Kings and Queens ruled the land.

There was, there existed those of a round table whom would give their lives,

They were knights of twenty five, the Winchester round table of long ago.

Men of honor were these warriors of the day, heroes they might have been,

Rescuing damsels in distress, fighting off those whom would be evil men.

They to never do outrage nor murder, always to flee treason,

Men such as a King known as Arthur, Sir Galahad, or Sir Lancelot.

To by no means be cruel but to give mercy unto him who asks for mercy,

To always do ladies, gentlewomen, and widows succor, to God be gallant.,

Knights with names of Sir Gawain, Sir Percivale, and Sir Lionell,

To never force ladies, gentlewomen, or widows, not to take up battles

In wrongful quarrels for love or worldly goods.

Men of the past, Sir Tristram De Lyones, Sir Gareth, and Sir Bedivere,

To never lay down arms, to seek after wonders, to help the powerless.

Sir Bleoberis, Sir La Cote Maletaile, and Sir Lucan were of the faithful,

When called upon to defend the rights of the weak with all ones strength.

Sir Palomedes, Sir Lamorak, also Sir Bors De Ganis were noble,

To injure no one, not to attack one another, to be a gentleman.

There were others whom rode together many moons ago, Knights of England,

Sir Safer, Sir Pelleas, and Sir Kay, they would serve a King back in the day.

To fight for the safety of ones country, to give ones life for one’s country,

Sir Ector De Maris, Sir Dagonet, and Sir Degore were of the dedicated.

To seek nothing before honour, never to break faith for any reason,

They are of the round table, they are a court of men of principles.

Men such as Sir Brunor Le, Noir, Sir Le, Bel Desconneu, and Sir Alymere,

To practice religion most diligently, too grant hospitality to anyone,

Each according to his ability, they were men like no other, Knights.

Sir Mordred was also one of these men whom once rode the land,

Whether in honour or disgrace, to make a report with the greatest

Fidelity to truth too those whom keep the annals, Knights of twenty five.

These were the men who’d lived many centuries ago in times so different,

They fought to protect the weak and too rid the land of evil forces.

They were men of King Arthur’s court, Knights of twenty five,

They were the Knights of the Winchester round table.

Keith Garrett



Lord, I know you’re there and I have many things to say and ask,

Believe do I In a force, a being with such great understanding and love.

I have never seen your face but you have before been part of my dreams,

I have thought of you many times during my life, what does your face look like.?

Remember the monster I told you about,? well It’s still there and visits often,

I don’t understand why when I asked you to make It go away that It didn’t.

I told you that you could have my legs, the ones I like using to walk everywhere,

The funny thing Is that since that time I do have less of the monster and one of

My leg Is now a bit disabled as you know, Is there a lesson here that you want me to learn.?

It appears that you gave a little as you then took, compromise or be grateful for that

Which we do have, my faith In you still rests with me each day and night while I live.

I don’t care what people say or think but today I will tell you what I know just as you do,

In me lies the good, I do not or wish to hurt another human being with a raised fist.

Animals I choose not to harm just for the sake of hurting, my heart feels when tragedy strikes,

I hate this world of war so It Is that I do down and criticize the ways of this land and others.

There beats In me a heart that does care about the world and people, a man who will help those In need,

There also lives In me much anger for many reasons, anger that shows hate towards the human race.

Judged have I many out there In ways I never want to be judged, something In me that needs a change,

Lies have come from my lips enough times In my life just as I have taken that which Is not mine.

In a lifetime which I am still grateful for as It Is the greatest gift from god, I am at this time less than perfect,

Never In my lifetime will I reach perfection but knowing this Is where I will strive to be my best.

Will I still be welcome In heaven with all that you know and all that I confess on this once again day,

Will the door open for me, will you receive me as one of your children, thank you lord for listening.

Keith Garrett



Like thunder, explosions from different sites,

Their weapons loaded, death was in their eyes.

You saw them marching in the distance my friend,

Closing in on you were those whom did not know you.

Did they leave you there alone, turn their backs and go,

Were the men with you smarter, were they pleading with you?

It should not have been this way, you were not left to die,

No sense can ever be made of this tragedy as I wonder why.

My friend, why did you not run as were coming an army of guns,

As I was told you must retreat, why did you remain and wait?

I received the news from one at my door that you were no more,

The words I heard were that you were brave and a hero,

This I would like to believe as you died needlessly.

Keith Garrett



Discarded, locked away as if they matter no more,

Their lives are precious, are they valued as once before.

At times not anymore, they were at a time young and full of life,

Listened to and heard by those around, family and friends maybe gone.

It just might do us all good to think about growing old but not alone,

Would we want to be cast away, said goodbye to and put away one day.

Why are they put away, Do they become useless or a burden to society.?

It’s forgotten that wisdom and much still to offer lives inside them, they matter.

The day will soon enough appear when we will become they, don’t put us away,

Why are they put away, they decay when life is taken from them, they speak so listen carefully.

Keith Garrett