Run and run until the day was done, fun in the sun,

Not a care, chasing butterflies within the wind.

A book that’s numbered beginning with one until it’s done,

I played in the sun, playing and laughing with children no more.

A child with adult that would one day find a way out,

Child within, the older we get always seeking a part we once were.

Our faces do change, lines appear in the light, older by night,

Hair turns color as the seasons turn into years, eyes show more.

One less fear, a new one is here, another tear, dried with the years,

I see where I’ve been, we all walk our ongoing road, we have a child within.

Keith Garrett



She, a mother and wife of a man she trusts,

He is a traveler of business to lands of the world,

Baseball cards become a clue, figure it out she will do.

A paper trail of money will lead her to a man she once knew,

Across many countries, she will seek him out, children at home.

A father who does not care, never a thought but money everywhere,

Deception, a most worthless type of human being, he does not see.

How can this be, he has a different reality, not things that you believe,

He is far away, leave him there, go home and start a life today.

Keith Garrett



I’ll send your children far away,

They won’t come back so I’ll have my pay.

This war we have is not for real,

It makes no difference to me fore I don’t feel.

This thing won’t end, not for a while,

Look at my face, see my smile.

Your sons will die but that’s okay,

We’ll just send more in harm’s way.

It’s death for money, why should I care,

I have no son to send over there.

I’m a coward, I’m not brave,

The last good president is in his grave.

My war on terror is so insane,

That’s only because I don’t have a brain.

So say goodbye to your loved ones,

We’ll ship them off, we’ll give them guns.

There’s not much more that I can say,

Just try to have a happy day.

Keith Garrett




From a long time ago, a friend to me, today he’s alone,

Drifts from place to place, turns his back on his friends.

He needs help lord, he doesn’t understand but he’s a man,

I know tonight he lives in the dark, alone and cold in the dark.

He sleeps in a park with one eye open, he does not see,

Dear lord, please help him fore he’s alone in the dark.

There’s a road he’s chosen, a long and dangerous path,

You know lord that hope can take a man only so far.

Faith is a leap that only a wanting soul can take,

I ask of you on this cold, cold night to watch over him.

He has a name, you know whom I’m speaking of dear lord,

He knows who he is and he waits sadly in the dark, hear me.

Give this old friend from years ago the strength to stand up,

Help him walk with legs that don’t quit, open his eyes and mind.

I hold out my hand to you dear friend, follow the right path.

Keith Garrett for you R.P.



They go nowhere as their days are wasted,

From dawn until dusk they are in a bad way.

With all of their waking hours thoughts are formed,

Survival is a tiring adventure for those with dead minds.

They are going nowhere as they hope for only somewhere,

They move from here to there but accomplish little in despair.

There are dead minds of many a kind, wasting time,

The sun goes up and the sun moves around before it goes down,

They get lost with time, dead minds pass us by, all around.

Keith Garrett



Lost I have felt for some days in a fog,

Something to make me feel better, does not work.

This battle has been mine for some years gone by,

To stop one and to start another is not so free.

Foreign substance does change a life but not always nice,

Saving myself from a pain and fear I do sacrifice.

Days in a fog have been a recent thing that must pass,

I have not been the same since I took what they gave.

Everything has stopped as I can not see my way,

Altered has been my daily being, I will find my way to light.

Keith Garrett



Forever lost in thought, imagination running wild,

Always wondering about things that can be, things to see.

Possibilities are endless in a mind that dreams,

Reality is a constant but a day dreamer can escape

And see what he wants to be.

At times a story of fantasy is his dream,

Knows when to open his eyes.

See what’s in front of him,

Never lose sight of that which can really be.

A day dreamer takes a break to catch his breath,

To imagine and understand what is and what is not.

There is faith and hope in his eyes,

Nothing so wrong as to dream, to keep one’s self alive.

Keith Garrett