The sun shines bright, it then fades into the dark of night,

Just as the heart and soul of a human crawls from the light into dark.

To hide from the pain and sorrow of a tragic day, hide inside and go away,

Try and forget in ways that at the time seem fine to a broken mind.

Trauma is a most unpleasant visitor as it has no sympathy or kindness,

Steals from one the smile and sometimes brings much fear, forever scars.

Falling, a deep hole in which a soul believes no escape, hurting the self appears the way,

A path of destruction with no turning back, but wait!, there is surely a chance.

You found your way lost, between darkness and light, you must fight to make it back,

Something has happened that ripped you apart, not fair but it was gods will.

He knew you would fall, your test would be to find your way back from the darkness,

You climbed out of that hole and with his hand you also found your way back to the light,

Today holds a piece of yesterday, forever a thought, life does move ahead, another today.

Keith Garrett



When we think of Memorial Day, what is it to us,

Is it the looked forward to barbecues with friends.?

Maybe the beach and lying in the sun,

Going to the park with our children, relaxing.

Is it watching movies, drinking cold beer for the day,

Going away camping, forgetting the troubles in our way.?

My father traveled the oceans, sailed the seven seas,

A navy man in the Korean war, his journal tell me

Of all the places, lands where he would be.

I hold in my possession the poetry he wrote on a ship in a time of war,

The things I have to remember him are not just in a wooden box,

They are stored in my heart.

When the sound of planes, jets, or what flies on Memorial day,

Listen carefully, for the ones you love, miss, or lost, think of them today.

For those who are lost, missing, who gave their lives for what they believed,

Pray for all of them, the thousands of family members who rest together, IN HEAVEN.

Keith Garrett



This is the real world and we are alive,

God created this world and jesus was an only son.

We have today, there are no answers as tomorrow never knows,

It’s been a long time comin’ but after millions of years life visits me.

Some have american skin, once there wasn’t any,

Since the beginning of time those who existed were worlds apart.

Being in such small groups in the early days of man,

Well! the thought was we take care of our own,

You needed a good eye to watch for danger.

Here we go, livin’ in the future, nothing to hear, a radio nowhere,

I came upon some black cowboys, one they called outlaw Pete.

A silver palomino, wanted by the law, riding under an empty sky,

The price you pay for being on the wrong side of justice.

You’ll be comin’ down when you want it all or nothin’ at all,

When your life is about doing only bad then you’re just a dead man walkin’

Drifting further on up the road in a time of machines was he,

A gypsy biker told me a story called the ghost of Tom Joad.

He was a soul driver on a search for something,

A hungry heart had he, spoke of Independence Day then said the long goodbye.

Thinking about family and the ties that bind, I remember Maria’s bed,

I think of her, my sherry darling,

Thoughts of another, asking Rosalita, come out tonight, my crush on you.

Keith Garrett



The world is so puzzling to me as I think about,

I see many things on my daily trek around this land.

As the holidays are upon us there is much hustle and bustle,

People moving faster, too much of a rush as they burden themselves.

I watch the cars as they forget to stop at the crosswalks, racing,

I see the joyful faces and sadness that wanders from here too there,

The weather changes with a new season and I behind green eyes see it.

Everything appears before me, the morning light, a Winter night sky,

Walking downtown among the colorful lights, a fast pace and searching eyes,

Behind green eyes there appear many coming Christmas sights.

Keith Garrett


I haven’t been posting for a few days, I eat right and exercise but I was walking with headphones and I thought I was having back spasms but the pain was getting worse.

I went to the hospital and while I was waiting for a test the next day I had a jolting pain

Through my face and eyes, I couldn’t believe It when while about ten people were coming toward me a doctor said you are having a heart attack, I was scared to death.

I was lucky and had surgery, I got home today, I was in the right place on that day.

I’ll be posting again,

Thanks for reading.

Keith Garrett




Worried are we about how many will remember,

If but one then we are blessed to have known.

How many souls come into our lives, pass us by,

They will not be there to say goodbye when we fly.

Within the scheme of things if we are so lucky,

A small group will send us on our way beyond our days.

Our beginning to an end is what I believe too be that

Fantastic journey into eternity but not wasting life now.

Keith Garrett



Where are you before you are you,

Billions of years, molecules exploding in time.

Born to this world millions of years before,

A man, you don’t speak in words but a screech.

Your first thoughts are of survival, food and water,

Your mind and body are most unusual, not of today.

Fire has not been learned, day and night, sun and rain,

These are to you a mystery, so much you will learn,

Before your soul was created, a man you are related.

Keith Garrett