I write to you from yesterday, a very long 
 Time ago for you,

 Long before you were born in a town of people 
 And family.

 My family and I were up before the break of dawn, 

 Children of a simple time but at times not so 
 Simple you see.

 Horses were a common thing just as your car 
 Is in your time,

 Things of your day not dreamed up as of yet, life
 Was hard, also fun.

 Here in yesterday there is sickness that kills many 
 As there is no medicine,

 As I sit here on my farm watching my wife and kids  
 Play, I write this to you.

 When you receive my letter it will be that I and those 
 I love will be gone now,

 You will have all the things that we here have never  
 Seen, good and bad.

 There are beautiful things and land that will disappear 
 With them, I can see them,

 I live here in another time and place just as you do,  
 I hope this letter gets to you.

                  Keith Garrett



 A light shade of gray evenly covering that 
 Which lives below,

 Clouds so heavy and thick with moisture ready 
 To rain down.

 In the early evening as the sun fades many 
 Shades of color,

 After dark on a clear, starry night you can 
 See forever high.

 Big, white fluffy clouds of many shapes sitting 
 Still above your head,

 With the wind you'll see their shapes change and 
 Drift slowly away.

 Thunder and lightning visit a dark, stormy day, 
 The sun is there,

 Hiding beyond the blanket of nature, the sun still 
 Shines without sight.

 An always changing sky, never the same throughout 
 Any given day,

 The sky is always there, it is the elements that move 
 Through and change it.
                   Keith Garrett


             ALONE IN THE DARK

 Everyone Is gone, I look around, silence Is                
 The sound,

 Where did they go, I do not know, I am somehow 
 A campsite of darkness Is a fun and peaceful place,

 A warm fire, friends, and laughter will liven up 
 The night.

 What a difference It makes when you're alone In 
 The dark,
 The lonely quiet that accompanies a fear that 
 Something is there.

 There are two parts, different views on being alone 
 In the dark,

 Peace and time by yourself to breathe and think 
 Can be great.

 Wondering what's a danger or the silent dark that 
 Scares a man,

 Fear of the unknown, afraid of being alone, alone 
 In the dark.

                 Keith Garrett  



           A NEW TODAY

                                                                                  Time to let go of certain things, days past,

                                                                                    People I thought were my friends, ends.

                                                                                 Life does change, unexpected adventures,

                                                                              A new day comes my way, a road of surprises.

                                                                             Relief is at this moment a friend indeed to me,

                                                                              Scary is change, where do I go from here I say,

 A new day today, what is gone is no more, I am 
 on my way.

                                                                                 Keith Garrett



 Around us, we hear those who speak,
 Words and phrases to others' who will hear.

 So many different tones from mouths each day,
 Softly spoken or In a deep, mean way.

 Talking a lot Is a way for some,
 Fast and unclear Is another way too.

 We hear many voices as we spend our day,
 Talking about their lives and crying about 
 Their pain.

 Voices are heard singing songs,
 Which makes us happy and brings our emotions 

 On the phone, there are voices, to us spoken words,
 We can't even see them but still they are heard.

 Without voices, we will not be heard,
 If we are not heard, then there Is silence.

         Keith Garrett  


            FACES IN THE WATER

 By myself as I am sitting beneath the warm, 
 Rising sun,

 There exists a slight, cool, morning breeze 
 Around me.

 Watch I do as the tall, dancing, trees stand 
 High above,

 Rays from the sun, shine through the branches 
 Of leaves.

 What surrounds me this day is taken for granted 

 The quiet is an always wanted gift that will never 
 Go away.

 The calm pond water rests around me while I think 
 And dream,

 When I look down to find my reflection, I see not me 
 But that of other days.

 My thoughts take me to yesterday, far, far, away, 
 As if it were today,

 The water is quite still now, like clear, shiny, 
 Glass, I drift off like a dream.

 Faces in the water, clearly I can see with memories, 
 Faces in the water,

 Days of old, friends scattered with time are seen 
 Floating in the sun.
                            Keith Garrett


                  FIRE STORM

 Like a tornado it appears suddenly, out of 
 Nowhere it attacks,

 Burning heat that rages on a path of destruction   
 Without remorse.

 Visible fire, a monster that with its touch can make 
 Life disappear,

 With the help of natural wind this creation man made 
 Or not, builds strength.

 It consumes without fear, tireless, always hungry as 
 It makes its way anywhere,

 Smoke fills the sky, dark, thick, smoke travels upward 
 Into the atmosphere.

 The birds fly, watch as the animals run with great fear
 Through the hills of flame,

 Survival is the only game being played today, the losers 
 Will forever go away.

 Fire storm, Destroys does it a piece of our beautiful 
 World with every attack,

 Sometimes forever gone, healing of the land takes  
 So long, scars are never gone.
                     Keith Garrett.


               I CAN SEE TOMORROW!

 So clear to me, clear to see,

 Yesterday Is gone, gone away.

 Today will soon be In the past,

 It will be yesterday, I see this today.

 Tomorrow Is not yet here, this Is clear,

 When It comes It will turn Into today,

 Soon disappear Into yesterday.

 I can see tomorrow, I see this today,

 Many things' to discover, what comes my way.

 What's out on the horizon still a mystery,

 It moves forward Into my life, to be my today.

                      Keith Garrett



 I stand not on the ground but from where I am I 
 I can not stand,

 From so far In the sky, I fly, fly without wings, 
 Within the clouds.

 There's no feeling above me as below, no solid ground
 To touch,

 Living things' of few roam this land, large as It seems 
 Never ending.

 Down, down so fast but a feeling of weightlessness as 
 If a feather,

 Falling, falling from where I flew, where once this 
 Man stood.

 Closer and closer I can with my eyes see life waiting 
 For me,

 Back to where I once stood, down from where I once stood.

 For only minutes but what seems like forever a dream,

 Floating, merely floating down, back to my reality.

                        Keith Garrett


                 A SMALL HOUSE

 Along the banks of a river, is home,

 Apple trees and hills of grass live here.

 A small house for a family of people,

 Food on the table and a fire burning warm.

 Sitting on the porch, a fiddle in hand I am,

 A pipe to smoke is an evening kind of thing.

 Horses are down for the night, children in our sight,

 Nineteenth century life is quite a fight.

 A small house is all we need to believe,

 Hopes and dreams are seen as far as our eyes can see.

              Keith Garrett