When darkness falls and the night is quiet,

Fighting is no more, words are of silence.

Sitting on a bench, hand in hand,

A drink for two on my private land.

When the echoes of sirens are no longer close,

The scream of the freeway is not near my home.

When all is everything I want it to be,

A fantasy is made in my own world to see.

A perfect moment can only be what we make it to be,

Things of change piece by piece, a perfect moment can be anything.

Keith Garrett



I’m searching for loose change, standing by the car wash,

I’m happy just waiting for a ride.

Here it comes, sir! does the bus stop at 82nd street?

My pink Cadillac is a stolen car, I just gave it a name.

This hard land does not make me a lucky man,

My wife and I were once the honeymooners, now trouble in paradise.

So young and in love, we were two for the road,

The wish I have is to be back in your arms.

Don’t look back says a man with sad eyes,

I used to be a man at the top, now I have restless nights.

The bus stops here where I rendezvous with her,

Give the girl a kiss and stare over the rise of the sun.

We go to a place and watch a T.V. movie,

I’m always here when you need me “she says”

We watched seven angels, It started to rain,

There was a great thunder crack.

Some of us have hearts of stone, not us,

Bring on the night, when the lights go out, so peaceful,

Shut out the light.

Keith Garrett



Paradise is a hard to find world, been a long time comin’

I’m a rocker, have you heard the New York serenade?

I used to practice at my father’s house, he was jack of all trades,

He was a real man who would tell you things point blank.

Once he bought me a pink Cadillac, I wish I were blind,

Growin up in Reno wasn’t so bad, It wasn’t magic.

My beautiful reward was when I met my Sherry darling,

It was a place called Jacob’s Ladder on highway 29.

We were both just looking for a little human touch,

Something we were both missing, I said I wanna be with you.

It wasn’t a line, It was real, she makes me feel like I’m on fire,

I told her I’d prove it all night and I’d be here in the light of day.

We have been together for a while now, ‘I told her’ I’ll work for your love,

I talked to a woman named Mrs. McGrath,

I’m going down to see about a place for us.

I told her I’m doing this for you, for us,

I have a good eye for the beauty I see in you,

Sherry darling, I wanna marry you.

Keith Garrett



They think that they are of something unique,

No one ever is watching, no one sees they think.

They plot and they plan, not so logical, woman or man,

Thoughts that roam their scary, sick minds,

They act calm and kind as they plan ones demise.

A perfect crime of many sorts fill the criminal minds,

They seem not to worried about being caught at the time.

Going on with their deeds believing they will always be free,

When they plan a perfect crime, what is in their minds.

Keith Garrett



He had a life, so many years ago I met a man with such a smile,

Quiet with a heart so large, always a kind word or nothing at all.

He could be rough and tough, never did he want something from you,

A strong but gentle human being was he, a beautiful friend indeed.

A man so kind, Harold, today you are surely on my mind, you were loved,

Driving down the street, working in your yard, a chance to know you was mine.

Yes sir! a life you had, your smile will be always seen if only in a dream,

It’s hard to believe but this was your time to fly, leave this place behind.

It is in another home where you now roam, you journeyed beyond what is known,

You had a great life from once a small boy until your last day with much wisdom.

A man so kind is in this world hard to find, it does not seem fair that you are not here,

I saw you yesterday, you are thought of on this day, I will see you tomorrow.

Keith Garrett



I sit back and think of the possibility that we may start again,

If not here then is there some other place of peace and happiness.

In the beginning we hear about a garden, it disappeared from us,

A new paradise where we can hear the birds sing without trouble on the horizon.

Listen to the wind without the painful, tragic, sounds of sirens,

A wonderful island, a new world where we are equal in every way.

Money holds no meaning in this paradise home where not a soul walks alone,

Food so plenty, pains of hunger never again in this new paradise where all are friends.

Sickness no more, no worries of a cure that were learned about many years before,

A place that sounds familiar, written in story books, a fantasy not believed,

Believe in this as once such a place did exist, a lesson learned if so happens again.

Keith Garrett



They call me old Dan Tucker, jack of all trades,

There’s a lot of love of the common people, we are alive.

I didn’t see the light of day for a while as I was shackled and drawn,

This depression was getting to me as each day was a lonesome day.

Life Itself is a blessing but I need something to lift me up,

My family is missing and my hometown burned to the ground.

I told my wife just recently, O’ Mary don’t you weep,

We shall overcome, we’ll find our paradise.

With a wizards magic we left this horrible Kingdom of days,

We wouldn’t be the last to die as we were sent through time Into the future.

We found our lucky town, now my Oklahoma home,

I’m going down to a place called the pony boy that’s open all night.

It’ll be a long walk home but I’m on fire with energy,

With this little light of mine I walked in the dark.

I went in places to drink, one called I’m a rocker,

Jacob’s ladder, and ramrod.

I met someone who said she was the queen of the supermarket,

Strange as It was all in a dream.

Keith Garrett