I stop where I’m standing looking around,

What Is this madness born to us all.

Leaving my work, my home, and the things known to me,

Go away to a place up high, way back In the hills’.

There are no people of judgement to listen too,

The loud sounds’ of tragedy lost In my travel.

There Is no anger or the struggle to survive,

Out here, only nature to hear me cry.

Leaving It all behind,

The life that was once mine.

Keith Garrett




Wherever you may be standing then there’s something to see,

Watch what’s In front of you, keep your eyes on the horizon.

Be ever so careful, always on that which surrounds your world,

Turn around, something Is there, what might It be, beware.

There are times when we need to turn around and see yesterday,

Remember where we have come from and what we have learned.

Turn around once In awhile to your past, look hard to see friends missed,

Turn around to understand, see your regrets but leave them there.

We can turn around to many things, always be able to see what’s behind,

There’s no turning back to yesterday except In your thoughts and ageing mind.

Keith Garrett




From an old, standing oak tree next to a pond,

Hangs does it, a rope and tire from sun until sun.

Many seasons enjoyed, Summers of children,

Cobwebs do not gather, only those from the years.

Echoes of laughter, ghosts of those whom did once swing,

Always do they, back and forth this old, tire swing sways.

A tree that still stands, tire swing moves with the wind,

It ages but not the same as the children, this tire swing.

Keith Garrett



What is this occasion that we name thanksgiving,?

A time and place in the past where travelers of Fall

Landed in a world unknown to them, a place to learn.

These people known as Pilgrims lived a life long ago,

Settled in a land referred to as the new world.

Plymouth Rock, ships landed along the unexplored shore,

Through hardship and bitter Winter cold these men and women

persevered, they accepted the challenge, they survived.

Learning as they did of a people different from they were,

Came together to learn about and understand one other.

Working as one, sharing what was grown and hunted,

They lived each day, they learned of each other.

This Thanksgiving we slow down, pause for the moment,

Give thanks for what we have, for our health, for friends,

For those whom love us and the ones we love.

Keith Garrett




What were his thoughts, how did he feel,

When the pain left his body, where did he go.

Did he understand when god touched his hand,

When he was no more, who was he.

Did he cry or did he feel the happiness of love everlasting,

When he died the tears would subside,

No pain or sorrow would rest inside.

He was the mortal man in a material land,

His spirit and soul would be forever in a far off heaven.

Only moments ago I saw him as I walked through the door,

When he died his being would forever hide,

Who he was would never leave our lives.

When he died I saw it as not real but I did cry,

When he died I had to say goodbye as my heart found him his place

Where I could forever see him smile.

Keith Garrett



Innocence and pure, the new born child,

Day by day what’s taught and learned.

With an eye that which is witnessed,

An ear, sounds of many spoken thoughts.

Physical pain, hurtful words that disable and change,

Corruption and crime, nightmares of life that torment the mind.

Like scars, lessons that make us strong,

Wounds of time sometimes alter a clean mind.

Can’t is only a word, failure learned from weakness,

Our minds and bodies see battles over time,

Learn from them, survive, unkind are wounds of time.

Keith Garrett




A long ride, not much in between,

Upon a quiet, deserted town I came.

Not a soul in sight, a breeze echoes through this place,

Many different sounds as if people lived.

Only ghosts of a town that once had breath,

The back and forth clanging of an open jail house door.

A saloon sign creaking as it swings in the wind,

I can almost feel those who once were here.

Only dust walks these streets, this town that died,

I’ll stay here for the night, I’ll be alright,

The only thing that will be my company are a horse and tumble weeds.

Keith Garrett