It’s late October and Fall has made its presence,

The wind blows through the emptying trees, less leaves.

Evening is approaching as the sun is falling,

Walking through the park with my shadow following me.

Behind the tree over my shoulder it is you I see,

Fear rushes through me as you’ve been watching.

My foot steps are faster, my heart pounds like a drum,

No longer are you there, I am scared, are you for real.?

Run do I for home, safe behind a locked door,

I forgot about you while I relax all alone.

You stare through my window, this I do not know,

I am not scared but soon you will change this.

The wind is loud on this thirty first of October,

My eyes peek out to see the night, your face meets mine.

Horror fills my soul, who are you!, who are you!,

Again you are gone as I search all around.

I drift off to sleep upstairs in my bed,

Dreaming, I can hear myself ask the words, who are you.?

My eyes open in mind numbing fear, it is you,

Who are you!, The last words I hear are, do you really want to know.?

Keith Garrett




He went to rags after some unexpected events,

Wandering the streets with not so much to eat.

Down on his luck with not more than a buck,

Things would change in a most unusual way.

A chance to prove he was smarter than a fool,

He rose from the dirty ground, smarter than he knew.

On top of the world, a financial breakthrough be told,

A story of losing all you have, rags to riches, maybe back.

Keith Garrett



This night is so dark, so much to see,
All spirits among us, they search for you and me
As the wind howls through the trees and hills,
The terror grows more, in our hearts it fills.
Look to the sky, search for the moon,
Watch as it grows fore something comes really soon.
All things to believe on all hallows eve,
Feel this fright in you, there’s no way to leave.
The goblins and ghouls steal the souls,
Of fools out on this night as the dead come out of their holes.
One night of the year on Halloween,
Your Imagination will haunt you, all fear can be seen.
Ghosts all around you on a cold, stormy night,
Keep an eye open for the thing that will bite.
As lightning strikes into your sight,
Bats fly above, oh! what a night.
Alone in your mind with what’s real or fake,
It seems like a dream, are you asleep or awake.?
The creatures are coming yet you don’t hear a sound,
There’s a smell all around, does it fume from the ground.?
Now starting to rain on this Eerie Halloween night,
Death sneaks up on you, only darkness, no sign of light.
A cold shiver goes up your spine,
You sense in the fog that nothing is fine.
Turning around to see that it’s me,
No longer alone but lost it is we.
We need to get back to where it began,
Our thoughts and our fears, alive if we can.
Now it’s morning, slowly you awake,
Cold, wet, and dirty, was this all a dream.?
I hope for our sake.

Keith Garrett





Waiting for the light of day to come to its end, watching,

I’m there in the shadows, behind the trees I lurk.

This is my night but you may think it’s yours, let’s find out,

Celebrate the faces you wear, I wear only one face, darkness.

Inside your houses, hide you should but there is no Intelligence in you,

You’ll walk the night with your children hunting for a chocolate or treat.

Up in the trees as the wind blows is where you might find me, maybe,

The moon is full as it sits in the wide open night sky.

I move as you move through your neighborhood streets,

Seeing what you see awaiting you, waiting for a different treat.

There’s something stalking, hunting without a trace, quietly there,

By morning I’ll be gone but with me some of those whom wear masks.

Am I like you or do you pretend to resemble what i am,

What I am has a face that changes with each season, tonight no face.

I haunt your neighborhood on Halloween, I am this nightmare

That you will never dream, I am in your neighborhood.

Keith Garrett




My mother sent me here to live for the Fall with my Aunt Louise,

I do not know her very well but she was always strange and mysterious.

Blind since I was about five years old i can’t recall what she looks like,

A huge castle of stone, in our family for centuries through times of war.

Old England, now surrounded by many new things of the modern age,

In this castle are antiques from a different time in this world, old weapons.

Dungeons and secret rooms are here, stories told to me by my grandfather,

Very quiet here as I spend my time listening to the wind and leaves falling.

Off to bed, upstairs where the walls are thick with tales from the past,

Tonight will be dark but for me every night holds darkness as I am blind.

Awaken do I to some Eerie sounds from within the walls, moaning, groaning,

I call for my aunt but not a response, my heart pounds, nervous am I.

Then again, more sounds are heard, whispering words into my sightless night,

I’m afraid! so very scared as now the sound of footsteps seem to be closer, I can’t see.

Who are you! I can’t see as the touch of something is upon me, I never had a chance to see.

Keith Garrett




Fools! they let me out, they let me go, I’m on the loose once again,

They believed me when I said I’m sorry, I’ve learned my lesson.

My time here is complete, you have reformed me as I agree, ha! ha!,

Yes!, I understand that i must be good and not do those things again.

Trust me when I say that i was wrong and i know I have a problem,

You have my word that I’ll take my medicine and report when I should.

I was sick, I know that now, you’ll be watching me, I promise you, trust me,

They let me out!, those fools!, I’ll show them what’s going to happen for locking me up.

They have no idea what I’ve really done or what I’m capable of, they know little,

What I’ve been punished for is not all that I have done, they let me out!.

What I am is more evil than you can imagine, bad things will happen,

It’s not my fault, just remember, they let me out!.

Keith Garrett



All aboard! the conductor yells out loud,

Show your tickets, this train makes its sound.

A western world, you’ll be taken for a ride,

Journey too many places, from this train you’ll see.

From out of your window a cattle drive is noticed,

A cowboy travels from town to town.

In the distance Indians do their own thing,

This train bound for a new life for some.

It’s a chance you take riding a train,

Robbers on horses have trouble on their minds,

In a western world, a dangerous time.

Keith Garrett