STRENGTH AND POWER

  With so much force and power am I,

  Formed In the beginning, only time knows just why.

  I travel and move up and down,

  Over and under, my crash forms a sound.

  All that lives here answers to me,

  These creatures are many, on land they're not to be.

  I move along across the sand,

  Sometimes I'm sitting calm, other times, high I'll 

  Everywhere Is seen by me, 

  I've visited far off places just like thee.

  Throughout time many have sailed across my path,

  At times kind I am to them but so many have felt my 

  I am strength and power, I am the ocean.

                                    Keith Garrett 



 The lion Is strong and fearless as he roams' the jungle,

  It Is known that he Is there, his crown Invisible but seen.

  There Is strength In a man who stands' up for what he 

  He Is strong and powerful with words' of knowledge or 

  Doing what Is hardest, doing what scares one but must be 

  Facing ones' self In the mirror and admitting he has faults'.

  Strength Is letting your emotions' show but kept In control,

   Knowing Inside there's a man although vulnerable.

  I am a man, I have strength.

                         Keith Garrett



  Around us, we hear those who speak,
   Words and phrases to others' who will hear.

  So many different tones from mouths each day,
  Softly spoken or In a deep mean way.

  Talking a lot Is a way for some,
   Fast and unclear Is another way too.

  We hear many voices as we spend our day,
  Talking about their lives and crying about their pain.

   Voices are heard singing songs,
   Which makes us happy and brings our emotions 

   On the phone, there are voices, to us spoken words,
   We can't even see them but still they are heard.

   Without voices, we will not be heard,
   If we are not heard, then there Is silence.

                                  Keith Garrett  


                                 HIS MUSIC WILL LIVE

  This is for Glen Campbell, bring him peace,

  For his family, a prayer to ease their pain.

  He's had quite a life, a child once with dreams like 

  Energy from a boy running and playing in the Summer 

  Grew up with a guitar and a country voice, a sound so 

  For me it was Rhinestone cowboy, i was young and it 
  Made me dream.

  I imagined that I could be him, like him, his beautiful 
  Songs of life,

  A wife and kids who will remember and miss him dearly, 
  He will not miss.

  Taken from him by an unfeeling monster, slowly his 
  Thoughts, The music,

  What's inside may disappear but his music will live, 
  Forever listened too.

  He will forget but the world, his family, and friends
  Will remember for him,

  He will go away, just as a piece of him will always stay in 
  the hearts of loving fans.

   Glen Campbell, man, Husband, father, the name, singer, 
  Song writer, forever remembered,
                           Keith Garrett


                           WARRIORS OF THE FIELD

  They come to this place to taunt each other,

  On a battlefield, against friend or brother.

  They stand and they face each other to start,

  Twenty two men with no fear in their hearts.

  From start to finish this is a race,

  All of them wearing the same game face.

  Like a game of chess, their strategy is planned,

  To conquer the enemy who invades their land.

  They charge down the field, like soldiers they run,

  Let nothing stop them from getting the job done.

   They make their way through mud and rain,

  To the other side, they fight through the pain.

  Now the sound of people as they yell,

  Down on that field must be some kind of hell.

  In the end when it's all done,

  These warriors of the field, so much they have won.

                                  Keith Garrett


                              FROM THEIR LAND 

                         OF STRUGGLE AND PAIN

  They come from a land across the sea,

  A place most of us will never see.

  On the outside, a world has a face so green,

  In its heart fear and anger much to mean.

  So beautiful it is, but very hard to understand,

  How or why there could be so much blood on 
  Their hands.
  Out of this struggle, four men emerged,

  From their home called Ireland, with something 
  To say.
  As Bono, he's known with his voice to the world,

  A message he sends through the music made, heard.

  While on the stage, not a dancer is he,

  From his heart, speak the words of a man,  

  Whose seen with his eyes the pain, in our world 
  Not meant to be.
  What his music has given to his band and himself,

  To the world, he gives back showing his feelings and

  Care for humanity with a bit of his wealth.

  They've been around for many years,

  To try and shed some of the worlds tears.  U2

                            Keith Garrett


                           EVERYTHING IS ON ITS WAY

                                    TO SOMEWHERE

  We're all connected from the beginning of time,

  No matter where we are or where we are headed.

  From the first sign of DNA, we have a link to each  

  It has been discovered that in some way we are all 

  Everything is on its way to somewhere while the earth
  Keeps spinning,

  Think about it, a bite of an apple eaten and swallowed, 
  An ongoing voyage.

  From a tree planted from seed, it then grows with time 
  As the apple forms,

  The flowing river makes its way to the ocean while the                                                  
  Ocean carry's it away.

  Everything is in constant movement, or aging, as it makes           
  Its journey to other places,

  The wind, the falling leaves continue on, even though 
  Things Disappear, They are never gone.
  Everything is on its way to somewhere, living or not, to 
  Somewhere, Constant energy.           Keith Garrett


                     DO MY WORDS TELL YOU A STORY?

  Writing my thoughts changes the way in which I speak,

  Thinking about what I write, explaining the way I feel.

  Emotions have many parts, created from a lifetime,

  A story I started writing from a time when just a small 

  I say all kinds of things fore there's much to say,

  Words have become the power that moves me through 
  The day.

  If you listen closely there are messages from my lips,

  Telling you about myself, letting you know who I am.

  Do my words tell you a story, or do you not read what 
  Is said?
                                     Keith Garrett


                                   DEMONS OF MUSIC,


  Back in the past from where they came,

  Four different faces performed on the stage.

  Their appearances all covered, hidden from view,

  Who were they really, nobody knew.

  Like demons they dressed, but music they played,

  All of them different, what did they have to say.

  In their songs were expressed, feelings,

  Looking at them didn't seem so,

  Hearts they all had, this, soon all would know.

  On the drums he will bang, with a face like a cat,

  His name is peter, inside he's more than that.

   Ace wears a disguise just like the rest,

  Playing his guitar is what he does best. 

  Paul is another, lead guitar he does play,

  A star on his face, has something to say.

  Like a serpent showing his tongue,

  Like a dragon spitting fire,

  A mask he does wear and his shoes make him higher.    

                               Keith Garrett


                     FORGIVE THE WORLD, LORD

  You created heaven and earth, the universe, you are 

  Are you wondering what could possibly have happened 
  To this place?

  I always had thoughts myself that you knew what was 
  Coming long ago,

  Did you have tears of joy when so long ago you finished 
  Your six day projects.

  Such a wonderful gift, but from the beginning until this 
  Day, Struggles along the way,

  You created man, a most complex mechanism, you knew  
   That Nothing would be easy.

  You turned the first man loose, knowing that he would  
   Most Likely stumble and fall,

  Such an experiment to give free will and sit back to see 
  What mankind would do.

  Forgive the world lord for the many mistakes made, for 
  Thinking that destroyed beauty,

  For hatred and much non caring of this world, taking for 
  Granted what is really temporary.

  Forgive the world lord, for not saying to you thank you 
  Many More times than we should have.
                            Keith Garrett