No memory have I of how this came to be,

Lost and alone, just me and the sea.

Day after day, across endless water,

Above only the sky and the seagulls that fly.

Get by do I with only little water and food,

Maybe a hope and a prayer that it may get me through.

In the distance perhaps a dolphin or whale,

My imagination is running wild.

Thinking of what’s below me scares me some,

Loneliness is worse fore nobody listens.

A dream am I having or my personal hell,

Until the end of this I’ll not be able to tell.

Up ahead, what is it that I see,

My hope and prayer is answered to me,

No longer will I be, adrift at sea.

Keith Garrett





I soar through the air up In the wide open sky,

Just myself and some wings’, we fly, and fly.

So peaceful up here, quiet without many a sound,

Feel like I’m flying to the sun, far from the ground.

Clouds’ are floating to nowhere that I can see,

A never ending flight, just the sky and me.

Looking down Is another world not like here,

Across the sky, not crowded with fear.

Keith Garrett



My challenge this day, a trek across the always dangerous desert,

Pack my things, just myself and a backpack complete with all I need.

Dressed In jeans, hiking boots, long sleeved shirt, and hat I am ready,

Early morning as the rising sun stares down upon me, time to move.

Such a feeling to seem alone In the world step by step through the quiet

Morning while nature does Its own thing, I am watched as I walk.

Across the desert I travel with a breeze swirling around what surrounds,

The heat of the day has not yet arrived as I continue my quest through the desert land.

So much beautiful and unusual plant life, animals seen from a distance,

The sun Is moving, day Is disappearing with shadows forming upon this land.

I’ll soon make camp with the animals of the night, a fire so bright, warm with light,

When the morning comes then I will continue my journey until I am done,

Across the desert I travel.

Keith Garrett




Dressed up each day in what we are to where for the man,

For work not for play, everyday survival, an outfit, our costume.

A ritual practiced, obey fore to be compensated,

With the printed paper handed to us so that we are of worth.

We’re to let them pull our strings, dance and put on a certain face,

Puppets and clowns humiliating and a sad disgrace.

We’re to have no real thoughts of our own,

Speak so that they do not hear,

Put on an act for those whom are made up of power, false power.

Puppets and clowns, puppets and clowns, are we they,?

Turn it around, is the world upside down, we have no strings,

We dance for no one, only for fun.

Keith Garrett




Listen closely to this story as I see it, from a very long time ago,

In 1132 the Chinese knew about gunpowder, a tool, no, a weapon.

The first hand held gun was called an arquebus then of course the musket,

Many men had to try something, the invention of the rifle, the shotgun.

Congratulations! if they were used only for hunting but no, good became evil,

To this day they’ve been used for much criminal activity, too hurt and kill.

What happened to the days when they were used to feed your family,

Then came the sports hunter, killing just for the prize, a head hung high.

The police have them so that they can stop the ones whom shouldn’t,

Children are using them everyday in other countries just to survive.

The bullets ring out from the years no longer here, guns don’t die,

Guns don’t kill, people kill people because of fear, anger, and stupidity.

The noise needs to stop, it has put many a human being in their graves,

Unload your weapons, they’ll sing out in heaven, put the guns away.

War after war with much more advanced weaponry that will destroy,

In the end there will be no more world, put the guns away.

Keith Garrett




Out on the horizon, beneath the sinking sun, It rolls In,

They all come to watch, they come to ride the wild surf.

For the true surfer It comes from within, at one with the wave,

Shooting the tube, living on the edge, free to glide across the water.

From Australia, the split, surfers’ paradise, they battle the rolling storm,

To Hawaii, waimea Bay, North Shore, Pipeline, or Hanalei Bay, the wave.

Above the wave where dreams’ are made, surf the open water way,

Around the world beyond the shores of Peru to New Zealand, ride.

Above the wave, beneath the wide open sky, forever ride,

Touch the water and listen to the sound of the crashing waves.

Keith Garrett




I keep searching until I find,

That special someone whose In my mind.

Out there somewhere In my world,

Are many things’ of happiness.

Each time my eyes open starts another day,

A day of hope for what comes my way.

Always wanting and seeking for,

A life that’s filled with much, much more.

I’ll keep moving and faith will help,

A prayer each day to see me through.

Keith Garrett