We are alive, on the same path, a day all will die,

One day to oblivion we will be before that let’s see.

A journey to an eternal place but we live from day to day,

Feeling good, happy as we awake to the morning light.

We are born, it’s a wonderful gift as we slowly sicken from that day,

Don’t get me wrong fore life holds many beautiful scenes I agree.

None of us are really sick just a touch of cancer that steals our day,

A touch of Cancer, It seeks us out in different ways, in the world always.

Keith Garrett





What is this occasion that we name Thanksgiving,

A time and place in the past where travelers of Fall

Landed in a world unknown to them, a place to learn.

These people known as Pilgrims lived a lifetime ago,

Settled in a land referred to as the new world.

Plymouth Rock, ships landed along the unexplored shore,

Through hardship and bitter Winter cold these men and women

Persevered, they accepted the challenge, they survived.

Learning as they did of a people different than they were,

Came together to learn and understand one another.

Working as one, sharing what was grown and hunted,

They lived each day, they learned of each other.

This Thanksgiving we slow down, pause for the moment,

Give thanks for what we have, for our health, for friends,

For those who love us and the ones we love.

Keith Garrett




As the world grows older we see that with it the world grows crowded,

So many people cover the lands stretching far and wide, the world does not grow.

This is a beautiful place that has been given to us all but together we are losing,

Survival may be harder than it was hundreds of years ago as we can not sleep wherever.

We can’t just wake from sleep and shoot our breakfast, the creek is not always there,

To camp beneath any given tree is now frowned upon as our society changes towards the rich.

Desperation and anger are greater than ever before, this we hear each day from words spoken,

Protests over many issues that do not change, only the mistrust for those high above grow.

Deceived daily are we sometimes by the people we may know but scarier those whom control,

Lies, broken promises, payoffs from hand to hand between powerful people and government man.

The fight to own but in the end, they’ll take from you your home, we are violated as they spy, fear grows,

A world of sickness lives as we struggle to keep our health and sanity, never ending traffic brings hell.

A world of sickness forever grows because the more humans form the bigger the tumor becomes strong.

Keith Garrett




In hand, a wand would make me a magic man,

Not even a word and crime would disappear.

I could stop time, rid the world of trash or pollution,

Take away the sick waters of rivers and oceans.

Murder on our land would be stopped with a hand,

The ill would be no more, cancer but a memory.

I could run fast or jump high,

A tear would be one less for all of mankind.

The cruel slaughter of creatures in the world,

With a wave from my hand, this would end.

A wand of magic need not be that of evil,

For love and good, the hand that holds this wand.

A wand of magic is not to be real,

We can wish, hope, and pray, that it all goes away.

Keith Garrett




Holidays are upon us, soon Thanksgiving will arrive,

The leaves will fall from the trees, the chill of Winter.

Christmas is a special time of year,

The end of the year when we reflect on all that’s happened to us.

At times we forget about the good because of a hurt or tragedy laid upon us,

A touch of faith, hold onto it one day at a time.

It will get you through most anything if you just believe that all is possible,

A touch of faith is in my thoughts and hopes,

Pray to god that he will watch over you and protect you always.

Believe in all that is good and know that hard times come to all of us,

Be strong and you shall overcome anything,

A touch of faith is yours to have and keep.

Keith Garrett



It’s me again, many thoughts swirl in my head,

For this life you gave to me, I am most grateful.

I wake each morning to the rain or shine,

You’ve let me walk your worldly creation, I’m still alive.

I forget at times and also for granted take,

This life is precious, there’s much good in the world.

A thank you, dear lord, for the things given to me,

The wonders of this land at times are hard to see.

I’ll try to remember that fragile is man,

Speak to you soon, I keep trying to understand and be the best I can.

Keith Garrett




November was here, colder than usual compared to many others,

This was to be a snow filled holiday but it’s Thanksgiving again.

Today will also have an unexpected visitor not yet discovered,

From a great distance, this traveler will trek to change some lives.

Morning is here, it’s very cold as we all gather downstairs for coffee,

We send the kids out to get some wood to build a nice, warm fire.

It gets busy early with everyone preparing for this special day,

A stranger makes his way, while we take some things for granted

A lesson of importance we’ll all learn, a stranger on the way.

Walking the streets, a story to tell as the snow and cold are no friend,

A next meal, shelter over one’s head, with every step a friend is close.

Within the warmth of this home, a day of thanks and love, out the window,

A soul I did see, walking slowly under the snowing sky, that could be me.

Invited in was this person with no place to be, an identity to be seen,

A story was told, appreciated what we did not see, Thanksgiving with a stranger.

Keith Garrett