"BOOK OF FAITH"

  I'd like to read to you a story, sit back and listen 
  Dear friend,
  This Is about a man who has lost and found things 
  Of happiness.
  He Is not a wise man although at times he knows 
  Of wisdom,
  He Is not an angry man but anger lives within his 
  This man walks a road, of at times, fear and 
  Confidence lost,
  Happiness Is that which he so much wants to hold 
  Onto, but there
  Are those moments when to be happy can be a 
  Struggle, a search.
  He Is a man of Inner strength, he possesses no 
  Surrender, will not give up,
  There are those times when weakness attacks and 
  The battle rages.
  He holds In him close to his heart, faith that all will 
  be as it should,
 That things will turn out, God willing, the way he 
 This man has much love In him as he did and still 

  Loves but will  Again love,

 To live on his own, too live his life and again share 
  His time with another.
  This Is my story, this Is my book of faith told only to 
  You dear friend,
  Keep It with you always, may the Lord bless and 
  Watch over you,
  As your road Is traveled each and every day Into 
  the rest of your life.
                            Love always,       Keith Garrett


                                  SUPER BATTLEFIELD

 There's a war on, it's been planned,

  Strategies have been worked on, enemy 
  Close at hand.

  Two Generals who do know of each other,

  One's arm is his cannon, the other a fighter.

  They're gearing up fore it's time to stand and 

  Strap on their armor, weapons are of many.

 Through pain or blood or the dark, cold, of night,

  They do not surrender on this battlefield of might.

  Armies of two, strong and fearless they march,

  Until one is laying on the field, battle rages on.

  This is a battlefield like no other,

  Strength and speed, mistakes must be few.

  A near perfect game plan, a prayer, and some hope,

  To the victor, a field taken, champions proud,

  They will stand tall.

                                  Keith Garrett


                                      HEY THERE, MOM!

  I saw the lightly, snow covered, mountains today,

  Did you see the mountains from a different view,

  Did you see me as I walked today, I thought of you.

  I felt the wind, the trees swayed with an echoing sound,

  Were you in the trees, were you part of the cool breeze?

  Mom, I was wondering if you know that we are all here,

  Do you see us each day as we live and try to find our way?

  When the rain falls are you part of that which brings life,

  Do you remember rainy days when as children we were 
  By your side.

  Hey there, mom! you are thought of many times before the 
  Sun goes down,

  Did you see the sun today, mom, it still sets as once we 
  Watched together.
                         Keith Garrett

                                   It's been almost four years, mom


                      WARRIORS' OF THE FIELD

 ,They come to this place to taunt each other,
  On a battlefield, against friend or brother.

 They stand and they face, each other to start,
 Twenty two men, with no fear In their hearts'.

  From start to finish, this Is a race,
  All of them wearing, the same game face.

  Like a game of chess, their strategy Is planned,
 To conquer the enemy, who Invades their land.

 They charge down the field, like soldiers' they run,
  Let nothing stop them, from getting the job done

 They make their way, through mud and rain,
 To the other side, they fight through the pain.

  Now the sound, of people as they yell,
  Down on that field, must be some kind of hell.

 In the end, when It's all done,
 These warriors' of the field, so much they have won.

                                  Keith Garrett  



  I who you don't understand,

  Once was small, use to sit In the sand.

  Sometimes so hard, In my heart It seems',

  To show what Is I, the reality not the dreams'.

  At a distance you're kept from what Is me,

  One who likes music, and writes words' of dreams'.

  Yes! I am afraid to show,

  A much easier portrait for those to know.

  I wear a mask for most to see,

  Few only know that It Is me.

  This Is a person you've just met,

   Don't know why but It Is I.

                                       Keith Garrett                  


                                IF NO SIGHT HAD I

  Suddenly, so suddenly, my eyes, they could no 
  Longer see,

  Where did everything go, what am I to become, 
  I'm blind.

  Darkness, only darkness can be my world now, 
  To be afraid,

  Never again a sunny day, the night visits' me 

  If no sight had I, there would be many new 
  Thoughts And adventures,

  The wind I would hear as I did before, my
  Imagination would create,
  Pictured scenes of what It was doing.

  Music would still be heard, although my mind 
  Could see the story,

  A song might tell with Its' words.

  A television show now only to be heard, no 
, Picture book to go with,

 A kiss could still be placed upon her lips', no 
 Sight or sound do I need.

  Feelings' here are what will be needed, and a 
  Little sense of touch,

  If no sight had I, life would be just fine.

                           Keith Garrett 



  On a dirty street, in a western town, back in time, 
  The gallows,

  He is the hangman, stands always still as the shadows 
  Drift with time.

  He is everywhere, face covered always in a mask 
  Of darkness,

  Not a ruler, but he holds the authority to life and death.

  A noose hovers, it sways with the wind, waiting for those
  Who sin,

  You  didn't just break the law, the ultimate crime lived 
  In your mind.

  A life you did take, murder will get you a date with 
  The hangman,

  Many years ago when life was hard on the trail, guns 
  An every day tool.

  When a man chooses the wrong road, decisions of criminal 
  Deeds will do him in,

  The hangman will watch as you climb the stairs, each step 
  You will sweat,

  A choice you have made, time to pay, the hangman does
  Have his day.
                                        Keith Garrett


               " TODAY, TOMORROW, AND FOREVER"

  Today It Is that I awake to a new life, a new morning, 
  This morning,

  Yesterday doesn't need me anymore, she holds' no 
  place in her heart.

  Dreams' die hard fore wishes are merely a fairytale, 

  Make believe,  Float do I on a cloud of hope and prayer, 
   Seeing my world, day to day.

  Does tomorrow wait for me, If so, look forward to my 
  visit I will,

 Not yet written, what words' does It have for me, does 
  It hold for me a story.

  Forever In this world I can not be, I will fade away, a
  Memory I must be,

 Today, tomorrow, and forever, there will always be, a 
  Forever awaits me.

                                                 Keith Garrett


                         THESE THINGS' I DREAM

  Within myself, thinking of  a place In another reality,

  What lies around me may be a different consciousness.

  This state of mind as I am not awake, floating, floating,

  I see a world like never have I Imagined before, I see.

  Visions' sent to my brain, pictures of stories past or future,

  These things' I dream, a mystery from an eternity.

                               Keith Garrett                


                              WIND IN THE FOREST

  Wandering, walking, leaving behind this world 
  For a while,

  Letting my footsteps' take me beyond what I know, 
  Letting go.

  Deep, deep Into a land of which perhaps there's 
  no return,

  Chances taken by a man with many fears, today I live.

  Trees so high that darkness fills the sky, can't see the 

  Where the moon rests, not visible to these searching 

  Sounds' of the forest are the only company to me,

  Speaking words to the trees, does anything listen.?

  I can feel and hear the wind In the forest,

 It speaks In sound, It Is with me, It finds me.

                               Keith Garrett