He gave up on himself as he did on others,

To try something of a challenge gave him much fear.

Instead of standing tall and helping a fellow human being

He gave up, it was too much trouble for him,

He did not understand the worth of either one.

He did not become strong by facing his fear,

Nor a good and decent man because he never cared about much.

There was good in him but he took not the time to work on

Or overcome difficult tasks,

The path he walked became quiet and lonely.

Because he was known as a quitter and never gave,

In return, not a soul cared to help him,

They also in return gave up on him.

He was quit on, as he was the quitter.

Keith Garrett





So cold it is on a Winter’s day,

The trees in the distance are empty with a touch of frost upon them.

Appears very quiet with not a soul to be found,

Nature by itself, nature not disturbed.

A fence runs across the snow covered land,

Followed by shadows that accompany its path.

Around the trees, through the hills, and everywhere,

As the sun goes down there are shadows, shadows in the snow.

Keith Garrett




Into the mist, through the trees, walking barefoot,

Leaves beneath my cold feet, leaves of brown and green.

The sun does not shine as the fog creeps across the land,

Making its way through these lonely woods deep in nowhere.

What is alive as the morning awakes to a quiet day, this day,

So old are these woods, what tales they may tell of yesterday.

Ghosts of the past, people whom once were, they who lived here,

Quietly lonely as I think and dream, just quietly lonely.

Keith Garrett



See into this picture, beyond right in front of you,

Snow falling lightly, the trees that once had leaves

Now dressed in white is a beautiful scene to be.

What was once grass of green is now a blanket of white,

Fences of wood stretched out in the distance are covered.

Icicles of many shapes and sizes hang from rooftops,

Feel the wind, hear it sing as it passes through the land.

The sky has many colors, so cold it appears sitting still,

There are no stars on this night, not a moon so bright.

A snow scene can be a most beautiful thing, see what might be.

Keith Garrett



A butterfly floats through the air,

Up the tree, a squirrel climbs high.

A far off plane, hear it far away,

The meow of a cat, water in a stream.

The whisper in the ear of a loving girl,

Ticking of a clock, time of the world.

A flag slowly blowing in the breeze,

Leaves falling from a tree, that’s what I mean.

Slowly a fire burns, crackling of the wood,

Quiet sounds of peace, these things that are good.

Keith Garrett




This tale is about a man, one I knew,

Traveled down a road now lost in the snow.

Dark nights and alone, cold, so very cold,

Stands on his feet but which way to go.

It’s hard to see if your eyes are closed,

Lost in the snow but there’s a place of help.

Don’t rely on whom is searching, maybe no one at all,

Be strong old pal, find your own way out.

Believe it or not, some have been seeking you out,

Worried about your safety, the message is there.

There’s much around to keep you alive,

Nothing comes easy, don’t give up my friend,

Fore you must try or you’ll surely die.

Lost in the snow is no way to end,

There’s a road that will take you again to a friend.

Keith Garrett




When we are young for granted we take running till day is done,

Strong legs and energy, so fortunate if you are without sickness.

Adjust do we our every day in different ways as we wear down, decay,

Push on through, never surrendering to age or time, we do let go.

Quality of life, that’s how we wish to live, pain free and happy,

We all live a different lifestyle, our individual way of living each day.

Quality of life, it can change in a flash, an accident, disaster, disease,

Life is a special gift, our quality of life means much to us, to live or exist.

How good is life when you feel sick or can’t enjoy your daily activities,

We all have or will one day acquire those things, ailments that will limit us.

Appreciate the health you have and run, play, see everything while you can.

Keith Garrett