I Imagined I was awake and this aging world had changed,

Asleep and dreaming was this man, listen to what is seen.

Just suppose all mankind was with peace, my mind sees,

No wars to conquer, not a child would have to die.

Anger and hatred put aside, not a bomb to drop on any side,

All home for Christmas, loved ones together everywhere.

No colors of difference, all are of human flesh and blood,

Violence and crime are a thing of the past, do you see.

As I sleep, watch me while I dream, Imagine,

Hand in hand across the land, give of yourself what you can.

Evil and corruption destroyed from above, dream with me,

Christmas dreams live inside many a heart, love conquers.

The world holds much beauty but covered with doubt and fear,

My dreams are told, did you listen with an ear, did you see,

Pray for mankind, share in my Christmas dreams.

Keith Garrett





He lived so very long ago,

His name ST. Nicholas, born in the snow.

To the children, he gave of himself you see,

A gift of love passed on to you and me.

The spirit of Christmas lives today,

At the holiday season, he comes to say.

A time for man to come together,

For one short time put away all bad weather.

The spirit of Christmas is here once more,

Open your heart, open your door.

Merry Christmas,
Keith Garrett



Spin the wheel, maybe a roll of the dice,

A bad hand at cards, so it’s said, you’ll lose your shirt.

Bet on a game, football, basketball, baseball, it’s all the same,

Your wallet is empty, credit cards are O.K.

Horses are great, this time you feel lucky inside,

At the finish line, a house could be on the line.

Deal in drugs, surely a gambler you’ll be,

If it’s not the law, a dead man you might be.

A car thief is a risk, money at your feet,

End up in prison, oh! what a life you lead.

Ask of a loan shark, a favor please,

Put up your life, no friend indeed.

A gambler, a gambler, in each one of us may be,

What risks do you take for all that you need?

Keith Garrett




A small town back in a time and place of snow,

More than one hundred and forty years ago,

Family and friends, close are they as it is a community of few.

There sits a small schoolhouse used as a church,

A mercantile, possibly a blacksmith, a feed store.

Hard times in 1877 Minnesota, working farms,

An era where people were much different than today.

Neighbors helping one another, precious were gifts of few,

A scarf, shirt, a pocket knife to be cherished in the day.

Christmas, 1877 when life was simple yet hard enough,

When there were no decorated lights in the streets.

Christmas trees cut down on a cold Christmas Eve,

Decorated in a special, simple way, a family supper.

Christmas morning, appreciation for the basic things,

Togetherness, some love, possibly health, and a meal,

Christmas, 1877, a different time and place, back in time.

Keith Garrett




” I have seen you for ages fly up in the Winter sky,”

” I stand here motionless”, “I want to fly some night.”

” You stand in the snow all over the world, snowman,”

“I would like to stand for just a while in a small town.”

“You are the Reindeer named Rudolph! this is true,”

“From a far off land, I have stood at the home of Santa too.”

” you are Frosty, dressed up for the season, I see where you stand,”

“Together we have been a part of Christmas for many lifetimes, my friend.”

Keith Garrett



I thought about things and decided that this was my time to go away,

There’s a place in the snow, a place from so long, yes so long ago.

In distance, I can make it there, this home from some time ago,

In time there’s no going back to my place in the snow, only in thoughts.

Winter each season approaches with the winds from the North,

Cold creeps into this small town here back in time, a quiet time.

Snow falling down from the Winter sky is a memory, for me lost in time,

Outside the streets covered in a white blanket, i go out to play.

Snowballs are made with hands of many, hands of children,

Thrown until our fingers are numb, a snowman stands and watches.

There’s a hill up the street above the houses, a hill from my past,

It rests suspended way back in the past, memories of a snow covered hill.

Shoveling in the cold, shoveling neighbors, men, boys, women Oh! so cold,

This is Christmas Eve as the sun goes down, you know this but it is snowing.

This night is magical fore I am but a small dreaming child, many years ago,

In a town known as Amesbury, Massachusetts is where my Christmas began.

Sleep now, time for this boy to go to sleep, I’ll awake to a memory of a day,

Don’t remember what happened through the night, morning is born,

This is Christmas morning, nineteen sixty six with my family.

There won’t be many more like it, life has many changes in store for me,

I am just a young boy and this is my Christmas story.

Keith Garrett




Passing by perhaps a friendly smile, a hello,

A Christmas tree of color, presents gather below.

Give a little of yourself, to a stranger, a helping hand,

A turkey dinner, a wreath on the door, a snowman stands.

Anger put aside, be thankful for your life, show some love,

A cold day, snow is falling down, a musical sound from above.

Have some patience, slow down, get rid of that frown,

Santa is on his way, Rudolph will guide him to your town.

Family and friends, be grateful for what you have, a roof over your head,

A miracle may happen, houses of lights, candles lit, off to bed

Things of Christmas, so much more to be said.

Keith Garrett