A MOMENT IN THE SUN

 Has it always been mine since the beginning 
 Of my time,

 I was born to run, I was born to chase the wind, 
 So I run.

 I've walked along the shore, my feet wet in the sand,

 Holding hands, by myself I stand alone, a man.

 There's been at times much fun, I am not done,

 Friends and loved ones vanished as the hourglass runs.

 When will it come I ask! this moment, my moment in
 The sun,

 It was yesterday, appeared again today, did I not see,

 Tomorrow will I wonder when it is to be as it lives 
 All around me.

 I had dreams of a girl once upon a time, she came to
 Visit me,

 She came to say hi, for just a moment in time, a moment 
 Gone by.

 I've had a moment in the sun, a moment to run, to chase 
 The wind,

 I've had a love who went away with the passing day, 
 She flies.

 My journey takes me to a place but who follows behind,

 On another day will catch me, slow down to that which 
 may be.
                                     Keith Garrett





























                 A PERFECT MOMENT

 When darkness falls and the night is quiet,

 Fighting is no more, words are of silence.

 Sitting on a bench, hand in hand,

 A drink for two on my private land.

 When the echoes of sirens are no longer close,

 The scream of the freeway is not near my home.

 When all is everything I want it to be,

 A fantasy is made in my own world to see.

 A perfect moment can only be what we make it to be,

 Things of change piece by piece, a perfect moment can 
 Be anything.

                     Keith Garrett


                 A PERFECT CRIME

 They think that they are of something unique,

 No one ever is watching, no one sees they think.

 They plot and they plan, not so logical, woman or man,

 Thoughts that roam their scary, sick minds,

 They act calm and kind as they plan ones demise.

 A perfect crime of many sorts fill the criminal minds,

 They seem not to worried about being caught at the time.

 Going on with their deeds believing they will always 
 Be free,

 When they plan a perfect crime, what is in their minds.

                       Keith Garrett


                     JERRY WEST

                     MR. CLUTCH

 Nineteen thirty eight, born to a family, this  
 West Virginia boy,

 Jerry West would one day be one of the greatest ever.

 His father was a coal mine worker, abuse and pain,

 A shotgun under his bed, in fear that he may be hurt 

 East bank  high school, West Virginia university, 
 Zeke from Cabin Creek,

 Nicknamed Mr. Clutch, famous buzzer beating, sixty 
 Foot shot,

 Game three of the nineteen seventy NBA finals against 
 The Knicks.

 Fourteen straight all star appearances for this great 
 Lakers star,

 The NBA logo, his silhouette, "Mr. outside" his great 
 Perimeter play.

 Purple gold uniform worn by a man, down the floor, 
 Game after game,

 A nineteen seventy two thirty three game win streak 
 And a ring,

 Many records set from college to the pros, a hall of  
 Fame player, Jerry West.
       Keith Garrett


               A MINUTE FROM HEAVEN

 I live a life that seems more than half way done,

 Started at a beginning, seen more than sun to sun.

 I've walked this land and had my share of pain,

 Friends whom have come and gone, love them just 
 The same.

 A family through struggles and laughter, 

 Children grow up so fast, will they only remember 
 My name?

 I had my share of good, other things I've paid 
 The price,

 All I ask of you dear lord is that you consider my fight.

 A minute from heaven is what we have each day,

 Step by step when the time has come, would you kindly 
 Show me the way?
                            Keith Garrett


              A MISSION FROM GOD

 Sent down from heaven, an angel in disguise,

 When once he was alive, a man with a name.

 A mission from God, an assignment of much worth,

 Too help the common man,  a chance for mankind.

 In some ways a lonely path, this spirit on a mission,

 A faith so real as he attempts to guide the mortal being.

 This angel that once walked an earthly path, walks again,

 Roam a land where possibly once taken for granted.

 A mission from God to help man better understand,

 Don't take for granted while you still have a chance.

                        Keith Garrett


                 A MYSTERY

 Something not discovered, a story that grows,

 That which can not be figured out, a mystery.

 Who did it, or how did it happen is a question,

 Responsibility for a disappearance or crime.

 Aliens are around us constantly, keep searching,

 A mystery it is about Jack the Ripper, who was Jack?

 Things exaggerated from the human mind, folklore,

 A mystery grows with time, a mystery created with time.

                  Keith Garrett



 He came from a long time ago,

 This man of such a character, his music is to know.

 From his days with the James Gang, as an an Eagle 
 He flies,

 The way that he dresses opens our eyes.

 A voice that's unique, that you know him as he speaks,

 He sings his songs, from his guitar his energy was created.

 If his name is not known to you, Joe Walsh will you not

 Such an artist with his tunes, most would like to have 

 Joe Walsh is the man, his guitar is his trademark.

                     Keith Garrett


               LONER OF A MAN

 He saw the sun but when the sun went down,

 He wanted nothing more of that which was around.

 Heading for the great Colorado Rocky mountains 
 Said he,

 I will not be back until I see a land of eternity.

 A long time ago, this man not many would know,

 As for the few, he treated them with kindness, 
 They would not forget.

 A loner of a man, no choice to love and care, an 
 Inherited family,

 Because he did help another kind, they took from him 
 The love in his life.

 He wanted to be alone and he learned to care, again 
 Only pain and despair,

 A mountain man you see, he had a life, until life met 
                       Keith Garrett



 Never an astronaut, dancing slowly upon the moon,

 Flying in a jet across the sky, no, not did I ever fly.

 A football star throwing the ball far, a dream that 
 Won't be,

 Under the lights, a victory on a Super bowl night.

 What is it like to be a movie star pretending to be 
 Many things,

 Known everywhere, this is not what I was born to be.

 An Olympic star, a racer of cars, I wanted to be but 
 That's not me,

 A great writer, a hero of sort would be something I 
 Might be.

 A rescuer of the down and out, a conqueror of 

 I may not be an Einstein of genius, I am good enough 
 For me,

 A list of things to be, how much can one man need?

                        Keith Garrett