REAL AND MAKE BELIEVE

 The sun rises when the night disappears,

 The moon has no cheese, the man does not appear.

 Love can be very real, pretending to love, a sad 

 Hate is real, thoughts of murder over it, a nightmarish 

 A walk along the beach, a reality to be seen, sky will 
 Not fall down,

 I have seen sadness fore it is not make believe, happy 
 May not be real.

 The world is full of beauty and in a state of scary  
 Affairs, It's seen as no fantasy,

 Cartoons are not so real just as heaven is real but a 
 Fantastic dream not yet seen.

 Real and make believe, what a child believes, an adults 
 Living reality of dreams or screams.

                                Keith Garrett


                  ROBE AND MASK OF BLACK

 He watches, at times you see him in a dream,

 Alone you are, in a dark house on a hilltop.

 Out there standing in the night, the wind howling,

 You peek out of your window, he knows you are there.

 Dressed in a robe and mask of black, waiting,

 You do not awake as your heart races.

 He does not move but he can feel you behind your 
 Closed Curtains,

 The fear in you is in his conscious mind.

 Everything to you is black, of darkness,

 As if there is no other person alive on this earth 
 Except for you and he.

 The terror is about to begin as you awake in the dark 

 Relieved that you are now awake, you get up wondering.

 There's a feeling that you must check, peek out of the 

 Out there, in the darkness, a robe and mask of black, 
 He watches.

                                 Keith Garrett 


                     THE BAD NURSE

 She used to be around many years before, who remembers?

 Cheryl remembers, don't you? she looks different now and 
 She's back.

 You may have been afraid of her as a child, she scared 
 You Didn't she,

 Did you lay in bed at night and wonder where she was, 
 Was She near?

 The bad nurse has changed, once upon a time she
 Pretended To smile,

 Acting as If she cared, today she is everywhere and ready 
 To scare.

 She'll make her way Into your neighborhood acting as  
 Though She's of good,

 Be ever so careful If she comes to your door, knock! 
 Knock! Hello once more.

 She does In home care but beware the longer she is there, 
 The bad nurse is here,

 Watching over the weak and sick is an every day joy  but 
 Not because of care.

 If she's alone with you when not another Is home then 
 Beware of what she dares,

 The bad nurse is never done with her type of fun, she'll 
 Leave you worse than before.

 You just may survive while she makes you nuts, down the 
 Road to torment more souls,

 The bad nurse is much, much worse than anything you have 
 Seen before.
                             Keith Garrett


                  THE FIRE HAS EYES

 It crawls across the land with an anger, a vengeance,

 It Is she whom consumes me, burns my soul.

 At times so hot that there's pain from a distance,

 My soul Is on fire with that which Is a woman.

 Such an anger Is possessed by an energy  brought to life,

 She can be warm and friendly or danger In the night.

 Destroy all that's In Its path, no conscience, no 

 The fire has eyes, It follows a chosen trail, It shows 
 What hurts.

 The glow of Its light Is an amazing and beautiful 

 Reaches to the sky, touches all that's within Its 

 The fire has eyes, searching for that which gives 
 It Life,

 She Is noticed from a heart that beats heated from 

                Keith Garrett


                    "THE BOO MAN"

 You were there, a dark, mysterious, figure of something,

 I woke one night and It was you I saw standing In the 

 No words from you but suddenly you were no longer there,

 Are you there watching as one sleeps? they dream, not 
 A dream.

 You haunt one, you haunt yet another, what do you seek, 
 Are you of evil?

 You seem to go from room to room, place to place,
 Not much of a face.

 What were you trying to say to me? I wonder If you take
 Many away,

 In the attic you do hide, forgot to close it all the way, 
 Up there in the dark of night.

 They know you stare In the dark, I think you roam with  
 Laughter When no one is home,

 I wonder If you are friend or foe, do you guard or wait 
 To torment an innocent soul?

 A young boy knows you are there, seen by more than just  
 One, You are named the boo man,

 You are quiet and not much fun, what is it you search for 
 From beyond the setting sun?

 It appears you have gone to another place, will you return 
 After putting fear upon another's face,

 Where are you boo man! do you watch me as always I wonder 
 Just where you might be?

                       Keith Garrett



 Arrived in town on a cool, crisp, Autumn day,

 A man dressed as a man should, yet not a man.

 Why was he here, no one would at this moment know 
 As he smiled,

 A face like all others, underneath something more.

 If he chose your door then his appearance would show 
 Much more,

 As a man dressed so well, this demon from some kind 
 Of hell.

 This time of year he feeds on the mortal being,

 He might take you away to his land of fear.

 Where did all the people go, now you know,

 One by one they disappeared, one way or another on 
 A cool,

 Crisp, Autumn day, they felt the fear.

               Keith Garrett 


                    WHAT HAPPENED TO 13

 It was there before me, I was a teen of the seventies,

 Nineteen seventy five, 13 and very much alive was I.

 The world was seen through my dreaming, green eyes,

 That was a long way from here in time, even if not in 

 I watched the sun go down on a world of friends, 

 13 was a time of many changes as well as discoveries for 

 What happened to 13? when my friends were you and now 

 As ours went away another did dream and turn themselves 

 13 was only but a stepping stone experienced and then  
 Left Behind,

 It was our only chance to grab 13, run and dream before 
 It Went away.
                  Keith Garrett



 They live beyond daylight, exist In the dark of night,

 Cold as they are dead but not dead, you are the prey.

 From Transylvania, the Baltic mountains, Carpathian 

 Legends of the vampire are stories told that are so 
 Very old.

 Are they real as most think not, open your mind before
 You Become something strange,

 A meal In the night, changed Into a monster which  
 Searches For Blood by moonlight.

 You will experience horrible fear and death beyond that 
 Which  Can be imagined,

 Hiding In a fortress, a massive castle that has stood  
 For hundreds of years.

 The castle was destroyed but the vampire has made a new  
 home In this world,

 Find you If In these mountains you wander, after dark  
 Alone Is Not a safe haven for you.

 Dressed as a count would be, blood Is that which a  
 Vampire Needs, Hunts just to be.

                       Keith Garrett



 He drove to the mountains, to Stoney woods,

 He wanted to run, to get away from his life,

 To a big house where he would not be bothered

 Or found by the outside world.

 Stormy weather was approaching as he headed up 
 The mountain,

 If he hurried then he could make it before it hit.

 Alone he would be as he pulled up to this big house

 That stood all alone among tall trees,

 He got his things and went inside where dusty furniture 
 Sat in the dark.

 It was cold but there was a big, old, fireplace.

 Harry gathered some wood and started a nice fire

 That kept this creepy place lit for the night,

 Harry didn't know it but someone or something was there, 

 Alone on the 31st of October, Halloween in Stoney Woods,

 It was late, the fire fading, sleep took him away.

 At mornings light, Harry was gone, where did he go?

 On October 31st every year the fire burns in a dark 
 Up on a mountain in Stoney Woods you can hear the echoing

 Voice of Harry Blake, never seen again.


                   WELCOME TO GRANDMAS

 High upon a hill sits this house of darkness,

 Hiding beyond hundred year old trees that sway in the 
 To stumble upon it is a deadly thing but to enter will 
 Be a house of hell,
 Out of gas in the dead of night, clouds cover the moon.

 A group of friends with no idea what awaits,

 This house can not be seen from below as nothing else 
 Is around.
 Their curiosity to walk up the path has no reason,

 Fear of being stranded or of what may lie ahead.

 Picture grandma dressed in clothes of comfort, an apron,

 Her hair up in a bun, baking cookies, pies, and other 
 There may be a warm hello at the door but grandma has a 
 Surprise for you,
 You're staying the night, one hell of a night! 

 The door opens and there's an excited greeting for these 
 Poor Stranded strangers,
 She welcomes them and Invites them to have dinner and  
 Stay The night.
 What a night it will be, the wind is howling as a storm 
 Settles over this town,
 After dinner grandma shows them to their rooms, there's
 A Warm fire glowing.
 As everyone gets ready for bed and a stormy night,

 An echo of a scream is heard through the darkened 
 Nothing to be found as all search around,

 A light from the kitchen for those to see. 

 There stands the sweet old lady preparing tomorrows 
 Through the rain driven night, behind the thunder that  
 Hides The hellish screams.
 It is she whom is called grandma who smiles with delight,

 No longer are they here at this old house, Grandma likes 
 To Feast on Halloween.
                              Keith Garrett