Love taken for granted, desire and temptation 
 So sinful,

 A smile, a glance from a stranger not yet known, 
 danger looms.

 One who has everything but yet nothing at all, cries

 Another who seeks' the attention, In return attention 

 Two smiles, two different hearts' wanting adventure 
 Without thought,

 A soul with nothing to lose but will lose, she who 
 Chances to throw it all away.

 Rendezvous, secretly meeting, passion destroys' many  
 Hearts In a circle,

 Pieces of a life scattered, only a misguided feeling    
 From being forever shattered.

 A body that sins' as another whom loves lets out tears' 
 Of forgiveness,

 Does also sin with the life taken from a man with  
 Nothing To lose but everything.


                                                                                                        Keith Garrett                                                       


                    RUNNING WITH THE WIND

 I thought there was loss, a feeling of death 
 Brought to me,

 Alive, alive, two separate paths' taken, gone and 
 We go on and on.

 A prisoner, never was I, free to run through the
 Fields of life,

 No chains' weighed down upon this mans' moving 
 Body and soul.

 The wind not seen has a strength and power fore 
 We know it is there,

 Seen am I as the dark clouds' of rain falling, I go 
 With the wind blowing.

 If no face had I, no body to see and judge, just a 
 voice of words,

 Would you think something of me, a material being 
 Valued more.

 Running with the wind gives me a friend which can 
 Not see to judge,

 For me, I do not possess an Image fore we are both  
 Blind, only running.

 Free to be, free to be me as live and breathe 
 This man does,

 Walk with another once again but for now I'm running 
 With the wind.

                 Keith Garrett


                    THIS NAMELESS FACE

                        OF BEAUTY

 She has a smile of soft Innocence, she reads, sits' 
 Does she,

 Hair so light that It hides In the shade, what do her 
 Eyes say?

 A voice I hear each morning as Its' sound Is of a 
 Beautiful song,

 This beauty goes by a name of mystery to a stranger, 
 A face she sees.

 Sometimes by herself, alone dreams' of wishes known 
 Only to her,

 Together with a friend, laughing about moments' In life, 

 This nameless face of beauty rests' In a chair but so 
 Much Living ahead,

 From the past there were faces, expressions' like the ones' 
 She possesses.

 I am a man of many thoughts', tell me your story and I 
 Will hear you.

                        Keith Garrett


                   QUIETLY LONELY

 Into the mist, through the trees, walking barefoot,

 Leaves beneath my cold feet, leaves of brown and green.

 The sun does not shine as the fog creeps across the

 Making Its' way through these lonely woods deep In 

 What Is alive as the morning awakes to a quiet day, 
 This day,

 So old are these woods, what tales they may tell of 

 Ghosts of the past, people who once were, they who 
 Lived here,

 Quietly lonely as I think and dream just quietly lonely.

                            Keith Garrett 


            " I OFFER NO SURRENDER"

 You sit there princess on the shore, watching,

 Passing by under a full moon, am I to far to touch.

 The sea Is calm, quietly my boat sails' on by,

 Distant are you, away from me you stay, I wait.

 Circle your world as my search does not end,

 I offer no surrender, I fight through the dark of 

 Here you sit, an Image of Inner beauty so fine,

 My eyes can only see what a heart lets' It see, beauty.

                        Keith Garrett 


                  BACK TO MORRO BAY

 I've been here once, to this place on the shore,

 Where life Is pleasant and a whole lot more.

 Where dreams are thought of while you lie In the sand,

 A clear blue sky above you as you gaze at this land.

 Out on the water as the waves roll on by,

 The sun shines down on me and seems to say hi! 

 I walk along the street and see all the faces,

 Of those who have come from all sorts of places.

 Through the air the wind blows a musical sound,

 From a band that Is playing to those all around.

 A scent In the air of the foods' you might taste,

 Is something quite special, you won't want to waste.

 Now that I've been here another time around,

 Getting harder to leave this place I have found.

 I say thanks to this town of sand and play,

 Again, and again I'll return back to Morro Bay.

                   Keith Garrett


                    MORRO BAY

 We went away, far away,
 To a town of sand and water to play.

 At times' the winds' were cold and fast,
 The weather changed, this did not last.

 Life Is slow and peaceful too,
 The people all friendly, something new.

 We played In the sand with no worries of things,'
 A mother, a daughter, my two sons, and the joy 
 That they bring,

 As they sat In the water, the boats we watched rest,
 We all stood together to watch the sunset.

 Walking the streets of this place never been,
 Wanting to live here to call It my friend.

 As It rose In the morning, the suns' rays of light,
 All day It would let us enjoy such a sight.

 We get ourselves lost In a place such as this,
 Oh! nothing could be sweeter, the rest of the world 
 I would not miss,

 If you ever get a chance to go to this place,
 A fresh air you will smell, different foods' 
 You will taste,

 When It came time to leave, feelings' bittersweet,
 To this world of yours,' again we will meet.

 I wanna go back, go back one day,
 To this place of peace known, Morro Bay.

                               Keith Garrett


                       "BOOK OF FAITH"

 I'd like to read to you a story, sit back and listen 
 Dear friend,
 This Is about a man who has lost and found things of 
 He Is not a wise man although at times he knows of 
 He Is not an angry man but anger lives within his spirit.

 This man walks a road of at times fear and confidence
 Happiness Is that which he so much wants to hold onto but 
 Are those moments when to be happy can be a struggle, a 
 He Is a man of Inner strength, he possesses no surrender,

 Will not give up,

 There are those times when weakness attacks and the 
 Battle Rages.
 He holds In him close to his heart, faith that all will  
 Be As it should,
 That things will turn out, God willing the way he 
 This man has much love In him as he did and still loves   
 But Will again, love,

 To live on his own, to live his life and again share his 
 Time with another,

 This Is my story, this Is my book of faith told only to  
 You Dear friend.

 Keep It with you always, may the Lord bless and watch
 Over you,
 As your road Is traveled each and every day Into the 
 Rest Of your life.
              Love always,      Keith Garrett


                  A PERFECT MOMENT

 When darkness falls and the night is quiet,

 Fighting is no more, words are of silence.

 Sitting on a bench, hand in hand,

 A drink for two on my private land.

 When echoes of sirens are no longer close,

 screams of the freeway are not near my home.

 When all is everything I want it to be,

 A fantasy is made in my own world to see.

 A perfect moment can only be what we make it to be,

 Things of change piece by piece, a perfect moment 
 Can be anything.

                          Keith Garrett


                    A MOMENT IN THE SUN

 Has it always been mine since the beginning of 
 My time,

 I was born to run, I was born to chase the wind, 
 So I run.

 I've walked along the shore, my feet wet in the sand,

 Holding hands, by myself I stand alone, a man.

 There's been at times much fun, I am not done,

 Friends and loved ones vanished as the hourglass runs.

 When will it come I ask! this moment, my moment in 
 The sun,

 It was yesterday, appeared again today, did I not see,

 Tomorrow will I wonder when it is to be as it lives all 
 Around me.

 I had dreams of a girl once upon a time, she came to
 visit me,

 She came to say hi, for just a moment in time, a moment 
 Gone by.

 I've had a moment in the sun, a moment to run, to chase 
 The wind,

 I've had a love who went away with the passing day, 
 She flies.

 My journey takes me to a place, but who follows behind,

 On another day will catch me, slow down to that which
 May be.
                                     Keith Garrett