WHERE DID YOU GO


 I saw you In the morning, slept with me, 
 You did last night,

 A tear In your eye but yet you did not cry, 
 A time for goodbye.

 The sun was shining bright, I saw you last night 
 Beneath a full moons' light,

 The bed has cobwebs, only a trace of where once 
 A smile rested beside me.

 Love was as I once loved, forever was today and 
 Tomorrow never knew,

 Where did you go Mathilda, where are you now, 
 Why did you forget?

 A cool breeze visits' an open window, the stars'  
 Hide within the searching clouds',

 I saw you last night as I drifted beyond a dream, 
 When I awoke there was only me.

 Where did you go Mathilda, why did you go away, 
 Where did you go my Mathilda,

 Why was It you could not stay?

              Keith Garrett


              WESTERN WORLD

 The old west, a place where a cowboy could 
 Roam the land,

 Drifters could be seen riding in from the horizon, 
 Long ago.

 Wagon trains with families seeking that new world 
 Of hope and prosperity,

 Bandits and outlaws robbing banks, criminals of the 
 Day hanging from trees.

 A western town where a sheriff walked the street 
 Trying To keep some peace,

 Gamblers could be heard drinking and howling from a 
 Saloon long ago.

 Dance hall girls dressed for the time, somewhere back 
 In a western time,

 The eighteen hundreds, where pioneers carved a trail 
 Through the years.

 Western world, where families worked the land, the future 
 Was a mystery to be Seen.
                 Keith Garrett



 Through a twister, she journeys' across the sky,

 From her home In Kansas, she and her dog said 

 To fantasy from reality, In a place she fell,

 Of tiny people, In this land where they dwelled.

 If home Is where she wanted then a walk she would 

 Down a long road of yellow brick, to a city, she 
 Would make.

 Along the way three friends' she would meet,

 Searching for something, each one was unique.

 Till the end, they would fight a wicked soul,

 Conquer and receive what It was they were told.

 Click your heels' together, one, two, three,

 There's no place like home, back there she would be.

                                                              Keith Garrett 



 From Mississippi, born quite some time ago,

 The name of Elvis would be forever known.

 Gospel music he could sing very well,

 Growing up In a town where the poor would dwell.

 He loved his mother, to her a song he would sing,

 Noticed by a man named Sam, to a boy, fame this 
 Would bring.

 Moving on to Memphis, a place In tennessee,

 A mansion known as Graceland, now the home for he.

 Always near by, on him an eye they keep,

 Called the Memphis Maphia Is whom they would be.

 A show he puts' on In such places well known,

All over the world his legend has grown.

 When his time came, the Lord made his visit,

 Away Elvis went with him, to the music we still listen.

                    Keith Garrett                    


        A BIG HEART

 He was a small man but only in height,

 He would lose his wife as a child was born.

 Lou was his name, a man so kind,

 Trying to survive, taking care of his daughter.

 A job was needed, treated like some kind of freak,

 Turned away, desperate, he would steal for a meal.

 This is not who he was, why are people so ignorant 
 And mean,

 Confined to jail by one whom did not care, a much 
 Needed favor.

 A daughter in danger, this little man with a big heart 
 Was needed,

 Risk his life he would, even for those whom did look 
 Down upon.

 A big heart in a man who did appear to stand taller 
 than all.

               Keith Garrett


           A BASEBALL DREAM    

 On a farm he grew up, the early days of the game,   

 A bat of his own was made from a tree that stood alone.    

 He had a name for his bat, a certain magic it contained,

 Circumstances would get in the way, a dream put aside.

 Disappeared without a trace until he arrived on a day,

 His special bat carried in hand, this was to be his last 

 For only a moment he would stand beneath the lights,

 A baseball dream before he faded into the night.

              Keith Garrett



 Hatred, sickness, plots against our homeland, 
 They're coming,

 They're here in this land, they don't hide as 
 Their faces are seen.

 Work with you they do, maybe a smile as they 
 Pass you by,

 As good people they come in from all sides, they 
 Don't have to sneak.

 They step from planes with passports and go about 
 Their day,

 Cruise do these monsters with no morals, on ships, 
 Welcome to our home.

 We have darkness from sea to shining sea, borders 
 Are without safety,

 They come from there just as they are over there 
 From here, grow with fear.

 A flag they plan to replace, with a flag that waves 
 For over two hundred years,

Their message is clear, they say it with the murders  
 Of our people, we don't care.

As they become stronger with power and weapons we sit and wonder,

But It’s real,

What's really going on, can we trust anybody anywhere, 
We hope, don't think so.
Darkness in America is growing fast, you can see it as 

the sun shines bright,

Pray that a day does not come when our children need to carry a gun

In their hand.     Keith Garrett



 Forever lost in thought, imagination running wild,

 Always wondering about things that can be, things 
 To see.

 Possibilities are endless in a mind that dreams,                   

 Reality is a constant but a daydreamer can escape

 And see what he wants to be.

 At times a story of fantasy is his dream,

 Knows when to open his eyes.

 Sees what's in front of him,

 Never loses sight of that which can really be.

 A daydreamer takes a break to catch his breath,

 To imagine and understand what is and what is not.

 There is faith and hope in his eyes,

 Nothing so wrong as to dream, to keep one's self alive.

               Keith Garrett


                 DAWN TO DUSK

 I say good night to you, my love and then 
 I dream of you,

 Until another day arrives and life begins anew.

 I say good morning in the dawn and greet you with 
 A smile,
 Too thank you for the many ways you make the world 

 Your ever soft and soothing words that calm my wildest 

 Your fond, forgiving nature when I bring you only tears.

 The happy songs you sing to me with courage in your 

 And your endearing letters when we have to be apart.

 You are my hope and vision and my faithful, guiding light,

 In every bright good morning, love, and every sweet good 

              Leon Russell Garrett

                                                 MY FATHER


              " DARKNESS"

 Beauty exists within it, things we can'not see,

 It brings to me peace and solitude, I feel at ease.

 The less I see brings me a calmness not felt by day,

 Darkness can be such a scary place or peaceful.

 There are those whom must live with darkness,

 Some are however in a darkened place.

 Darkness is a friend to others and foe to another,

 Darkness holds something for each in this world.

                 Keith Garrett