CANDLE IN THE GLASS

   Within a dome, it stands surrounded by glass,

   Held up by an iron structure it is a beautiful sight.

   Red this candle, glows bright in the darkness of the 

  For this holiday season a representation of the light, a 

   Candle in the glass, lit each night brings a peaceful 

   Burning bright, it gives light until a good night, 
   Tomorrow  A  Sight.

                                                       Keith Garrett


                        EVERYBODY HURTS SOMETIMES

  Everybody hurts, everybody cries sometimes, 

  Everybody wants to be needed,  can you even

  I am crying from within my soul, take a look within my 

  I want you to hear my words, does anybody care what  
  Happens To Me now?

  Everybody loves at one time, tears, as if one day it  
   Drifts Away, Do you cry?

  Is it possible to love just one more time, time slips   
  Away Into An Olden age.

  Everybody hurts sometimes, are we gathered here for 
   One Last  Time?

  Does it hurt when life is so unkind, there are ghosts   
  That Linger Within My mind?

  Everybody hurts, are we all alone within our thoughts 
   WhenvThe Lights Go out?

  Shed a tear for the world tonight, everybody hurts, is  
  Everything Alright Tonight?

                                             Keith Garrett



  There are those with looks of a fear unexplained,

  Scared of something,the world does not understand.

  Laughing in the park, a man, and woman,

  Happy are their faces as seen from the street.

  Crying all alone under a tree, tears of life,

  Sadness spills out of a heart so broken.

   Anger sits in the soul of a human being with hurt,

   Upset at the loss of loves rejection.

   Many faces of this life worn, expressions learned,

   Expressions so true, those of me, those of you.

                                        Keith Garrett



 A hero just as anyone, he refused to carry a gun,

 They called of him a coward, a warrior, he stood tall.

 Of his country he did believe, they did not care about 
 His beliefs,

 Daws the coward was his name, world war two, death is 

 Hero without a gun, a man who did as much as anyone,

 He was strong as they thought he did not belong, without 
 A gun.

 He stayed behind, physically and mentally a man who gave 
 It his all,

 Afraid just as any man, never a coward, strong as anyone 
 Fore he had no gun.

 He walked, he ran through the war without a weapon to 
 Call his own,

 A hero for sure, coward, a word never breathed in a 
 Lifetime no more.

                     Keith Garrett


               A MOMENT IN TIME

 A speck of dust, just a trickle of water,

 Soon would blow with the wind and dry into nothing.

 Our time is now for we are a whisper wanting to 
 Be heard,

 A short period for laughter, remembered for what 
 We leave.

 For so long has time existed, the world, the universe 
 So large,

 We are but a fragment, a particle of all that was 

 A moment in time was this gift we were given from 
 God above,

 A moment to see and love all there is to understand  
 From this.

 Where we go from here we shall not know, but hold 
 No fear,

 Like many fallen leaves from a tree, we are one, we 
              Keith Garrett


             UNDER A TREE, SHE CRIES

 A sunny day, a shaded tree, she rests,

 See her do I as passing by, she cries.

 Why do you have tears, what makes you cry,?

 Such a beautiful day, do things not go your way?

 Why do I cry asks the man walking by, why?

 A friend has just died, she wanders now in the sky.

 Sick was she as on this day god has taken her away,

 Forever missed will be a friend of mine, not fair I say.

 Hear what I say as under a tree you cry,

 Her pain and suffering are no more, listen too just why.

 She lies on the earth as her spirit so happy, says 

 Laughing with Angels, walking forever with the lord up 
 So high,

 Under a tree she cries, I walked her way at a most 
 Perfect time.
                   Keith Garrett



 These things I might find strolling along a 
 Country road,

 From my mind I can create a day or reality along 
 My way.

 I see the sun rising in the early morning sky, my 
 Day begins,

 Dream do I of a perfect setting, fields and hills 
 Of beautiful color.

 Nothing can go wrong, not in this made up scene 
 That I want to be,

 Swim do I in a pond that appears along a country road, 
 Quiet and alone.

 There is a wind blowing through the trees, across the 
 Field I feel,

 Hay stacks scattered in a country dream, a farm where 
 I wish to be.

 Along a country road all possibilities unfold, from  
 A dream, all that can be seen.                   

                            Keith Garrett


                 BILLY THE KID

 A story to tell as on the eve of the civil war it 
 Would come to be a birth,
 An Irish neighborhood in New York city, November 
 Twenty third, eighteen fifty nine.

 William Henry McCarty JR. later known as the infamous 
 Outlaw, Billy the kid,
 A mother known as Katherine, a father unknown, a little 
 boy would never know.
 William H. Bonney would one day join the Lincoln County   
 War, life would become short.

 Legend tells that he killed twenty one men, later a 
 Folk hero is told,
 Five foot nine he stood, blue eyes, smooth complexion, 
 Sometimes a friendly sort.                      

 Some say he was a neat dresser, liked to sport his 
 Mexican sombrero,
 Billy was skilled with firearms, a cowboy, gambler,  
 Cattle rustler, he was an outlaw.

 Sheriff Pat Garrett would come to hunt him down, Billy   
 Was only a kid, what waited for him.

 He was cornered, shot and killed by a man, a lawman,  
 July Fourteenth, eighteen eighty one.

 He was only twenty one when his life ended, a young man  
 Dies back in a time at Fort Sumner

 New, Mexico, Pat shot him down, He was an outlaw but 
 He was once a mother's son,
 Rest in peace Billy the kid.

                       Keith Garrett


                  KEEPER OF THE LIGHT

 Up in the air he spreads his wings,

 He stretches to the heavens and sees many things.

 This God of the sun, KEEPER OF THE LIGHT,

 Soars in the sky on an eternal flight.

 So peaceful is he, away up so high,

 Forever and ever this spirit will fly.

 Keeper of the light, what do you see?

 Beyond the sun, a mystery to me.

 Through the wind, you travel round, and round,

 Watching over this star, from you there's no sound.

 I can only imagine you're a spectacular sight,

 Fly way up high, keeper of the light.

                Keith Garrett


                       A HERO

 A hero is one who stands and fights,

 Gives that which he has to the one that may die.

 For that which he believes, he'll surrender his life,

 Take a bullet, jump in front of a car, and not hide.

 He'll do what it takes for family or friends,

 Walk into a fire, give a lung or a limb.

 He'll give of himself although stricken with fear,

 Man or woman, heroes can be anywhere or any one.

 A hero is one who will lay down his gun,

 Be there when crisis is upon us.

 A hero is made up of those who stand together,

 Whatever the battle, no matter the weather.

                  Keith Garrett