Each night as the sun goes down, darkness visits a sleepy town,

A usual stroll through the streets brings peace before dreams.

What’s noticed from a man’s eyes within the blackness is a window,

A dark building shows off the faint light that glows from behind a shade.

As I pass by every night along my route of walking I wonder about the light,

Who might be there beyond the walls surrounding this one and only window?

Always seems so quiet, could there be laughter or singing on the other side,

Someone quietly reading a book, dreaming of what’s out there in the world,

Beyond their window, do they wonder of things that are a mystery to them?

Is there a possible sadness that wanders around inside, who might hide,

A name must be attached to a soul with a life, only a light in the window is seen.

Keith Garrett



Keith Garrett

Look to the sky, watch as the smoke rises high above,

Beauty disappears as the heat consumes what was green.

Ignorance or wind destroys god’s masterpiece created,

A fool is the man who can’t see the gift put in front of him.

See the hills of fire, watch as the animals run, see their fear,

See all that can be seen through eyes of pain, of sorrow.

Hills of fire burn no more, fire of death be rained down upon,

Let life reappear, let the colors so bright be a sight.

Hills of fire and death, open your eyes, do you see,

Hills of pain, hills of sorrow, open your eyes, do you see.

Hills of beauty and laughter, open your eyes, do you see,

Hills of breath, hills of darkness, open your eyes, do you see.

Hills of danger and mistrust, open your eyes, do you see,

The glow in the sky, a scar for all to see.

Hills of eternity and life, open your eyes, do you see,

Hills of slumber, hills of strength, open your eyes, do you.

Take these hills of fire away, never again, there’s a price you pay.



The promise was made and maybe my lucky day,

Trek to the Jersey shore, myself and a leap of faith.

Waitin’ on a sunny day, none but the brave,

A travel to see the man, Bruce Springsteen, a rendezvous.

What love can do, the love of music and the price you pay,

I met up with a friend, now two faces and two hearts.

When you’re alone it’s no good, like the nothing man,

As we went further on up the road we watched the rising sun.

I put away this little light of mine, there were men working on the highway,

We said to ourselves we shall overcome, we’ll be tougher than the rest.

We passed through Youngstown, walked down Thunder Road,

We got trapped so we had to turn around.

Getting later as we could see a darkness on the edge of town,

The river was near so we camped there.

There were girls in their Summer clothes,

Suddenly we heard a thunder crack.

We talked about family and the ties that bind,

We watched the wrestler on a little T.V.

She told me my love will not let you down,

In the morning we traveled far, we saw a wreck on the highway.

We took a ride from someone in a stolen car, we didn’t know,

We made it from California to the Jersey shore.

A dream come true as the man they call the boss

We did see and like working on a dream we did meet.

Keith Garrett




No car do I own, socks’ full of holes, day by day an hourly wage,

I lie there In bed worrying about tomorrow, a bed of my own.

No credit cards’ or a bank account, my only money In an aging wallet,

A table of food always, dinner as a poor boy will gladly serve.

Clothes on my back, shoes that take me to where I survive,

Blesses of many In a world of sorrow and strife.

I’m just a poor boy with a smile and a tear, a wish and a fear,

What I lack In gold Is made up of treasure discovered every day.

I’ll take a trip somewhere from my mind, to a place of fantasy,

A rich man can’t find, where a poor boy can’t buy.

I’m just a poor boy with so much to give, I give to you,

I’m just a poor boy, what’s a poor boy to do.

Keith Garrett



You would not know me, my face, my name a mystery,

The voice that becomes a stranger to you, would not be known.

Pass me by without a thought, no emotion or care, a stare,

There would for you be no memory of me, no late night dream.

If I wasn’t me, would you wish to see, hear, or smile at me,

Would you be in want of a kiss without pain, a touch with no scare?

Would a second thought be a possibility if I was a different me,

If I wasn’t me, would you not forget me, would I still be a something.?

Keith Garrett




Run and run until the day was done, fun in the sun,

Not a care, chasing butterflies within the wind.

A book that’s numbered beginning with one until it’s done,

I played in the sun, playing and laughing with children no more.

A child with an adult that would one day find a way out,

Child within, the older we get always seeking a part we once were.

Our faces do change, lines appear in the light, older by night,

Hair turns color as the seasons turn into years, eyes show more.

One less fear, a new one is here, another tear, dried with the years,

I see where I’ve been, we all walk our ongoing road, we have a child within.

Keith Garrett



Has stood tall for centuries, some never see,

Winter is a most beautiful time and scene.

The winds blow around and through each tree,

Snow collects upon the branches, a picture does change.

Icicles form, hang on the aging stone, creeks are so cold,

Deer are quiet but yet they are seen, life is more than dreamed.

There is a mist in the air, fog wanders in different directions,

History lives within a mountain, Winters of struggle and cold,

Storms that carry blizzards from times of long ago.

Keith Garrett