LONER OF A MAN

 He saw the sun but when the sun went down,

 He wanted nothing more of that which was around.

 Heading for the great Colorado Rocky mountains 
 Said he,

 I will not be back until I see a land of eternity.

 A long time ago, this man not many would know,

 As for the few, he treated them with kindness, 
 They would not forget.

 A loner of a man, no choice to love and care, an 
 Inherited family,

 Because he did help another kind, they took from him 
 The love in his life.

 He wanted to be alone and he learned to care, again 
 Only pain and despair,

 A mountain man you see, he had a life, until life met 
                         Keith Garrett


                  ANOTHER TIME AND PLACE

 I write to you from yesterday, a very long time 
 Ago for you,

 Long before you were born in a town of people and 

 My family and I were up before the break of dawn, 

 Children of a simple time but at times not so simple 
 You see.

 Horses were a common thing just as your car is in 
 Your time,

 Things of your day not dreamed up as of yet, life was  
 Hard, Also fun.

 Here in yesterday there is sickness that kills many as 
 there is no medicine,

 As I sit here on my farm watching my wife and kids play, 
 I write this to you.

 When you receive my letter it will be that I and those I 
 Love will be gone now,

 You will have all the things that we here have never  
 Seen, Good and bad.

 There are beautiful things and land that will disappear 
 With time, I can see them,

 I live here in another time and place just as you do, 
 I hope this letter gets to you.
                                       Keith Garrett


              ALONG A COUNTRY ROAD

 These things I might find strolling along a 
 Country road,

 From my mind I can create a day or reality along 
 My way.

 I see the sun rising in the early morning sky, my 
 Day begins,

 Dream do I of a perfect setting, fields and hills of 
 Beautiful color.

 Nothing can go wrong, not in this made up scene that 
 I want to be,

 Swim do I in a pond that appears along a country road, 
 Quiet and alone.

 There is a wind blowing through the trees, across the 
 Field I feel,

 Hay stacks scattered in a country dream, a farm where 
 I wish to be,

 Along a country road all possibilities unfold, from a  
 Dream, All that can be seen.
                                         Keith Garrett


                A SEARCH FOR ANSWERS

 Since the beginning of time much curiosity of what's
 Before us,

 Thoughts and questions had man on journeys of discovery.

 About the oceans, such mysteries far down below, always 

 Voyages to find out why and what this all means, 
 Never ending search.

 The mountains, the sky that circles our huge planet 
 That is so small,

 Why in the span of time we get only a moment to 
 Understand our existence.

 A search for answers has been a quest of man since 
 The first breath given,

 Never will it cease to be a search for answers to 
 These questions we seek.

                        Keith Garrett


                      "THE RIDER"

 He'll ride In the morning, through the day 
 Travels the road,

 High upon the hills, a shadow beneath the clouds, 
 He rides.

 Into the wind, the rain blowing against his face, 
 He rides,

 The snow falls as through the mountain passes he 
 Is moving.

 A man with no name, throughout the land maybe a glimpse,

 He's known only as the rider, carrying whatever for hire.

 This horse he rides with colors of solid black and 
 White spots,

 A demon creature, wicked with speed like the wind.

 Brown and black hat worn on his head gives a mysterious 

 A coat so long for cover and warmth shields him from 
 Weather, The rider.

 Boots on his feet of dark, broken In pattern can be 
 Noticed In the stirrups,

 This man of the land rides and rides just he and his 
 Faithful companion.

 Like a ghost so quiet he roams the wild wilderness 
 of life,

 He's known as the rider, Into the night he rides.

                                 Keith Garrett



 Waves crashing against the rocks, moving 
 Upon the sand,

 Beyond the horizon the sun going down, the sky 
 Is a scene.

 Water of such a brilliant blue, foamy white leading 
 The way,

 Visions' of colors', visions' of memories come to life.

 Through the eyes are seen lively dreams', what Is made,

 The world Is a wonderful, colorful, memory some day.

                       Keith Garrett           


                WHAT CAN A BLIND MAN SEE

 From the sound of anger, a pictured face from a mind,

 A clap of thunder, faces of darkness, a storm on the

 The touch of a woman, from her fingertips to his face,

 Love can be seen from a man with a heart of dreams'.

 A place with no light, what might a man see with no 

 Only that which he feels', always that which Is real.

 What can a blind man see, he sees what Is missing,

 Blinded from the eyes of of the ones' who miss what 
 They see.

                         Keith Garrett                                                                      


               A SUMMER NIGHT

 When the sun goes down and the heat of day fades,

 A quiet visits the night, crickets are alive yet 
 Not in sight.

 Darkness has a certain feel to it, peaceful is my thought,

 While many living things drift off to sleep day begins 

 Stars so bright hanging in stillness beyond what is sky,

 The moon shows its light,  high above it watches always,

 A Summer night has its own beauty till mornings light.

                     Keith Garrett


                 WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE

 Men are In charge of our world, Ignorance in suits,

 Like children they bicker, should be sent to their rooms,

 Bigger than a child who forgets to get a chore done.

 Could a child do a better job, evil they would not 

 Those who control power are playing with our lives.

 When worlds collide we fight over territory, who with 
 Bigger muscles,

 This be a dangerous situation as strength is a bad 

 God made this world, when did we decide that we were more 

 With our childish minds we will destroy what has been 
 Created without care.

 Men stand with differences, agendas more important than 
 The end of the world,

 What we want more than money or fame, we want it all, 
 Destruction is coming to us all.

                                  Keith Garrett


                 FROM YESTERDAY

 Your voice was heard from yesterday,

 Echoing my friend, memories of a time and play.

 Where did you go, lost from my life,

 After thirty years, I heard you one night.

 We walked the streets side by side, you and I,

 Boys of mischief with dreams in our eyes.

 From me to you, a best friend listened to again,

 Once upon a Summer, barefoot in the wind.

 From yesterday I could hear the voice of a friend,

 Many miles into life, I hear once again.

 We can't get back those days gone by,

 The gift of a chance for a friend and I.

 Remember two boys from a long time ago,

 They walked the streets, today they still dream.

                        Keith Garrett