7 MINUTES

  We all have 7 minutes before something we must do,

  The same time before work is done and time to go home.

  7 minutes waiting or 7 minutes up, what be the 

 7 minutes in the shower, 7 minutes on the phone,

 7 minutes before dinner, another 7 minutes all alone.

 Time is of the essence, time never stands very still,

 7 minutes late just may save your life, right on time, 

  In only 7 minutes, from good to bad, your world has 

  Snooze for an extra 7 minutes, it may do you a world of 

  7 minutes a long time to suffer, 7 minutes to love and 
                                   Keith Garrett



  I was a child in 1969, I had not a clue of the world,

  I knew of certain things, those of which I lived through.

  Riding my bike and a deadly Halloween night, that's right,

  I remember all that I did as a kid, a lifetime ago and a 

  Vietnam was a reality and I was protected by my childish

  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, Clint Eastwood was 
  The man.

  Raindrops keep falling on my head, Simon and Garfunkel 
  Wewr grand,

  Scooby Doo and all of the colorful cartoons that I knew, I 
  Think of you.

  Baseball with the miracle mets, Bill Russell, and the 
  Champion  Celtics,

  Joe Namath with his Guarantee, the Jets beat the Colts,
  Charles Manson, and history.

  The Innocence of the Brady Bunch, walk on the moon, 
  Led Zeppelin, and a tune,

 1969 was the year when love and innocence were mixed 
 With  My day.

                                         Keith Garrett



  Darkness disappears' as day comes to life,

  Footsteps of mine traveling the morning light.

  The fog begins' to lift showing the beauty of God,

  I walk this way with hope by my side.

  Quiet as It's early, fore sleep still lingers,'

  On the move are these legs, tired, forever tired.

  Rays of light shine through the distant clouds,

  Sunrise has a story for a man roaming alone.

  Everything has changed as the days' seem the same,

  A song, he sings' a song In my ear always heard.

  My favorite music from the man from Jersey,

   Sunrise, sweet sunrise, each day my journey.

                              Keith Garrett  


                                IN SEARCH OF

  In flight, searching for hope of a better today,

  Into the sun, across the wide open ocean below.

  The sky has many colors' today, look to the sky,

  Seagull soaring up so high, through the earths' window.

  Freedom to wander, to fly, why can't I fly up so high,

  Everything Is seeking In search of answers' of their own.

  As a bird In flight, a man walks' the road, 

  In search of his own Independence of where he belongs'.

                 "Keep searching"            Keith Garrett                           


                            HEROES' IN THE MIDDLE

  Clouded by the glory, of those all around,

  These fearless giants,' will hold their ground.

  They keep back the enemy, from getting through,

  For their standing general, this job they'll do.

  Face to face, they push and shove,

  To come out on top, to rise above.

  Exhausted and dirty, the pain shows' through 
  Blood red,

  From head to toe, hurt and cut, between them so 
  Much said.

 Heroes' In the middle, through the snow and rain,

 Nothing could be won, without sacrifice and strain.

  To these men who give their all,

  Show them respect, honor them with the game ball.

                                Keith Garrett


                                      A MAN WITH AN AX

  Wood needs to be chopped, it sits waiting, many 
  Types and sizes,

  Fall is in the air, chillier the air turns, work must
  Be done.

  A job it is, to chop enough wood, to warm a home 
  For the Winter,

  Must be done, perhaps no fun as it is an 
  Accomplishment to be proud.

  Stack it in a pile, carry it piece by piece, chopped and 
  Split wood for a fire,

  A smell, can you take it in, smell the aroma as it's cut, 
  Stronger it grows.

  A man with an ax gets this job done, he sweats from
   Morning, Till the setting sun,

  Swinging an ax, working as the cold moves closer,

  The wood pile will rise higher.

  A man with an ax is strong and determined,

  He will succeed because he knows of its need,

  When it's done, a Winter of warmth,

  When the setting sun, he knows the job is done. 

                              Keith Garrett


                             THESE THINGS' I DREAM

  Within myself, thinking of  a place In another reality,

  What lies around me may be a different consciousness.

  This state of mind as I am not awake, floating, floating,

  I see a world like never have I Imagined before, I see.

  Visions' sent to my brain, pictures of stories past or 

  These things' I dream, a mystery from an eternity.

                                      Keith Garrett                


                              THEY ARE THE EAGLES'

  As they step on to the stage, these professional four,

  Play as they do, like never I've seen before.

  The lights' shine with colors,' around as they play,

  Their music so brilliant, out come the words'.

  Emotion and energy from the Instruments' they play,

  Songs' from these men touch the heart to this day.

  Don Henley by name, sings' from his soul,

  Back from the seventies, he never gets old.

  Glen Frey started It a long time ago,

  This band Is his, they go where he goes.

  Joe Walsh had his band before he became an Eagle,

  With his guitar and voice, he adds to this legend.

  Timothy B. Schmit the voice of quiet song,

  Along with a guitar makes this foursome completely 

                                     Keith Garrett


                                THERE'S A PLACE

  Follow the road underneath a falling snow,

  Beyond the trees, the hills, there's a place I know.

  Peaceful to the ear, musical sounds of Winter,

 Trickles of water dripping down, Ice covered lake.

 The sky is full of snowflakes, soon touching the ground,

  Nature all around, it makes its own sound.

  Trees covered in white, there are no stars this night,

  The only thing of light is a fire made among the frigid

  There's a place to hold in my thoughts, my place,

  It's far from here, so if you follow the road under a 
  Falling Snow,

  Then maybe you can call it your own.

                         Keith Garrett


                        THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD

  Through a twister, she journeys' across the sky,

  From her home In Kansas, she and her dog said 

  To fantasy from reality In a place she fell,

  Of tiny people, In this land where they dwelled.

  If home Is where she wanted then a walk she would 

  Down a long road of yellow brick, to a city, she 
  Would make.

  Along the way three friends' she would meet,

  Searching for something, each one was unique.

  Till the end, they would fight a wicked soul,

  Conquer and receive what It was they were told.

  Click your heels' together, one, two, three,

  There's no place like home, back there she would be.

                                       Keith Garrett