Around us, we hear those who speak,
          Words and phrases to others' who will hear.

         So many different tones from mouths each day,
             Softly spoken or In a deep mean way.

               Talking a lot Is a way for some,
             Fast and unclear Is another way too.

           We hear many voices as we spend our day,
     Talking about their lives and crying about their pain.

                Voices are heard singing songs,
      Which makes us happy and brings our emotions outside.

        On the phone, there are voices, to us spoken words,
         We can't even see them but still they are heard.

              Without voices, we will not be heard,
           If we are not heard, then there Is silence.

                                                                        Keith Garrett  


                       "POETRY IN MOTION"

       Always walking, consistently moving along or active,

     Constantly thinking, analyzing things' and people around.

    It's motion that keeps my body and mind alive and running,

        It can only stop If I stop, I'm a man In motion.

 Writing about the world and those In my mind, my wondering mind,

 Has given me sight, the ability to visualize and better understand.

  Words' have no meaning without the mind to Interpret definition,

       Poetry Is song and emotion without Instrumental sound.

      A combination of these now lives In me, words' I write,

               Motion I have, I am poetry In motion.

        Keith Garrett                     



         Darkness disappears' as day comes to life,

       Footsteps of mine traveling the morning light.

     The fog begins' to lift showing the beauty of God,

           I walk this way with hope by my side.

      Quiet as It's early, fore sleep still lingers,'

     On the move are these legs, tired, forever tired.

      Rays of light shine through the distant clouds,

        Sunrise has a story for a man roaming alone.

     Everything has changed as the days' seem the same,

      A song, he sings' a song In my ear always heard.

        My favorite music from the man from Jersey,

        Sunrise, sweet sunrise, each day my journey.

                                                                    Keith Garrett  


                    STRENGTH AND POWER

             With so much force and power am I,

     Formed In the beginning, only time knows just why.

               I travel and move up and down,

           Over and under, my crash forms a sound.

              All that lives here answers to me,

     These creatures are many, on land they're not to be.

                I move along across the sand,

 Sometimes I'm sitting calm, other times, high I'll stand.

                 Everywhere Is seen by me, 

        I've visited far off places just like thee.

     Throughout time many have sailed across my path,

 At times kind I am to them but so many have felt my wrath.

          I am strength and power, I am the ocean.

                                                                                                                                   Keith Garrett 


                       A NEW PARADISE

 I sit back and think of the possibility that we may start again,

 If not here then is there some other place of peace and happiness.

  In the beginning we hear about a garden, it disappeared from us,

 A new paradise where we can hear the birds sing without trouble on the horizon.

 Listen to the wind without the painful, tragic, sounds of sirens,

  A wonderful island, a new world where we are equal in every way.

   Money holds no meaning in this paradise home where not a soul walks alone,

Food so plenty, pains of hunger never again in this new paradise where all are friends. 

   Sickness no more, no worries of a cure that were learned about many years before,

 A place that sounds familiar, written in story books, a fantasy not believed,

  Believe in this as once such a place did exist, a lesson learned if so happens again.

              Keith Garrett


                      A MINUTE FROM HEAVEN    

         I live a life that seems more than half way done,

         Started at a beginning, seen more than sun to sun.

           I've walked this land and had my share of pain,

      Friends whom have come and gone, love them just the same.

              A  family through struggles and laughter, 

     Children grow up so fast, will they only remember my name.?

      I had my share of good, other things I've paid the price,

       All I ask of you dear lord is that you consider my fight.

           A minute from heaven is what we have each day,

 Step by step when the time has come, would you kindly show me the way.

       Keith Garrett


                       THIS HOUSE

    Standing along a River bank within years of trees,

    This house so old has been for more than a century.

 It has a story, secrets that remain inside its stone walls,

      Built to withstand wars, survive the test of time.

 Windows there are of many, windows that eyes have looked through,

     Eyes that no longer see, lost in this house for eternity.

 There are rooms that can not speak fore if they could, horrible screams,

 Those whom have slept here never awaken from their peaceful dreams.

   This house is not haunted as none of the dead have ever stayed,

     It sits here quietly as all who have entered never go away.

                                 Keith Garrett



          I'm all around, sometimes I'll go away,

    In the morning a visit, maybe at the end of your day.

       I've been known to whisper or at times a scream,

   I push through the trees, perhaps awake you from a dream.

              I may go very fast or swirl around,

                Everywhere Is where I am bound.

       Since the beginning of time, from then I was born,

           Always will I be here with an unseen form.

                                                                               Keith Garrett


                   A WALK IN THE FOREST

 The time is now, Autumn is alive with a different feeling,

 Darkness is longer in the morning, slowly the leaves are upon the ground.

 Plants and trees grow slower, nature never gives up on the day,

 Animals are busy preparing as Winter is not far away, earlier the sun fades.

  A thought of a walk in the forest to escape for a moment, everything,

 Tall trees that cover much of the sunlight that warms the land we wander.

 Leaves that have piled for many years make a sound beneath these traveling feet,

 A walk in the forest, so many times I have dreamed of this while trapped elsewhere.

 Quiet, yet not quiet as there are sounds in a place as this like there are no other,

 A walk in the forest, a dream that I have not yet discovered, a reality discovered.

                               Keith Garrett



 I think of how she liked to run through the field of flowers,

  A smile so bright, as if not a care in her world, memories.

    We swam in the lake, laughing under the hot Summer sun,

 Walking to school on cool, Fall mornings, playing along the way.

    She went away, such a sad day as my friend went far away,

 I still see her running through that field with her smile so bright.

  If I listen on quiet nights I hear her splashing in the water, her laugh, 

   I walk to school in the morning wondering if she is by my side or near,

        I get tears because Ellen doesn't live here anymore.

                                  Keith Garrett