MAN IN THE SHACK

 You can find him, if you go far off into 
 These hills,

 Way back beyond the green grass and rocky slopes.

 Oak trees of many years hide what has been here 
 For a while,

 Come closer so you can observe this shack built 
 Ages ago.

 Once it may have been of fine wood as today it is 
 Withering away,

 A home with no plumbing, no modern conveniences 
 Of the day.

 The roof is worn, dried out from many days and nights 
 Of being here,

 There lives in this shack, a man, not a youthful man 
 By any means.

 Left in peace to live out his remaining days is this 
 Man in the shack,

 We don't know where he comes from or if he's had a 
 Family, a wife, kids,

 We do know that he's had a life, this man in the shack 
 Has his story.
                   Keith Garrett                       



 Wizards with wands or magical dust,

 Four leaf clovers and a seven showing always 
 On two dice.

 Witches and warlocks, wishes or rainbows,

 Do dreams come true, there are stars and moons?

 Do unicorns exist, are there spirits in the mist,

 Is magic a fantasy, what you feel are prayers 
 That are real.

 Magic lives in the heart, it is a wanting hope for 
 All that you feel,

 All you hope will be real.

                       Keith Garrett


              MAGIC BUBBLES

 There was a time when you were a child, 
 Remember when,

 Children playing simple games back in a world 
 Of wishes and magic.

 A bottle, do you recall that magic bottle from 
 Where bubbles appeared,

 Close your eyes and blow through that circle of 
 Dreams, watch their form.

 Bubbles, see the colors inside, small and big are 
 They as you see them float,

 Away they go to somewhere, disappearing with the  
 Wind, Vanished bubbles.

 As a child, it is and was such a creative, wonderful, 
 Experience of magic,

 Did you believe, try to see that each one had a 
 Different gift to be held.

 Blowing in the wind were dreams, wishes, possible 
 Things, everything,

 Magic bubbles, once upon a time in a child's dreaming 
                            Keith Garrett


                "BEYOND THE SKY"

 From my beginning, I've sat and watched you,

 Up so high, beyond what Is blue.

 I'm always here but you can't always see,

 Perhaps clouds' cover your view of beautiful me.

 If my lights' are turned on you might see my smile,

 On a dark clear night, I'll be up for a while.

 As you awake In the morning I'll be asleep,

 Another time Is when we'll meet.

            Keith Garrett



 Under siege, american soil on foreign ground,

 They would take over, little regard for human life.

 Dangerous games and politics from every side,

 Lies are of plenty, faces of deception, who is on 
 Which side.

 The mighty dollar is always on top in these 
 Worldly games,

 Criminals and traitors sometimes go hand in hand,

 Our flag was rescued in this foreign land.

                Keith Garrett


             A LIGHT IN THE FOREST

 Traveling together were myself and a friend, 
 A getaway,

 Down the long highway we went, weren't sure 
 Where we were going.

 We started out driving, searching for that 
 unusual place of discovery,

 A forest, that would be our destination, we're 
 On our way into the day.

 We travel along, talking and listening to our 
 Favorite music getting close,

 Further ahead of us in the distance they appear 
 to our eyes, trees so high.

  We'll be going up a ways, where everything is so  
  Green and darkness within the trees,

 We make our camp for the night, ready in the morning 
 For our walk below the hidden sky.

 Tonight a campfire, some food, laughing with a friend, 
 And sleeping under a star or two,

 Morning light shines down upon the land, we pack our 
 Things and head into the forest.

 Dark, very dark as we make our way deeper among  
 The ancient trees, where are we,

 There's something up ahead, can you see, a light 
 In the forest, we'll be okay.
        Keith Garrett


             A WAND OF MAGIC

 In hand, a wand would make me a magic man,

 Not even a word, and crime would disappear.

 I could stop time, rid the world of trash or 

 Take away the sick waters of rivers and oceans.

 Murder on our land would be stopped with a hand,

 The ill would be no more, cancer but a memory.

 I could run fast or jump high,

 A tear would be one less for all of mankind.

 The cruel slaughter of creatures in the world,

 With a wave from my hand, this would end.

 A wand of magic need not be that of evil,

 For love and good, the hand that holds this wand.

 A wand of magic is not to be real,

 We can wish, hope, and pray, that it all goes away.

               Keith Garrett                                                     


             A WALTZ FOR LOVERS

 She stands there dressed in a gown of 
 white satin,

 On her feet, soft shoes that sparkle in the 
 Light, tonight.

 Her hair made up like a princess at a ball, 
 She;s beautiful,

 Awaiting her handsome escort as he moves out
 On the floor.

 Dressed up in a tailored made suit of black,  
 He stares Into her eyes,

 Taking her hand as the music echoes into this 
 Magical night.

 Around and around they bounce and sway, waltz 
 A lovers waltz,

 These two become one as their bodies dance a 
 Lovers dance.

 Romance is in the air for two hearts searching 
 Loves mystery,

 A waltz for lovers, a night like no other, 
 A love between two.
                      Keith Garrett 



 Once in a while I travel back in time to a 
 Place I walked,

 Through my time of youth where I played and 
 Ran wild.

 I knew of her as a child back in the day of 

 Young and full of energy were we, never seemed 
 To be tired.

 The heat from the Summer sun wasn't so harsh 
 At that age,

 Growing up in a town of many friends and memories 
 So great.

 We lived for the moment as many moments would pass 
 By into the future,

 How is it that the grandparents we once had we 
 Have noe become?

 We changed and went our separate ways, finding our 
 Way In this strange world,

 Becoming parents, having children, and grandchildren 
 As the cycle goes.

 Full circle as today we find ourselves in the same 
 place after a lifetime apart,

 As long as we're together nothing else matters, time 
 Comes when we need to

 Just think of ourselves and let all others live and 
 Move along into their future.

 As long as we're together, everything will forever 
 Be better.
               Keith Garrett


           ALWAYS A SHADOW

 The sun comes up and the sun goes down,

 They're everywhere and always, make not a sound.

 Shadows from clouds cast upon the ground,

 As the sun goes down, shadows all around.

 Shadows upon the mountains in the early morning 

 In the early evening, shadows that hide as  
 Darkness Is in sight.

 Always a shadow, shapes and sizes stretched out 
 Across the land,

 Shadows of figures, like ghosts, phantoms here 
 And there.

 Always a shadow, we carry this with every step
 We take,

 Always a shadow even with the light still upon 
 Our faces.
                Keith Garrett