From my beginning, I’ve sat and watched you,

Up so high, beyond what Is blue.

I’m always here but you can’t always see,

Perhaps clouds’ cover your view of beautiful me.

If my lights’ are turned on you might see my smile,

On a dark clear night, I’ll be up for a while.

As you awake In the morning I’ll be asleep,

Another time Is when we’ll meet.

Keith Garrett





Legend and real, stories told from generations ago,

In the dark of night, somewhere within the hills, a cry.

When the moon is full a beast stalks its prey, teeth so sharp,

Man would be the hunted as it’s told on these fog-filled nights.

The wolf will come, does this creature of old speak in howls,

It does live, out there in the hills this animal of story does hunt.

Fast and strong with eyes fixed on that which enters its world,

Between legend and reality, this creation from god does exist,

Listen for the howl in the night, echoes from the wolf that stalks tonight.

Keith Garrett




I was looking forward to getting away, going off to my cabin,

Thinking it was time to relax, reading and hiking along the trails.

The drive was pleasant, Autumn was in the air, breezy, and cool,

Leaves falling from the trees, a change in seasons, what’s waiting for me.?

Late in the day as I arrive here in this most beautiful, peaceful place,

Unpack my things then stand outside staring out at so many trees.

The sun is going down on this small town, the woods are in front of me,

So much darkness under these trees that have lived here for years before me.

Before it’s late I’ll take a walk, these woods of mystery seem to watch me,

A whistle in the air Could be anything, quiet sounds of birds, wind in the trees.

Better head back as darkness will soon be, gather some wood, a whistle again,

Listen as footsteps are there, I can hear the crunching of twigs and old leaves.

My imagination, I don’t know as I lock the door, something more is out there,

There’s a fear in me as I close my eyes, there it is, a whistle in the night,

What’s out there in the woods, I believe it’s now at my door.

Keith Garrett




They appear as they are while I lay in my bed at night,

The light from the moon shines through my window.

Spiders crawl up and down the walls, my eyes follow,

Images of snakes on the ceiling above, slither along.

Bats with fangs, their shadows I do see,

Flying on by, I have fear through the night.

Vampires with a thirst for blood are a haunting sight,

What do I see but only a silhouette of a monster?

Creatures of the night, shadows of fright,

Mummies and werewolves out on an Autumn night.

Frankenstein wanders but it’s only a shadow to me,

A vision of that which is horror you see.

A glimpse of a witch on a broom flying high,

The stroke of midnight, a shadow across the sky.

Keith Garrett



From yesterday is where I come from, my life is with a wife and child,

Seeking a new life and possibly a different place of settling down.

We are pioneers of the early nineteenth century traveling across

The hot desert where there is much hardship, sickness, and hunger,

There’s a chance I must take as my son is very sick with fever this day.

I say goodbye to all in our wagon train for now as I say perhaps there

Over the hill I will find help, faith walks with me as I begin my quest,

Over the hill, to a different world as I pass over the top of the ridge.

Am I dreaming as these impossible things appear before my tired eyes,

The wagon train is gone, vanished into the air, this can not be.

I see traveling machines, music, and that which can not possibly exist

People so different, I’m looked at so strangely as I tell of my plight.

My son is sick I say, he’s over that hill, a kind woman she was,

A bottle, something inside, these will make him better I’m told.

I must go now, I run for the hill, I climb as this world is not mine,

At the top I now see again my world and wagon train, I look back,

The world I walked into is now gone, only desert I left behind, my son does not die.

Keith Garrett




When they come, they come in force, from somewhere,

From everywhere they surround and take whatever is found.

These things that they are never do you want to meet,

Their hearts are of black, you are nothing more to them than can be used.

There is no mercy shown when they lay their claws upon you,

Lock your doors! you already know that every year at one a.m,

On Halloween, it is they who come from someplace of mystery.

Horrible to you but to them a feast on this night after the midnight hour,

Hide as you do where they can not see as they will not search for you.

For the foolish, the ones that don’t believe or don’t think it will happen again,

At one a.m. if you are within sight then on this night you will have no more life.

Keith Garrett



It comes back again as October is now here, the fear,

In the night, only in the Fall darkness will you see.

A shadow unlike any other comes to visit, takes you away,

There is no understanding, not a logical explanation or reason.

A vision, not of reality but from a bad dream, a nightmare that screams,

A shadow of darkness is out there, it is that which you really fear.

When the night is over it is you that is no longer there, the shadow appears,

No trace of a life that once was, not seen again, only a shadow when October appears,

The shadow of a man’s deepest, darkest, always hidden fears.

Keith Garrett