BEFORE YOUR SOUL

  Where are you before you are you,

   Billions of years, molecules exploding in time.

   Born to this world, millions of years before,

   A man, you don't speak in words, but a screech.

   Your first thoughts are of survival, food and water,

   Your mind and body are most unusual, not of today.

   Fire has not been learned, day and night, sun and rain,

   These are to you, a mystery, so much you will learn,

  Before your soul was created, a man you are related.

                                             Keith Garrett


                                  A WHISPER

  A soft blowing breeze, Invisible to the eye,

  Hear It In your ear, listen to the whisper.

  The sun rises, day breaks, slowly,

  Light replaces the dark, the morning whisper's.

  The kiss from a beautiful woman on your neck,

  Warm and soft, gentle as a whisper, a whisper.

  A smile shown to you, bright but quiet, silent,

  Like a whisper, Is breath not seen but heard.

  A whisper Is love, slightly heard but understood,

  A whisper Is real, a whisper Is words between two.

                                 Keith Garrett


                              A BASEBALL DREAM    

   On a farm he grew up, the early days of the game,   

  A bat of his own, was made from a tree that stood alone.    

   He had a name for his bat, a certain magic it contained,

   Circumstances would get in the way, a dream put aside.

   Disappeared without a trace, until he arrived on a day,

   His special bat carried in hand, this was to be his last chance.

   For only a moment he would stand beneath the lights,

   A baseball dream before he faded into the night.

                                          Keith Garrett


                             AT THE TOP OF THE LADDER

  They think they're almighty, the top is not kind,

  A chain of command they preach, it is a fool who 
  Is blind.
  They do not listen, but they hear what you say,

  See only what they want, negative all the way.

  Ask for a raise, they'll see what they can do,

  Sorry not right now, you're the first on the list.

  Numbers and robots, w-2 with a name,

  If for any reason you don't like it then please go away.

  There's much for you to do, it's your job anyway,

  We did not invite you here, sorry you don't like the pay.

   More responsibility, just do what we say,

  A dime a dozen, you're replaceable anyway.

                                  Keith Garrett


                            AND THEN THERE WERE NONE

  A fight for survival, man's quest for power to rule,

   Fear and ignorance but money will be the tool.

   Inventors of destruction, builders of a  force,

  The enemy is our brother, traitor to the land.

  Which side are we on, who is on our side,

   Conflict and hatred, how many must have to die?

  And then there were none, not much left to say,

  Put the bombs away, we may have another day.

                                Keith Garrett


                                  ALL IN A DREAM

  They call me old Dan tucker, jack of all trades,

  There's a lot of love of the common people, we are 
  I didn't see the light of day for a while, as I was 
  Shackled and drawn,
  This depression was getting to me, as each day was a 
  Lonesome day.
  Life itself is a blessing, but I need something to lift
  Me up,
   My family is missing, and my hometown burned to 
  The ground.
  I told my wife just recently, O' Mary don't you weep,

  We shall overcome, we'll find our paradise.

  With a wizards magic, we left this horrible Kingdom 
  Of days,
  We wouldn't be the last to die, as we were sent through 
  Time into the future.
   We found our lucky town, now my Oklahoma home,

  I'm going down to a place called the pony boy, that's 
  Open all night.
   It'll be a long walk home, but i'm on fire with energy,

  With this little light of mine, I walked in the dark.

  I went in places to drink, one called i'm a rocker,

  Jacob's ladder, and ramrod.

  I met someone who said, she was the queen of the 
  Strange, as it was all in a dream.

                                     Keith Garrett


                      A DAY WITHOUT SYMPATHY
  I awoke in the morning, I fell out of bed,

  A bad headache, but no aspirin for my head.

  I went for a cup of coffee, but only an empty jar,

  Maybe some toast, but the butter was at the store.

  I went to get the paper, in a puddle of mud,

  The dog chewed up my shoes, what am I to do.

  Got dressed and headed for the car, off to work I'll go,

  The car wasn't there, stolen wouldn't you know.

  Went to call the police, locked myself out of the house,

  Headed for the bus stop, watched the bus drive on by.

  I flagged down a cab, please get me to work,

  No wallet in my pocket, I gave him my watch.

  I walked through the door, fearing I was so late,

  This is your day off, you don't work today.

  No way home, so I put out my thumb,

  No one would stop, I walked all the way.

  I had not a key, Oh! what a day,

  I broke the window, the door was open all the way.

  My T.V. was gone, the phone did not work,

   Nothing to eat, time for some sleep.

   I went to my room, the bed was gone,

  A day without sympathy, on the floor I did lay.

                       Keith Garrett


                                            YOU WERE MOM

  I can't quite remember when I first opened my eyes,

  From that moment you were always by my side, mother 
  Of mine.

  You held me when I was hungry, fed me as I drifted 
  Back to sleep,

  Made me feel secure, washed me and made sure I was 
  Always clean.

  When I woke from a scary dream, it was you who took 
  Away my fearful screams,

  You were there when I was down, near and always around, 
  You were mom.

  You taught me about the things that I should know, about 
  The world as I would grow,

  You were a friend, companion, but most of all, you were 
  My mother, you were mom.

  Memories I will never forget, I would trade them all for one
   More day, you went away,

  I will see you again in a different kind of land, you were mom, 
  Thanks for all that you were.
   Happy Mother's Day, in heaven, you rest.  



                                    A NEW MOTHER'S DAY            

   Not as before, when morning phone calls would visit,

  Cards sent with love, through the mail cease to be,

  Flowers of color may be your,s in a new heavenly scene.

  Many Mother's Day celebrations, we all shared with you,

  Words to a mother, in a different way we'll do.

  A new Mother's Day of changes, some sad, a day to be glad,

  Our Mother would want us to be happy, just as she,

  No dwelling on the loss, let it go, as in heaven she will 
  Forever be.
                           Happy Mother's Day, Mom,

                                          Rest in peace.                 



                            ABOVE THE WAVE

  Out on the horizon, beneath the sinking sun, It rolls In,

  They all come to watch, they come to ride the wild surf.

  For the true surfer, It comes from within, at one with 
  The wave,

  Shooting the tube, living on the edge, free to glide across 
  The water.

  From Australia, the split, surfers' paradise, they battle the 
  Rolling storm,

  To Hawaii, waimea Bay, North Shore, Pipeline, or Hanalei Bay, 
  The wave.

  Above the wave where dreams' are made, surf the open 

  Around the world, beyond the shores of Peru to New Zealand,

  Above the wave, beneath the wide open sky, forever ride,

  Touch the water, and listen to the sound of the crashing waves.

                                        Keith Garrett