HERE COMES CHRISTMAS
                 Keith Garrett

Another year almost in our book of memories,

Winter is on its way, shorter days, shadows stay.

There's a cold look to the mountains face,

Listen to the early breeze as another season sets in.

The trees shed their leaves, the sun drifts a little 

See the wildlife gather all that they need.

Lights of beautiful color are raised in the town

Warm clothes and jackets are noticed everywhere.

The seeking of gifts are a fun and thoughtful idea,

But for Christmas this year, let's be thankful for the 
Life we have.

Remembering family and friends whom we've lost with time,

Grateful for the ones in our lives that we love.

Each Christmas just as each day may not come our 
Way again,

So whatever the season means to you,

Take time and reflect on the good health you have.

                                                                       Your family and friends,

Cherish every moment of every day.


                   HE STANDS IN THE COLD

Winter arrives, time for a visit from the man of snow,

When the cold wind blows and the temperature falls,

A storm will call him, down he comes to stand in the 

He does not speak, he will not move,

For just a short time, he stands in the snow.

Dressed up is he, on his head a black hat,

A scarf of color around his neck, a pipe in his mouth.

A nose of black and eyes of dark,

He'll soon go away, visits again on a Winter day.

     Keith Garrett


                      GINGERBREAD HOUSE

Around it are many lights, on the door, a big wreath 

Which is the color that lays on the ground,

Windows framed in candy canes,

The roof is all of Gingerbread, trimmed edges of 

The outside walls are made up of chocolate bars,

A Gingerbread house, now lets go inside.

In the oven the scent of cinnamon rolls,

On the stove, pies of all flavors, delicious they are.

The ceiling as it is, a giant chocolate chip cookie,

Take a piece of the floor, made of chocolate Smores.

This Gingerbread house is a dream of delight,

It appears once a year, on a Winters night.

      Keith Garrett


                FOR THIS RANCH, WILL YOU DIE?

This place of beauty has stood here for generations,

Built by a great, great, Grandfather a long time ago.

Times have changed in this world around a ranch,

The fight to keep what is yours has been since time 

You battle, climb the hill with sweat and tears, for 
This ranch,

Family before you have sacrificed in ways you can't 

What does your heritage mean to you? will you die if they  
Try to take your home?

For this ranch, will you die? will you shed a tear for  
Those who bled before your time?

         Keith Garrett


                                                                                                       ALONG A COUNTRY ROAD

                                                                         These things I might find strolling along a country 

                                                                        From my mind I can create a day or reality along my way.

                                                                    I see the sun rising in the early morning sky, my day 

                                                                 Dream do I of a perfect setting, fields and hills of 
Beautiful color.

                                                               Nothing can go wrong, not in this made up scene that 
I want to be,

Swim do I in a pond that appears along a country road,  
Quiet and alone alone.

                                                                 There is a wind blowing through the trees, across the 
field I feel,

Hay stacks scattered in a country dream, a farm where 
I wish to be.

Along a country road all possibilities unfold, from a   
Dream, All that can be seen.

       Keith Garrett


                       WALK WITH ME!

I'm a bit mixed up Inside as there Is sorrow and pain,

When I think there Is no care or support for me then 
There is you.

I feel that always I stand alone In this world of 
Your creation,

But then you lift me up with an unexpected visitor 
Of peace.

Can there be an evil, a dark cloud searching me out?

Stronger am I, fore this demon that hurts' me Inside 
Will not conquer and steal my spirit.

Good will conquer evil and I know I'll be free,

So I ask of you, please! somewhere up there, up 
Above me,

Where Is It you watch, less lonely I'll feel If you'll 
Perhaps just "walk with me."

                                                                                                                    Keith Garrett 



Close your eyes and open your mind,
Through your ears the sounds' will work Into your 

When the wind howls It makes a sound,
If a branch falls' from a tree, It cracks' on the 

Listen as a plane screams' across the sky,
Too the sound of laughter In a yard near by.

What do you hear when you listen to a song,
The sounds' of Instruments playing along?

Do you listen when a love cries out to you?
Possibly what hurts her, you have not a clue.

To nature listen, It has something to say,
Enjoy the sounds' of everyday.

                                                                 Keith Garrett  


                   AN ALWAYS CHANGING SKY

A light shade of gray, evenly covering that which 
Lives below,

Clouds so heavy and thick, with moisture ready to
Rain down.

In the early evening as the sun fades, many shades of 

After dark on a clear, starry night, you can see 
Forever high.

Big, white, fluffy clouds of many shapes, sitting still  
Above your head,

With the wind, you'll see their shapes change and drift 
Slowly away.

Thunder and lightning visit a dark, stormy day, the sun 
Is there,

Hiding beyond the blanket of nature, the sun still shines
Without sight.
An always changing sky, never the same throughout any 
Given day,

The sky is always there, it is the elements that move 
Through and change it.

                     Keith Garrett


                   TO SIT IN THE SAND

By myself with the wind in my face,

Watching out towards the horizon, i sit in the sand.

Above, only sky that has not an ending to my eyes,

                                                                  Birds that fly, drift silently on by.

The waves are a sight, crashing on the beach,

Who would be the man who sat here once and dared 
To dream?

To sit in the sand, warm to the touch of my feet,

Thoughts fill my wandering mind, what things do all of 
This teach?

To sit in the sand, peaceful is where I am,

                                                                 Memory's of times, all that I did in life,

                                                                                      Felt from inside.

         Keith Garrett


                                                                                               JUST ANOTHER DAY

                                                                       The sun comes up, taking the darkness away,

                                                                    Sounds from trees, birds are awake for this day.

                                                                 Whether it be clouds or rain, a walk down a street,

                                                                          Just another day but never the same way.

Life and the beauty with it is seen for only so many 
Hours a day,

Take it not for granted as the gift of sight is not
promised always.

Just another day or something new comes our way.

         Keith Garrett