A FEARFUL WEIGHT

 Taken for granted the treasures of life,

 Gifts from god bestowed upon the mortal man.

 All that he dreams is for our eyes to  see,

 Health and happiness, love of those who in 
 Return hope for love.
 A fearful weight upon ones shoulders, pain in  
 The mind, Worries of the day,
 A message that sickness may have fallen upon your 
 So afraid that the weight of it being possible that
 Has made it so real inside,
 Material belongings are of no real value when it 
 comes to the thought
 That the end may be near, of not another breath.

 Treasures of life are the health that you keep,

 Happiness created by only you, to earn and cherish 
 the love as of many
 Family members and friends in a lifetime.

 Gifts from God are your own choices to make,

 Free to wander the earth, to witness all of its 
 Mystery and beauty.
 In a moment we are given life, in a moment we 
 Leave this world,
 Taken for granted things we must over and over learn,

 A lesson not forgotten, a lesson well learned.

              Keith Garrett


                   FACE THAT LIES

 The devils eyes have a face that lies,

 It smiles at you with promises so false.

 Giving you gifts of sinful things,

 Changing your appearance, a picture of greed and 

 It taunts you into believing that bad is good,

 Material belongings are most precious, love not kind.

 Stand and be recognized, a face that lies,

 Don't stare in the eyes of what does not cry.

 Accept not a wish, not a gift from a demon spirit,

 Give not of yourself, in an instance he'll own your 

 A face that lies has many by his side,

 They walk as you walk, do not be fooled, this is no 
 Heavenly stroll to the sky.

                    Keith Garrett


                 BE NOT HERE

 Disappear, go away and leave me alone,

 I don't need you anymore, you bring nothing.

 My energy is being drained, a piece taken away,

 You're out there but I need you not here.

 Be not here whomever you are, stay away,

 I've seen you in too many places around this world.

 You've done much harm to me fore you are them,

 You don't have a place in my life, a disease you be.

 Not to be trusted, worn by you are many faces,

 Many faces you are, which might be the right one,

 Be not here and I won't have to wonder who you are.

                Keith Garrett


                  A DRIFTING MAN

 On a road of travel without any end,

 Rests his weary body wherever he can.

 Sleeps in the night hidden from sight,

 Days' of length, the next stop is any place.

 From town to town he wanders with hope,

 Worry fills his head about that next meal.

 Find a job and stay in one place a short while,

 Friends and smiles disappear with the miles.

 A drifting man sees much of the land,

 Meets many faces, lonely where he stands.

 A price he pays to live in such a way,

 There's a gift in seeing the world,

 What's taken away is the peace of settling 
 In one place.

  He chooses a path, he's a wandering man,

  Today he's here, gone again.

                                                                                                            Keith Garrett


                   BE A FRIEND

 I only ask that you listen when I speak,

 In return I will give you both ears kindly.

 Be there when I am in pain and need a shoulder,

 I'll be there to catch you if in time you do fall.

 Please do not stab me in the back, no talking 
 About me,

 For you I will speak directly to you, also if
 I'm angry.

 Understand that there is in me no perfect piece 
 You'll see,

 I know you are a person with human flaws, that's 
 Quite okay,

 Be a friend to me and a friendship we will share, 
 I do care.

                          Keith Garrett


                   BACK TO YESTERDAY

 There was a place, many places of my yesterday,

 Far back in a place of snowy woods, a child so young.

 Superman, batman bicycle, and a tree swing once was,

 Remembering the summer sun where a small boy would run.

 Back to yesterday, another town to roam around, 
 I found,

 Headed for the future as my thoughts travel to a 

 As life and time move ahead, cobwebs are more 
 Where I began.

 I have moved, aged in a few different ways, tomorrow 
 Always has a yesterday,

 My eyes open to a miracle morning, miracle being 
 Another day.
                          Keith Garrett


                  A DAY THAT CRIED

  A cold, cold day, a February of pain, fire reigned,

 This small town of New York saddened by spirits who 

 In a moment, a second in time there were screams 
 Not heard,

 Joined together to share the end, falling from the  
 Sky, they cried.

 Sorrow filled the sky, tears rained from living 
 Eyes of the world,

 These souls headed to destinations of difference 
 Are no more.

 A day that cried as a large group of once was 
 Headed for eternity,

 This trip they'll take, a journey as one, forever 
 They rest in heaven.

                   Keith Garrett


                     A DARK ROAD

 Surrounded by trees, so old on either side, 
 A dark road far and wide,

 It is said that this road steals what and who passes 
 On by On a certain night.

 The sun never shines on this long and winding road 
 That creates many cries,

 Within the trees, beyond the road that rests in 
 Darkness, Sleeps a mystery.

 A quiet morning drive across the country seems peaceful, 
 But something waits,

 A dark road exists, as all around it something wakes 
 And waits for total darkness.

 Beautiful hills and mountains have been here for so 
 Long, But there's a new resident here,

 An evil force, could this be a monster that's never  
 Seen, A dark road where dreams are taken away.        

                      Keith Garrett


                A COWBOYS HEART

 Born in a town, his roots most important to him,

 A mother and father, family mean so much.

 Love for the land that he walks upon, love of life,

 Precious is a horse he calls friend, a hard working

 Maybe the love of a woman he holds in his heart,

 A beautiful song lives in this cowboys many thoughts.

 Integrity and honor is in the kind of person he is,

 He has things of want but needs very little,

 Watching the sun go down as he rests upon his horse.

  He does what it takes, he stands always tall,

 He gives of his heart, much heart, a cowboys heart.

                    Keith Garrett


                A CONFESSION TODAY

 As a child I was a dreamer, my imagination 
 Running wild,

 Life was somewhat of a fairy tale, I awoke at a 
 Young age.

 As my father died then much anger grew inside,

 A slow process as I was shy, not really did I 
 Seem to cry.

 Now a lost boy inside, kept it to myself as I 
 Played each day,

 My teen years were without a father or parent who 
 Who appeared invisible.

 This is my view and what I believe, others may disagree 
 But I am me,

 I was never one who wanted to hurt people or animals,
 Out of control.

 I was never a bad person but did things that I would     
 Regret in many ways,

 Decisions and choices would haunt to this day, some 
 Would give a change.

 There are those that can not be fixed, I can mend 
 Others, day by day,

 A confession today, from a man who was never perfect 
 In any way.
                     Keith Garrett