I REMEMBER JACK

  He was a wanderer, a young man seeking peace,

  War tears many families apart, a mystery was Jack.

  Appeared did he on a roadside one day, I did change,

  Something strange about a man who came from the past.

  I remember a man named Jack who granted me a wish,

  I did not make that wish and Jack had to go far away,

  He made it for me as I saw him again one day.

  A much older me, I did not know happiness was for me,

  Jack died in nineteen forty four, long before I was born.

            Keith Garrett


                                     A MAN WITH AN AX

  Wood needs to be chopped, it sits waiting, many 
  Types and sizes,

  Fall is in the air, chillier the air turns, work must 
  Be done.

  A job it is to chop enough wood to warm a home 
  For the winter,

  Must be done, perhaps no fun as it is an 
  Accomplishment to be proud.

  Stack it in a pile, carry it piece by piece, chopped 
  And split wood for a fire,

  A smell, can you take it in, smell the aroma as it's cut, 
  Stronger it grows

  A man with an ax gets this job done, he sweats from
  Morning till the setting sun,

  Swinging an ax, working as the cold moves closer,

 The wood pile will rise higher.

  A man with an ax is strong and determined,

  He will succeed because he knows of its need,

  When it's done, a Winter of warmth,

  When the setting sun, he knows the job is done. 

                              Keith Garrett


                             A LIST OF THINGS TO BE

  Never an astronaut, dancing slowly upon the moon,

  Flying in a jet across the sky, no, not did I ever fly.

  A football star, throwing the ball far, a dream that 
  Won't be,

  Under the lights, a victory on a Superbowl night.

  What is it like to be a movie star pretending to be 
  Many things,

  Known everywhere, this is not what I was born to be.

  An Olympic star, a racer of cars, I wanted to be, but 
  That's not for me,

  A great writer, a hero of sorts would be something I 
  Might be.

  A rescuer of the down and out, a conqueror of 

  I may not be an Einstein of genius, I am good enough 
  For me,

  A list of things to be, how much can one man need?

                                    Keith Garrett


                                "A MOMENT IN TIME"

 A speck of dust, a trickle of water,

 Soon would blow with the wind and dry 
 Into nothing.

  Our time Is now fore we are a whisper wanting 
  To be heard,

  A short period for laughter, remembered for
  What we leave.

  For so long has time existed, the world, the 
  Universe so large,

  We are but a fragment, a particle of all that 
  Was created.

  A moment In time was this gift we were given 
  From God above,

  A moment to see and love all there Is to 
   Understand From this.

  Where we go from here we shall not know, but 
  Hold no fear,

  Like many fallen leaves from a tree we are one, 
  We disappear.

                             Keith Garrett   


                                     A NEW TODAY

  Time to let go of certain things, days past,

  People I thought were my friends, ends.

  Life does change, unexpected adventures,

  A new day comes my way, a road of surprises.

  Relief is at this moment a friend indeed to me,

  Scary is change, where do I go from here I say,

 A new day, today, what is gone is no more, I am 
 On my way.

                               Keith Garrett


            A DRIFTING MAN

  On a road of travel without any end,

  Rests his weary body wherever he can.

  Sleeps in the night hidden from sight,

  Days' of length, the next stop is any place.

  From town to town he wanders with hope,

  Worry fills his head about that next meal.

  Find a job and stay in one place a short while,

  Friends and smiles disappear with the miles.

  A drifting man sees much of the land,

  Meets many faces, lonely where he stands.

  A price he pays to live in such a way,

 There's a gift in seeing the world,

  What's taken away is the peace of settling in 
  One place.

  He chooses a path, he's a wandering man,

  Today he's here, gone again.

                                         Keith Garrett


                                    TELL ME A STORY!

  Pretty lady talk to me, tell me a story about things' 
  To be,

  Let me lay my head In your lap, close these eyes, 
  Listen to you.

  Say those things' that only I can hear, let me dream 
  of your words,

  Let the magic of the tale come to life as this fantasy 

  Tell me a story as only you can bring It to reality, 
  It breathes,

  You are thoughts' living In my head, you are my story.

  It Is you who are my fantasy, you are my dream,

  You make me breathe, you are that pretty lady.

                                    Tell me a story,

                                       Keith Garrett 



   From his death were heard cries of pain,

  A man no more, a girl, a memory, all has changed.

  No more of this Earth, onward, a souls journey to 
  Another life,

  Somewhere In heaven, he dwells by the Lord's side.

  With those who loved him, he had a place,

  In their hearts, forever In their thoughts.

  Remembering always that this was a mother's child,

  A sister's brother, a child's father, or a girl who 
  Loved him

 Even though he was not perfect and sometimes a 
 Bit wild,

  He was once a small child who played In the dirt,

  Played In the water, and sometimes got hurt.

  This was his time to go, no more pain or sorrow 
  Will he know,

  Up In the sky, fly away, fly.

                              Keith Garrett


Humans Form The bigger the tumor becomes strong.

                                  A WORLD OF SICKNESS

  As the world grows older we see that with it 
   The world Grows crowded,

  So many people cover the lands stretching far 
  And wide, The world does not grow.

  This is a beautiful place that has been given to us 
   All but Together we are losing,

  Survival may be harder than it was hundreds of 
   Years ago As We can not sleep wherever.

 We can't just wake from sleep and shoot our breakfast,  
  The Creek is not always there,

  To camp beneath any given tree is now frowned  
   Upon as Our society changes towards the rich.

 Desperation and anger are greater than ever before, 
  This we Hear each day from words spoken,

  Protests over many issues that do not change, only 
  The Mistrust for those high above grow.

  Deceived daily are we, sometimes by the people 
  We may Know But scarrier are those whom control,

  Lies, broken promises, pay-offs from hand to hand, 
  Between Powerful people, and government man.

  The fight to own, but in the end they'll take from you 
   Your Home,  we are violated as they spy, fear grows,

  A world of sickness lives as we struggle to keep our 
   Health  And sanity, Neverending traffic brings hell,

    A world of sickness forever grows because the more 


                             LOST IN THE WILD

  To step outside the world I've known,
  Leave It all behind and those who know me.

  Off on a great journey to see It all,
  Into the wilderness as If nothing else matters' 

  To try things never tried before,
   Experience life through a new open door.

  Perhaps a fear of what lies ahead,
  I trek across the land, survive If I can.

  See many new things from my eyes,
  Into the night I hear nature cry.

  Not expecting never to go home again,
  Lost In the wild Is where my life ends.

                            Keith Garrett