MIDNIGHT UNTIL DAWN

 It approaches soon, it's getting near,

 The midnight hour will soon be here.

 They'll be coming for us from beyond what we know,

  How can we stop them, bodies without souls.

  there will be no place to run, you can't possibly hide,

  When the clock strikes midnight until dawn,

  Your screams and cries may be heard.

  It ticks and ticks, the strike of twelve comes near,

  The fear and horror of my not surviving enter my mind.

  Terrified of the knowing what they're coming to do,

  Makes me pray that i wake up from a nightmarish dream.

  We're all on our own in the dark of this night,

  By dawn who will be alive, not used as they planned.

  This is Halloween, not what is supposed to be,

  All things have changed in this world today.

  What is this horror that makes its way into our world,

  How did it start, how did we even know?

  Just a short time more and the night will be done,

  They've been here during the night, 
  But most of us never knew it.
  We were the lucky ones, we are still here,

  For those whom did know are forever gone,

  Now bodies of their own, without souls.

                                                                   Keith Garrett


                    WHEN THE MOON RISES,
                       I AM HUNTED

 They're expecting to see a full moon tonight,
 This will be a nightmare like no other.
 Where I am I have not a clue, not a rational   
 understanding Of any of this,
 I'm a prisoner here, a man trapped in some kind of hell.
 All I remember is camping with my friends by a lake,
 I went to sleep and woke up in this dark, place.
 The only thing I can see is tall trees, still with  
 Not even a breeze blowing,
 There is no sky up there, only a thick smell in the air.
 I don't know who or what keeps me here, but they're here,
 And you can just feel the evil that they bring with them.
 Never do I see them but they let me know in my thoughts,
 They let me feel the horror of what is to be,
 When the moon rises.                                   
 Others have been here before in this same place of doom,
 I don't how I know, perhaps they want me to know.
 There's terror in me now, a horrible feel 
 Of an ending for me,                                 
 They whisper to me in my mind, 
 An insane laughter they have.                                               
 This is a game they play but not in our world,

 Oh my god! they hunger for flesh, 
 when the moon rises, I am hunted,
 They set me free, in my desperation I take off 
 Running into the darkness.                    

 There's no place to hide, I don't know where I am  
 But I know I'm not alone,

 Looking up, I can now see a full moon rising 
 Between the trees,
 I am hunted, they're coming, they're seeking only me.

 Inside I can feel every fear I've ever had, 
 Are they doing it?
 I'm sick now, in my stomach and mind.

 Looking ahead of me, I can see it, there it is! the lake, 

 I run and run, I stumble and fall, I keep falling.

 I awake in a hospital, I've been in a coma.

                                                        Keith Garrett



 Arrived in town on a cool, crisp, Autumn day,

 A man dressed as a man should, yet not a man.

 Why was he here, no one would at this moment 
 Know as he smiled,

 A face like all others, underneath something more.

 If he chose your door then his appearance 
 Would show much more,

 As a man dressed so well, this demon from 
 Some kind of hell.

 This time of year he feeds on the mortal being,

  He might take you away to his land of fear.

  Where did all the people go, now you know,

  One by one they disappeared, 
  One way or another on a cool,

  Crisp, Autumn day, they felt the fear.

               Keith Garrett 


                      MY NAME IS MALABAR

 Just for one night, each year,  a day in October,

 I soar down from the sky, to bring hell to all humans. 

 From a place I come, a far off demonic world, 

 Fast as the wind, horror is my only game.

 I'm mean and ugly, soon you'll see my face,

 When you do then say goodbye to this mortal place.

 My teeth are like razors, my eyes red as blood,

 Claws on my hands and feet, a tail of pain.

 No conscience have I, not a heart of sorrow,

 If you do meet me, never again a tomorrow. 

 My name is Malabar, for you it means death,

 Nothing can stop me, I'll devour you to survive.

 Hide where you dwell, do not let me Introduce myself,

 After midnight look out of your window,

 As I soar to the sky, In one year's time,  
 I'll be back for your life.                       

     Keith Garrett


                      DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!

I was warned about it many times by my 
Grandfather, father,
 And for many years family members,

 The rule was when visiting this most unusual house

 Was never go downstairs past the basement.

There's a room further on that's been built 
Into the Earth,
 A fearful warning, don't open the door!  
 Has been echoed for a century.

 I went down there one night after everyone 
 went to sleep, 
 I wanted to know what was in there.

 I put my ear to the door and listened for 
 A possible sound.
 Quiet, no window to look through, nothing.

 I discovered a key above the door, hanging there,

 Although I wanted so badly to see what was 
 In that room,
 I wondered more about why this key was there if 
 It was so forbidden to open the door?

 I went back to bed, night after night dreams 
 Filled my head,
 What was in there? a monster, crazy people,  
 Were there bodies or treasure?                      

 Could it be just an empty old room of dust and cobwebs,

 I needed to know and soon I would find out. 

 I would see what no person should ever see,

 I took the key into my hand and unlocked it.

 I heard the words, don't open the door! but I did,

 I opened the door! Oh god! I opened the door!

                   Keith Garrett   


                     SHE SITS ALONE

 In her cozy little home, she sits alone,

  Out of the window the birds sing, they wait.

  A lady awakes to her day, she sees the sun,

  A smile on her face as she watches.

 It's a beautiful day as she strolls out into the yard,

 Into her garden with food for her flying friends.

 Bluebirds can sense the table of peanuts,

  They are most happy as they gather a favorite food.

   She watches as the squirrels sit and eat,

   She sits alone but never so alone.

   There's a peace within the trees and plants,

   She thinks and dreams, quiet is the scene,

   She sits alone with friends that roam.

                                                                     Keith Garrett



 Never can you see me, I'm certainly there always,

 Watching as you do the things that you do, my nephew.

 I'm everywhere and nowhere, In the shadows I lurk,

In the dark of night hiding close by,  
Sometimes close enough to touch.                  

 If you could see me, you'd know there's a very bad man
 That exists inside,                     

 And one who is waiting and seeking you.

 When bedtime comes near and sleep falls upon you,

 Under your bed or closet, I'll make my hiding place.

 Being blind is not a good thing for you as I am here,

 Unfortunately your parents left me here
 to watch over you.

 It's Halloween night and I'll be handing out 
 Candy to all,

 Your little friends until this fun night 
 Comes to an end.

 We'll be all alone, It's just you and me 
 In the dark

 Much fear you will soon learn about,

 I'm your wicked uncle Ernie, And that's what 
  You'll find out.
               Keith Garrett.     


                    WHAT HAUNTS THE NIGHT

 Stumble upon a haunted house,

 Ghosts of fear that roam everywhere.

 A black cat watches all that you see,

 Not a candle is lit, in a place of misery.

 Through a howling wind, you can listen as it sounds,

 Somewhere out in the darkness, a werewolf cries.

 Lock the windows as they feed in the night,

 Vampires that do not die are there in the moonlight.

 Hidden in the basement is a mummy's tomb,

It rises on a cold, cold, night and wanders till dawn.

 A monster that's brought back to life,

 Frankenstein is a thought full of fright.

 What haunts the night, an old witch on a broom 
 Flying by.

 A spell she casts to those on this night.

 Legends and fables, fantasy or fact,

What haunts the night, is it all in your mind?

                    Keith Garrett


                      TO LIVE

 What is the meaning of life? 
 We do not know of god's plan,
 To live, we must seize the day, laugh, and play.

 Most are worried about surviving 
 From the clocks every tick,
 As if to really live has no time for us.
 when you awake do you see the light, the rising sun,

 Are you blinded by the struggles of your daily flight?

 To your ears is there the sound of birds 
 Chirping and singing,
 Or only the echo in your head of all that must be done.

 You need to stop and watch as the sun goes down,

A moment of peace before a regret that tomorrow
Has no plans for you.
 Learn to dance, listen to the music you forget to hear,

 Take a walk with the one you love 
 Until it's time to disappear.
 Slow down just a little and breathe the air,

 To live is to relax and enjoy,  
 To love and sometimes do nothing but see and dream.                               

 Take notice that as we grow older, 
 Time seems to move faster.

 The day will come when we must let it all go,

   Pray that God's plan has a place for you.

                                                                                        Keith Garrett  


    Keith Garrett       PORFINIFIGUS

Where he comes from nobody knows, he does live,

 A myth, a fable, only a child believes, 
 One who has seen.

 Along the riverbank of a small Eastern town in Maine,

 A place of play for a boy named Luke, this is no dream.

Many fantastic tales he does tell, who will listen
This time?

 Described to others as a type of elf, an ugly troll.

 Many late afternoons is when Luke visits the river,

 Today it is a bit windy, he will appear once more.

 He speaks to Luke in whispers, I am Porfinifigus,

 I am created from your thoughts and fear.

 Why do you find me here each day, are you real?

 I told you that I live in you, you gave me a name.

 There are wishes that you ask for, I can hear you,

 With every wish there comes a curse.

 I have many things to wish for, will they be mine?

 For everything you receive, something I will take.

  I wish for all things in this town be mine,

  Foolish boy, everything in this town be no more.