WHITE MOUNTAINS

  They stand so high, above water, so cold and Icy,

  Layered with white, powdery snow, stretched for 

  Clouds rest over this land of Winter, and such a 
  Quiet peace,

  Although the wind blows across the chilly water,
  And  Lonely mountain tops.

 There are slopes of wet snow, that melt and flow 
  Down into a lake,

  That when the sun shines on it, sparkles like 
  Shiny glass,

  Icicles hang from ridges, that have lived for 
  Some time.

  Formed over centuries and in times mind.

  Beautiful mountains, these white mountains.

                            Keith Garrett


                    HE HAD A DREAM!

  He used to be, he walked as a man,
  Growing up as a child, harder than one could 
  Have imagined,

  With strength and courage he stood for the fight,
  So many against him as he marched for what's 

  At times so scary to speak what you believe,
  Most just complain, oh! not he.

  It took a demon, the devil In disguise,
  To take from him what he told from Inside.

  He was once a boy but grew to become a man,
  To tell of his cause as he walked with the people
   Hand in hand.

  His name was Martin Luther King,
  He was not forgotten because of an Ignorant mans' 
  bullets' wring

  He had a dream, he was a man, his dream Is alive.

                              Keith Garrett


                                  A SAD SITUATION

   A little bit different, a lonely child was she,

  Her mother so out of touch, a young girl's misery.

  Shy and feeling so alone, not much of a happy home,

  She did not fit in at school, something else about her.

  They would tease and torment her, watch as her anger 

   A sad situation for a girl who trusted very few.

  The hurt in her heart would never mend, soon the end, 

   So different was she, this child no more to be.

                                            Keith Garrett


                              HEAVENLY STARS

  A night of Winter, they shine high in the sky,

  Scattered stars so far away, It's that time of year.

  They've been there so long, watch them sparkle 

  Spirits above appear, heavenly stars are a sight.

  It's clear and cold, be amazed at stars so old,

  How long have they been floating, only God knows. 

  Into the sky we stare, heavenly stars everywhere,

  Part of Gods wonder, wonderful is up there.

                           Keith Garrett


                                   A COWBOY'S HEART

  Born in a town, his roots most important to him,

  A mother and father, family mean so much.

   Love for the land that he walks upon,

  Precious is a horse he calls friend, a hard working

  Maybe the love of a woman he holds in his heart,

 A beautiful song lives in this cowboy's many thoughts.

  Integrity and honor is in the kind of person he is,

  He has things of want but needs very little,

  Watching the sun go down as he rests upon his horse.

  He does what it takes, he stands always tall,

  He gives of his heart, much heart, a cowboy's heart.

                                              Keith Garrett



 Worry do we about the enemy from far away lands,

  More of a chance to be invaded by an enemy within.

   From protests of angry citizens, violence occurs,

  Nothing will ever get better in the way they try to 
  Be heard.

  Rioting in the streets, destroying one's own 

  How to accomplish anything when nothing you do 
  Is of good.

  Shootings, fires, and bombs, across a nation said to 
  Be great,

  We show the world ignorance, our children are taught 
  Terrible things.

  Let's not destroy one another as we are doing just 
  Fine so far,

   Wake up America, what will all this destruction do for 
                                             Keith Garrett


                          WHEN YOU SEE WINTER

  What do you see when you see winter, do you 
  See the mountains,

  The cold, layered snow that rests so high, almost 
  Touching the sky.

  When the wind blows through the trees, do you see 
  The falling leaves,

  The snow coming down is beautiful and white, what 
  A Winter night.

  When you see Winter, do you see the frozen pond 
  Where water hides,

  Is there a lake you remember, as once you were a child 
  In another time.

  Do you recall Icicles hanging from a rooftop, from tree 
  Limbs in the woods,

  Do you see children you once knew, flying down the hill 
  On sleds and saucers?

  When you see, do you see with your memories, are 
  Your eyes closed,

 A scene from before,

  Icy roads you once drove with a family, roads you wandered

When you see Winter, does a life flash before your eyes,

Once from a child's mind.

 Keith Garrett


                           WATCHER OF THE SEA

  High above the water, overlooking the ocean,

  Built above the rocks, standing tall under the sky.

  With Its' eyes of light so bright, watching for those,

  Guiding whom might approach these shores, looking.

  For so many years It sees, watches, and waits,

  As from across the horizon, travelers make their way.

  Watcher of the sea, keeping your eye on what Is all 
  Around thee,

  Wheather the light of day, or the dark of night, you watch.

  Trusted by many are you, counted on for safety,

  You are the watcher of the sea, lonely as It may be.

                                      Keith Garrett



  From heaven, you noticed that something was wrong,

  A journey to meet you, singing a beautiful, Elvis song.

  Your little girl's life has ended, on a quiet, January day,

  Down on earth you come, take your daughter's hand 
  And travel away.

 You now walk together across that beautiful Graceland 

  Now together again, Lisa Marie, riding on your daddy's 
  Shoulders, high upon.

  When daddy came to take you home,  it was so you would 
  Forever be okay,

  Ride the wind, fly away, to an eternal, heavenly place of 
          Keith Garrett


                    IN THE WINTER FOREST

  Windy but quiet, the deep snow filled forest,

  Trees that appear to be asleep, do they dream.

  Closely look at the animals that live here, some 

   Elk and deer are here and there.

  Rabbits run and hide, they stay warm inside,

  Where are the squirrels, a fox in the snow.

  In the Winter forest, different seasons bring

  Different colorful scenes,

  A wonderland of peace, in the Winter forest lives
  Many things.

                                        Keith Garrett