STRENGTH AND POWER

With so much force and power am I,

Formed In the beginning, only time knows just why.

I travel and move up and down,

Over and under, my crash forms a sound.

All that lives here answers to me,

These creatures are many, on land they're not to be.

I move along across the sand,

Sometimes I'm sitting calm, other times, high I'll 

Everywhere Is seen by me, 

I've visited far off places just like thee.

Throughout time many have sailed across my path,

At times kind I am to them but so many have felt my 

I am strength and power, I am the ocean.

                                                                                                                                   Keith Garrett 


                    AND YOU, MOM

Thinking back to many celebrations on a Fall day,

I don't recall those early life turkey festivities.

Although many memories are gone with my mom,

There are a few great memories and thoughts of my own.

I think back to a time when I was young, ten I believe,

Yorba Linda was the scene, a family of many, back 
in a dream.
Living in Yorba Linda, nineteen seventy two, 
Thanksgiving day,
Cool and windy is a memory of a time when family 
Was together.
Memories of you, mom, Young and full of life in a 
Yorba Linda town,
Early was a morning when you were the first up, turkey 
In the oven.
So much to prepare, we didn't realize how much work when  
We were young.

Thanksgiving memories, days and meals shared as a family, 
As a dream,
Shadows and ghosts of children whom once we were back 
In a town.
Thoughts of a mother who did have a life, a family once 
Upon a time,
Time seems to pass by in a flash, we were there and 
We are now.
Thanksgiving memories, and you, mom, so many with you 
In the kitchen,
Kids running around, at times bothering you while 
You were busy.
I always go back to Yorba Linda in my mind as it was  
My favorite home,

Holiday memories, you won't be here this year to make  
New ones with us.

We hold on to all the special thoughts and times we  
Shared with you, mom,

Thanksgiving will be a little more quiet without your  
Laughter or voice,

Memories of you and Thanksgiving too, from once a child, 
I'll remember you.

                       Keith Garrett


               WHERE DID YOU GO, MATHILDA?

                                                                      I saw you In the morning, slept with me you did last 

A tear In your eye but yet you did not cry, a time 
For goodbye.

The sun was shining bright, I saw you last night beneath 
A full moons' light,

The bed has cobwebs, only a trace of where once a smile  
rested beside me.

Love was as I once loved, forever was today and tomorrow 
Never knew,

Where did you go Mathilda, where are you now, why did 
You forget?

A cool breeze visits' an open window, the stars' hide  
Within the searching clouds',

I saw you last night as I drifted beyond a dream, when  
I awoke, there was only me.

Where did you go Mathilda, why did you go away, where did  
You go my Mathilda?

Why was It, you could not stay.
                                                                       Keith Garrett


                     WITH CLOSED EYES

Many things' are noticed when one can't see,

Against our face the wind, or a bird chirping In a tree.

From the air, the sound of a plane soaring by,

Thunder claps as loud as a sonic boom.

People laughing with each other, driving past,

Dogs' barking In a near by yard as they're listened to.

The sound of music heard through an open window,

Two people In love saying goodbye at the door.

There are many, many things' we notice with closed eyes,

Not only the darkness that's' with us Inside.

The mind will open at the time our eyes close,

And see more than can be Imagined In this dark world.

                                                                   Keith Garrett  


                      WIND IN THE FOREST

Wandering, walking, leaving behind this world for 
A while,

Letting my footsteps' take me beyond what I know, 
Letting go.

Deep, deep Into a land of which perhaps there's 
No return,

Chances taken by a man with many fears, today I live.

Trees so high that darkness fills the sky, can't 
See the light,

Where the moon rests, not visible to these searching

Sounds' of the forest are the only company to me,

Speaking words to the trees, does anything listen?

I can feel and hear the wind In the forest,

It speaks In sound, It Is with me, It finds me.

        Keith Garrett 


                   PEACEFUL THANKSGIVING

Family, friends, and stranger's everywhere, it's two  
Thousand and, twenty,

To all of our family members who are not here this year  
We think of them.

Wherever they may be, in heaven or on faraway missions  
To foreign lands,

They may be where we don't ever want to be and we are   
Where They hope to be.

To all those Thanksgiving memories with our relatives, 
Our fathers and mothers,

If we are so fortunate to spend this year with loved ones,  
Friends and others, enjoy.

A peaceful Thanksgiving for just one day during this  
Time of turmoil in our world,

Put away the guns, stop rioting in the streets, leave 
The anger behind, peace that we seek.

A peaceful Thanksgiving, be with those who may not be   
Here On another day,

love, life, and a piece of happiness as our lives spin  
Beyond what sorrow and pain we retain.

                                 Keith Garrett


                     WATCHER OF THE SEA

High above the water, overlooking the ocean,

Built above the rocks standing tall under the sky.

With Its eyes of light so bright watching for those,

Guiding whom might approach these shores, looking.

For so many years It sees, watches, and waits,

As from across the horizon, travelers make their way.

Watcher of the sea, keeping your eye on what Is all 
Around thee,

Whether the light of day or the dark of night, 
You watch.

Trusted by many are you, counted on for safety,

You are the watcher of the sea, lonely as It may be.
Keith Garrett


                        WHAT MY EYES SEE

My eyes see differently than once a child did see,

Reality of all that's around, a world of recognized 

What my eyes see are not the coloring books and 

Not the exploring of our neighborhood and childish 

Not the magical world from a young boy's eyes lost 
With time,

What my eyes see are a different kind of beauty and 
Some insanity.

This world has changed, along with the changes in me,

What my eyes see are so many things that I never 

        Keith Garrett


                   A PAGE FROM YESTERDAY

Memories, a window to our past, pictures of special 
Friends we once knew, where are they now, somewhere.

There are those no longer among us, their story 
Is written,
A book closed, put away on a shelf but forever 
We thought as children that life was magic and wishes,

Teenagers having fun trying to figure out where we 
Were going.

We were fortunate to have been given such friends' 
Back in time,
Lucky If we are still blessed with their presence today.

We take a page from yesterday, off comes that book from 
Its place,
Remember that friend In our heart that never disappears, 
That face.

A voice that was once heard, a smile, now an echo, 
Forever a thought,
Well! today some of those faces, those voices, and a 
Smile remembered.
Are here to share a night, a memory and a page again 
Written, a book,
                  Keith Garrett  


                    WHEN IT'S  THANKSGIVING

To be thankful on such a day, as we awake to peace in  
Our homes,

A warm fire in the morning, coffee, and possibly the 
Paper to read.

A parade is tradition each year in many places, turkey 
In the oven,

Today will be most special as family will gather in  
Places everywhere.

A table with a feast set to celebrate this occasion that  
Began so far back,

Different foods are shared throughout the land, 
Favorites prepared.

Ham, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, as well as many 
Other treats,

A chance to get reacquainted with family and friends 
So long missed.

When it's Thanksgiving there is another side to the day,  
Sad I'll say,

Can we pray for the many homeless families, their stories  
We do not know.

We can wish them well but they need a helping hand to
Lift them up,

To the soldiers out there away from family, wishing  
They were home, safe.

Let's remember and think about them on this day, are 
They okay?
                      Keith Garrett