A CLOUD CHOSEN

  I travel along across the sky floating weightless,

  Down below there is you, recognize I do.

  Feel the wind blow through your hair, I am there,

  Call on me if ever you need from me anything.

  I rest on my cloud looking down on where I 
  Once stood,

  In your yard watching the birds fly in the sky.

 There are many clouds throughout time never 

  But it's this cloud, a cloud chosen for myself.

  A place to be alone, a place where dreams are real,

  The sun shines upon me, its warmth I feel, I can see

  Myself smile in the light.

  A friend that's true would do for another anything,

  If ever you need I will jump down off my cloud to be.

                                         Keith Garrett


                               STORIES ARE TOLD

  Traditions of story telling from thousands of years,

  Around campfires and in homes in times of old.

  Thought up from Imaginations or a small tale that 

  Fables told by a Grandfather to a child in countries 
  Of old.

  A bedtime adventure from a book to send you off to 

  Around the world many have listened, stories across 
  the sea.

  Stories are told that touch ones soul," listen child" they 
  Never grow too old,

  Generation to Generation, within cultures of different 
  Beliefs,  A tale that speaks
                                   Keith Garrett



  Remembering being a boy in our home, a story to tell,

  Between nineteen seventy two and nineteen seventy seven.

  I saw our house as it was being built, met some neighbors 
  that year,

  We  moved in early May, Starting school was hard so late   
  As it was.

  We were having our pool put in that Summer, I remember                        
  The heat,

  Those were the days of Saturday morning cartoons, 
  Worries so few.

  The Buggs bunny roadrunner hour, our new home was  
  So cool.

  The TV guide, late night classic movies, were a Summer    

  Seasons in the sun, Music of the seventies, my friends  
  And All of the fun,

  Sunday morning watching Wonderama, swimming in our  

  Weekends and Summers, nine children on the loose. 

  I remember Mannix, Hawaii five o', the Sunday night 

  Reading mad magazines on the porch,  a coke in the       
  Hot sun.

  On the phone with friends, the early seventies were a  
  Great Time.

  Musical sounds that said the Icecream man was coming,
  I Remember.

  Fourth of July, Fireworks that lit up the night, what a 
  Sight Back in time.

  My Yorba Linda home, back in nineteen seventy two, I 
  remember you.
          Keith Garrett


                          WHAT DOES THE SKY SEE

  From up so high looking down upon,

  Does the sky see me as I look back.

 On the hills' the wind blows' through the trees, 
  And swims Does the ocean

  Is this what the sky sees If only It had eyes.

  Can It see the birds' fly,

  Or the squirrels' climb the trees In the morning 

  What does the sky see,

  Possibly only what your Imagination dreams'.

                         Keith Garrett 


                          TREASURES OF THE LORD

  Into the darkness I stepped, wandering down a road,

  Left behind the trust and care for those who hurt my 
  Alone I've stood on a hill so high, at the edge of the
  There was nothing for me to see, blinded by what Is 
  Is this place I am a creation of my own anger and non 
  Does darkness fade as the sun appears again for a 
  Blind man.
  I've opened these eyes and learned to see his 
  The hills that are alive that rest beneath God's wide 
  Open sky.
  The wind that sings as It blows through the ever so 
  High trees,
  Rain that falls below Is a gift to us so that we may 
  Watch life grow.
  From the sea, to all that we need to be, Is for us 
  Because he,
  Only he had a thought, the power to Imagine that 
  Which we see.
  Treasures of the lord were placed down upon from 
  Only the greed of a man has stolen that which to him 
  Belongs not.
  Every time I open my eyes the treasures of the lord are 
  These are a gift, a reality that even the blind may see.

                                 Keith Garrett


                         THESE THINGS' I DREAM

  Within myself, thinking of  a place In another reality,

  What lies around me may be a different consciousness.

  This state of mind as I am not awake, floating, floating,

  I see a world like never have I Imagined before, I see.

  Visions' sent to my brain, pictures of stories past or 

  These things' I dream, a mystery from an eternity.

                                           Keith Garrett                



                                    IN MY MIND

  There are times I like to escape from here,

  Away from all this mess handed out from life.

 Through my dreams' and Imagination there's 
  A place to go,

  A fantasy created by myself that only I hold.

  Come with me on a journey Inside,

  To my playground built for me, a place I can hide.

  In my mind I keep out that of which I choose,

  Letting In only wishes of my perfect reality.

  There's a land of which I've come to find,

   It's a secret place, a playground In my mind.

                                Keith Garrett                 


                                THE BALLAD OF A MAN

  The sun keeps going down, no one's ever around,

  No one talks to me no more, I see my body on the 

  The days and nights run into tomorrow, a little laughter 
   And some sorrow,

  Tears and crying in a world of pain, my mother went away 
  Before spring was awake.

  My dad's been gone since I was a little boy, laughter and 
  Joy in between my sorrow,

  Songs that ring inside my head remind me of things from 
  Yesterday and friends.

   I started out a little boy, grew to a man who wonders 
  Where he's going,

  Brothers and sisters all over the place, I see their faces, 
  Do they have the same names.

  I travel my own road of life, three children I love and an 
  ex-wife I have never even liked,

  This is a Ballad of a man who loved and cared, he did in 
  His life all that he can.
                             Keith Garrett


                        THE ADVENTURE OF LIFE

  It holds many doors, different roads to choose from,

  Chances are taken as we turn the page.

   Life is an adventure, different chapters are written,

  Only can it be wasted if we stand still to long,

  Moving into the future, playing a different game.

  We must read from different books,

  Experience different tastes of another type of food.

  We leave behind people and things, sometimes we
  Must let go,

  Carrying into the future our memories or lessons 

  Sometimes it's difficult to miss but we learn to adjust,

  Changes upon changes as the wheel keeps turning.

  The circle of life is neverending, nothing may stay the 

  The adventure of life is a most wonderful but hard game 
  To play
                                      Keith Garrett 


                                 I REMEMBER JACK

  He was a wanderer, a young man seeking peace,

  War tears many families apart, a mystery was Jack.

  Appeared did he on a roadside one day, I did change,

  Something strange about a man who came from the past.

  I remember a man named Jack who granted me a wish,

  I did not make that wish and Jack had to go far away,

  He made it for me as I saw him again one day.

  A much older me, I did not know happiness was for me,

  Jack died in nineteen forty four, long before I was born.

            Keith Garrett