I DREAMED I WAS A CHILD

 There was a place, there was a child, was it real, 
 Why was he crying,

 A street, a neighborhood, a school where laughter lived, 
 Clowns on a wall.

 Duck, duck, goose and a circle of friends, round, and 
 Round they run,

 A boy named Grover, swing sets and a dream, I walk 
 There it seems.

 A small boy, lonely in his thoughts, a dreamer of things 
 Not to be thought,

 Monsters under the bed, who peeks in the window above 
 His frightened head.

 I dreamed I was a child but who is it I be, a fathers 
 Son from yesterday,

 A child trapped in a place that does not let go, cartoons 
 And sounds of planes.

 Reality was but a moment, childhood innocence and magic 
 Slips away,

 Where were you little girl when my October drifted into 

 Imagination and ice cream trucks playing musical tunes 
 for A dime,

 Warm Summer days lost in a mans' child dreaming eyes.

 It rests in cobwebs, it quietly waits for my return,

 A place hidden from my mind, it watches, it knows what 
 I have seen.

                      Keith Garrett 



 This place of beauty has stood here for generations,

 Built by a great, great, Grandfather a long time ago.

 Times have changed in this world around a ranch,

 The fight to keep what is yours has been since time 

 You battle, climb the hill with sweat and tears, for 
 This ranch,

 Family before you have sacrificed in ways you can't 

 What does your heritage mean to you? will you die if
 They try to take your home?

 For this ranch, will you die? will you shed a tear for 
 Those who bled before your time?
                         Keith Garrett


                    BY THE CREEK,

                  IS WHERE I DREAM

Away from everyday, away from what is always seen,

 To a place of peace by the water, where the grass 
 Is green.

 Birds of song dance in the sky, here in solitude, 
 This is I,

 A giant oak tree that's as old as many night skies, 
 By the creek.

 Myself searching for a dream come true, seeking in my 

 In the still water a face of a man staring at me, what 
 Does he see?

 By the creek is where I dream, lost wishes sleep at 
 The bottom,

 This always working mind tries desperately to awaken 

 I'm a different sort of man now, lessons of mistakes 

 Taught by what and the who of that which is gone away,

 Lessons learned from the no more, by the creek, by the 

                      Keith Garrett. 



 A dream, a mystery, for me has not been seen,

 A child just born to this world, I have learned.

 A descendent, a great grandchild to my Father, mother,

 A young child so new, I heard you're a little boy, 
 I heard.

 Not your name can I say, I don't know you, no name given 
 To me.

A grandchild, not for me to see, a daughter so bitter, 

I say to you Grandchild, I am Grandfather with a name,

 One day you will understand, anger and a grudge will
 Haunt your land.
                                 Keith Garrett


                  TRIALS' OF A MAN

 Once a child, a small boy from many seasons' past,

 In this time and place destined to be a man.

 Through many battles I've had to persevere,

 Like heading Into a strong never ending wind.

 I'm learning to move away from the confrontation,

 Choosing a new direction, energy not wasted.

 Struggling to do everything right as I walk forward,

 Positive lessons' to take ahead, I've learned from 
 My past.

 At one time I put away my faith, put It high on a shelf,

 Keep living, keep moving along, and try always.

 I've had losses and love lost but this won't end me,

 In this, things gained simultaneously.

 I still seek some of what's been lost, still within 

 Some gone forever, forever a memory.

                    Keith Garrett


                       MY FATHER,
                  LEON RUSSELL GARRETT,
                 EIGHTY NINE YOU WOULD BE
 April 11, 1932, you had a life and a family as a 

 A father, brothers of two, Alice and Barbara, all 
 Of you.

 How it must have been back in those days of childish 

 Running within the trees, simple games with friends 
 Of the day.

 A boy scout, what were your thoughts and dreams of 

 High school and girls, when the fifties began, already 
 The Korean war.

 You were such a young man, writing your thoughts upon
 A ship,

 From out of Virginia, the Newport News and across 
 The ocean.

 You had a life, a wife, and children, your spirit 
 Wanders Beyond this Earth,

 Today you would be eighty nine years, Happy birthday! Dad, 
 Forever missed.
          Keith Garrett


                    TO CATCH THE WIND

 Out there free, in the early morning light from 
 The sky,

 A shadowy figure stands motionless as the wind blows 
 Across the land.
 Feeling the fresh air swirling around this powerful 

 It raises its head to the rising sun.

 Miles, and miles to the North, South, East, and West,

 This great beast can run under the wide open sky.

 This miracle of nature, a magnificent creation  from 

 With speed and quickness, gallops to everywhere.

 Such a gentle friend which stands up tall,

 Fast, Oh! so fast he may run, and run to catch the wind.

                 Keith Garrett


                     All that I see

 Far In the distance, I see hills' standing still,

 Trees of green blowing In the breeze, falling leaves.

 Grass of green that I see below me, vision of paradise,

 A lake that sits' beneath the sky, this sky sometimes 

 I am a dreamer who sees with heart and soul,

 All that I see Is not only a dream.

                               Keith Garrett


                THEY ONLY KNOW MY NAME

 My face is seen through eyes that do not see,

 Opinions or judgement, anger or jealousy.

 They form their own truth, they make themselves 

 That I am something less than what I know to be.

 A first impression, a bad impression,

 Who are they who think they sit on a throne.

 If they look to the mirror, no perfection to see,

 They only know my name, they do not know of me.

 A story they tell amongst themselves,

 They do not stand and face me.

 It is only heard by my ear from breath to breath,

 They only know my name, they are known to me.

                   Keith Garrett  


                     THE FACES WE WEAR

 Take a look once in a while, slow down, stare 
 Into their faces,

 Do you wonder If they see your look on a certain day, 
 Are you okay?

 I'm not talking about the way you frown or the smile 
 That's loud,

 I'm talking about the reality when you turn back around.

 I've seen what walks in front of me, I've seen you but 
 I've seen me,

 We wear faces of today, we wear also our faces of shame.

 The faces we wear are a collection of a lifetime of love 
 And pain,

 What we have lost, beautiful things we have gained.

                        Keith Garrett