BEAVER CLEAVER,


 It seems like yesterday that we were a family,

 I think of being little, hanging around with Wally.

 My mother, June Cleaver was always around the house,

 Dad, Ward Cleaver worked in an office, home every night.

 We went to school in Mayfield, USA with friends 
 My friend Whitey has gone away, Mrs. Landers left our 
 Mr. and Mrs. Ruthorford have disappeared beyond 
 This place.
 Dad had to leave one day, he didn't come through the 
 Door anymore,
 Eddie and Lumpy left Mayfield a while back, I do 
 Mom was tired from all the years and so she traveled 
 I just got word that my older brother, Wally has just
 moved away,
 I miss my family, It's very quiet now here at our 
 House On Pine street.
 Mom isn't in the kitchen making dinner or asking me 
 How my day was,
 Dad doesn't call me downstairs to lecture me about my 
 Wally isn't around calling me a little goof now, so 
 Many memories,
 I am Beaver Cleaver, I am now all alone at 211 Pine 
            Keith Garrett



 If I could lift both feet at the same time, 
 I'd be up in the air,

 My arms stretched out, flying, flying to anywhere 
 And everywhere.

 Stuck on the ground, confined, trapped as if carrying 
 Heavy chains,

 Sometimes just wanting to take off, fly, fly far away.

 Not only gravity keeps us on the ground where we exist,

 But the taste for life, for the breath, every breath.

 Both feet off the ground to a new adventure in time,

 Away, far away from what hurts a mans heart, yes! this 

 My heart cries for what has been taken away, away from me,

 Both feet on the ground, not so much a good place to be.

                              Keith Garrett


            BILLY THE KID

 A story to tell, as on the eve of the civil war 
 There would come to be a birth,
 An Irish neighborhood in New York city, November 
 Twenty third, eighteen fifty nine.
 William Henry McCarty JR. later known as the infamous 
 Outlaw Billy the kid,
 A mother known as Katherine, a father unknown, a little 
 Boy would never know.
 William H. Bonney would one day join the Lincoln  
 County war, life would become short.
 Legend tells that he killed twenty one men, later a folk 
 Hero is told,
 Five foot nine he stood, blue eyes, smooth complexion,  
 sometimes a friendly sort.                    
 Some say he was a neat dresser, liked to sport his 
 Mexican sombrero,
 Billy was skilled with firearms, a cowboy, gambler,  
 Cattle rustler, he was an outlaw.
 Sheriff Pat Garrett would come to hunt him down, Billy 
 Was only a kid, what waited for him.
 He was cornered, shot and killed by a man, a lawman, July 
 Fourteenth, eighteen eighty one.
 He was only twenty one when his life ended, a young man  
 Dies back in a time at Fort Sumner,
 New Mexico, Pat shot him down, He was an outlaw but he 
 Was once a mother's son.
 Rest in peace Billy the kid.

                    Keith Garrett



 There was a place, there was a child, was it real, 
 Why was he crying,

 A street, a neighborhood, a school where laughter lived, 
 Clowns on a wall.

 Duck, duck, goose and a circle of friends, round, and 
 Round they ran,

 A boy named Grover, swingsets and a dream, I walk 
 There it seems.

 A small boy, lonely in his thoughts, a dreamer of things 
 Not to be thought,

 Monsters under the bed, who peeks in the window above 
 His frightened head.

 I dreamed I was a child but who is I be, a fathers son 
 From yesterday,

 A child trapped in a place that does not let go, cartoons, 
 And the sound of planes.

 Reality was but a moment, childhood innocence, and 
 Magic slip away,

 Where were you little girl when my October drifted into 

 Imagination and icecream trucks playing musical tunes 
 For a dime,

 Warm Summer days lost in a mans' child dreaming eyes.

 It rests in cobwebs, it quietly waits for my return,

 A place hidden from my mind, it watches, it knows what 
 I have seen.

                    Keith Garrett 



 For whatever it's worth, you came out on top,

 Power in the hands of the right and wrong is scary.

 You are human but who are you really behind those 

 Through the years, from any shore, leaders are seen 
 With fear and war.

 Behind guarded doors of a house, Palaces and castles 
 On foreign soil,

 Keys to the Kingdom are held by those with or without 

 There are battles fought to hold onto or gain possession 
 of many keys,

 Keys to secret places, vaults, and of course, keys to
 The end of the world.

 Some keys should be destroyed, taken from them who misuse 
 Keys to the kingdom.
                        Keith Garrett


             WATCHER OF THE SEA

 High above the water, overlooking the ocean,

 Built above the rocks standing tall under the sky.

 With Its' eyes of light so bright watching for those,

 Guiding whom might approach these shores, looking.

 For so many years It sees, watches, and waits,

 As from across the horizon travelers make their way.

 Watcher of the sea, keeping your eye on what Is all 
 Around thee,

 Wheather the light of day or the dark of night, 
 You watch.

 Trusted by many are you, counted on for safety,

 You are the watcher of the sea, lonely as It may be.

                Keith Garrett


                SURROUNDING ME

 I"m here, blind at times to what's around me, waiting 
 For myself to see,

 Sitting here at this moment, quiet with no soul to keep
 Me company.

 Feeling lonely, but as I turn my eyes to this world, 
 Notice do I everything,
 There's much life watching me, I never listen but now 
 I can hear.

 As what's surrounding me Is telling me something, It's 
 Talking to me,

 There stands a tree, Its' branches swinging In the wind 
 Like arms.

 Leaves falling to the ground, nature brings It to life as 
 I hear the sound,

 The grass dances as a breeze travels on by singing as It 
 Says goodbye.

 When I sit upon It a feeling It has as also this friend 
 Of Green feels me,

 On a shrub, a bird sits and whistles In the sun,

 Saying hello to It as away In the sky this bird flies.

 There are bees buzzing around flowers of many colors and 

 They leave me alone, I'm not alone,

 What I want may not be, a little less lonely with what's 

                 Keith Garrett 



 Darkness disappears' as day comes to life,

 Footsteps of mine traveling the morning light.

 The fog begins' to lift showing the beauty of God,

 I walk this way with hope by my side.

 Quiet as It's early, fore sleep still lingers,'

 On the move are these legs, tired, forever tired.

 Rays of light shine through the distant clouds,

 Sunrise has a story for a man roaming alone.

 Everything has changed as the days' seem the same,

 A song, he sings' a song In my ear always heard.

 My favorite music from the man from Jersey,

 Sunrise, sweet sunrise, each day my journey.

               Keith Garrett  


                  " SHE' S A DREAMER

 She sits' under a clear starry night sky,

 Praying to the night, wishing, just wishing.

 Flowers' all around this beauty of the night,

 Long flowing hair with a body so nice, she.

 She's a dreamer, alone but peaceful, never lonely,

 She's a dreamer, happiness lives within this princess.

              Keith Garrett  


                  HILLS' OF FIRE
        Keith Garrett

 Look to the sky, watch as the smoke rises high above,

 Beauty disappears as the heat consumes what was green.

 Ignorance or wind destroys God's masterpiece created,

 A fool is the man who can't see the gift put in front 
 Of him.

 See the hills of fire, watch as the animals run, see their 

 See all that can be seen through eyes of pain, of sorrow.

 Hills of fire burn no more, fire of death be rained down 

 Let life reappear, let the colors so bright be a sight.

 Hills of fire and death, open your eyes, do you see,

 Hills of pain, hills of sorrow, open your eyes, do you 

 Hills of beauty and laughter, open your eyes, do you 

 Hills of breath, hills of darkness, open your eyes, do 
 You        See.

 Hills of danger and mistrust, open your eyes, do you

 The glow in the sky, a scar for all to see. 

 Hills of eternity and life, open your eyes, do you see,

 Hills of slumber, hills of strength, open your eyes, do 
 You see.

Take these hills of fire away, there's a price you pay.