LOST IN THE WILD

To step outside the world I've known,
Leave It all behind and those who know me.

Off on a great journey to see It all,
Into the wilderness as If nothing else matters' 

To try things never tried before,
Experience life through a new open door.

Perhaps a fear of what lies ahead,
I trek across the land, survive If I can.

See many new things from my eyes,
Into the night, I hear nature cry.

Not expecting never to go home again,
Lost In the wild, Is where my life ends.

   Keith Garrett 


                      A SAD CLOWN

 A smile on his face, frown lives underneath,

 Watch the children laugh at this simple clown 
 On the street.

 An entertainer of fun and laughs, for a small price 
 You pay,

 That's what you may think until his chuckle lures 
 You away.

 A clown of mischief, there's more to him than meets 
 The eye,

 When the sun goes, wicked and mean, he'll make 
 You scream.

 A sad clown indeed, covered under a mask of makeup,
 A monster to be,

 He'll dance for you and maybe throw confetti around,  
 Kill does this sad clown.

 Ride a small bike, juggle in the air, follow you through  
 The park death everywhere,

 Big, funny shoes, baggy pants not so neat, not just a  
 Clown, Never want to meet.

                            Keith Garrett


                   " I OFFER NO SURRENDER"

 You sit there princess, on the shore watching,

 Passing by under a full moon, am I to far to touch.

 The sea Is calm, quietly my boat sails' on by,

 Distant are you, away from me you stay, I wait.

 Circle your world as my search does not end,

 I offer no surrender, I fight through the dark 
 Of nights.

 Here you sit, an Image of Inner beauty so fine,

 My eyes can only see what a heart lets' It see, 

                                                                          Keith Garrett 


                      LISTEN TO THE GHOST

 He makes himself known to the dark of night,

 Sounds of laughter, or noises of fright.

 Rattles and thumps, to your ears are heard,

 You don't believe in ghosts, well listen to this.

 Maybe you can't see him but I surely have,

 The sounds are there but you think it's something 

 A soul, a spirit trapped within this place,

 He haunts within these walls and halls.

 Angry because of what's happened in this space,

 Listen to the ghost fore he has a story to be told,

 Once he lived, he died long ago.

        Keith Garrett 


                    WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE

He lurks in the darkness, within the shadows,

A gruesome figure of a man, quietly waiting.

Watches does he on an October night,

Stalking his prey till morning's sunrise.

He kills with no warning, no fear or remorse,

Without a conscience, he'll stop your heart.

On a windy, Fall night, leaves falling from the trees,

If the moon is full and bright, his shadow may be seen.

Without a conscience, he'll take your life,

What kind of man walks in the darkness

Seeking blood on a Halloween night?

Listen for the footsteps but stay in the light,

Don't go out alone, not on this, his special night.

      Keith Garrett


                       TRAPPED IN BETWEEN

She thought it was a dream, no one could hear her screams,

Not in a state of life or death but trapped in between.

In a world of nothing, a place where there was no sense,

She knew fear, was there a way to escape?

This was not to be a dream, was she dead, trapped in 

She could see and breathe, there was no path,

No clue as to which way to go, was she in hell?

Was she dead or alive or just a nightmare inside,

Wake her from her torment or send her off to heaven.

Trapped in between is surely not a wonderful dream,

All by herself, only the echoes of her screams.

      Keith Garrett


                    HERE IS MY HOUSE

                                                                     Here is my house, built for this world today,

                                                                   There is a gate so that you can't get through,

If not invited, there will be guns waiting for you.

                                                                   Two dogs growling, mean as could ever be,

An alarm system that calls on those who will hurt 
You indeed.

Doors of steel that should let not a criminal soul 
Get in,

Supplies for survival if this land must come to this.

 Here is my house, not one of dreams but of safety,

 Not the way our country should be,

 here is my house the way I see.

      Keith Garrett


                     " THE TALL MAN"

He comes from another world, a planet of hell,

                                                                  Here to steal the bodies of this world for slaves.

I saw him one day, he scared the hell out of me,

At a funeral home, I was in the bushes hiding.

The tall man, dressed in a black suit with eyes of death,

He knows I am there, a smirk of desire on his face, 
I fear.

No soul, not a conscience is possessed by a being of

The tall man is everything wicked, destruction of a race.

             Keith Garrett


                 A VIEW WORTH SEEING

                                                                                Fortunate if you are to see through the darkness,

                                                                              For granted do not take the gift of light, always night.

                                                                         Scenes and visions from the mind are wonderful at times,

                                                                        To open your eyes and nothing rests in your sight a fright.

                                                                      A view worth seeing comes to the grateful eyes day or night,

                                                                         The morning light with the birds beautiful in your sight.

                                                                      Wherever you go a picture of color awaits, always changing,

Each day a different view, open your eyes to a view worth 
                                                                              Keith Garrett


                  WHEN THE PHONE RINGS

                                                                        You're all alone, darkness falls, stormy is the night,

                                                                         Quietly you roam your home, peaceful it will not be.

                                                                          When the phone rings then what sound you'll hear,

                                                                         Answer you do to whom knows what or who speaks.

                                                                           Pick up the phone, put it near your ear and listen,

                                                                            No words are spoken or heard, not a whisper yet.

                                                                       Hang up comes from the other side, you are still alive,

                                                                  Call after call, ring, the phone does again ring, 
You answer.

                                                                        What comes from the other side, comes soon for you.

                                                                        Keith Garrett