God created heaven and earth so that we could live together,

I was thinking as I walked down the street, I looked at a fence,

Touching it with my hands I realized a man would have to climb,

To get to the other side he would have to go beyond where was legal.

This is my space!, you can’t come near it, since the beginning of time,

The world was meant to share, be free to roam, we started building fences.

Around our land, fences to keep others out and mark our territory,

It’s all been broken up into pieces, always a fight that leads to war.

How can any one man or nation own a piece of the sky, stay away they say,

Beyond the sky, do we all have a right to it or is it claimed by the powerful.

Stay away from here!, this is my ocean, be warned or we go to war, do you hear.?

No drink of water for you, someone else owns this lake, river, or stream,

Dirt is not free anymore, there’s a price to be paid, money to be made.

Be careful as soon the air we breathe will not be free, who takes charge I wonder,

If we lived as one and shared the land, there would be room for every soul and man.

Keith Garrett



Beneath the trees that touch the sky,

Down where their leaves fall to the ground.

Across a meadow, beyond the grass so tall,

A creek with flowing water, I travel under the sun.

What a treat, my shoes are off, my feet in the creek,

Under these trees that have stood here for some time,

Beneath the blue and clouded sky, water touches my feet

Feet in the creek, a cool, flowing breeze, just these things and me.

Keith Garrett



With my heart, this heart I can still touch,

Your scent encircling me does not vanish.

In the wind feel you I do,

Go away you do not, the air I breathe is you.

Step out onto your patio, take in the air,

The early evening breeze flows through your hair,

Feel it on you, I am there.

Feel the wind as it comes from all that you are,

Energy so magnificent, power of your soul.

I feel the wind and imagine that it wears a face,

A smile, beautiful eyes, and a voice with words of love.

Feel the wind, I can feel the wind as it takes me away,

The wind is you, I am the wind.

Keith Garrett



How is it possible to change the world,

Can one man get it started, where to begin.?

Do a favor of unselfishness and ask that in return

This person do three favors,

Two more favors of you must be accomplished to start.

It is that someone first did a kindness for you,

They then asked of you to do these three things.

Favors of three may be quite a sacrifice indeed,

A price this may be that you pay in many a way.

A person, just one to take a chance is possible,

If each that has been given this gift does in return

Pass it on then it will never stop.

The world would be as one family, in other words,


Keith Garrett



Walked hand in hand, he was the man,

When I looked up I saw my dad.

So impressed when I watched him shave,

I want to be like you, a proud dad of a man.

Watch television with you, a drive in your car,

Father and son, I have traveled far, see you above the stars.

Keith Garrett



There was a man in a far off land,

He had no eyes, he had no hands, this man.

Told me of visions, of a world he sees,

With his feet he would pick up things.

He spoke of many stories and travels,

Lessons of worth from a man in a far off land.

There were no tears or anger of his losses,

A smile for gifts bestowed upon him.

He was not weak, body or mind,

He was a man from a far off land, a kind man.

He had no want of things so many,

What he valued was simple, not riches of plenty.

Keith Garrett



To far have I gone for what is wanted,

Turn and go back, not quite where I’ve started.

Lost in between this place for us,

No stress or burden, not even a fuss.

I’m stuck standing still, where do I go?

I have to keep going, don’t choose to be home all alone.

I need to be back where it is I belong,

Inside with who I am, not a stranger in my home.

To sit here peacefully and know I can be me,

Not worrying about what they want to see,

I can only be the real me.

Keith Garrett