THE FLOWING RIVER

  I sit and watch the flowing river, the river runs away 
  From me,

  I'm here alone, beneath the singing trees, the river 
   Flows Into the sea.

  Looking down upon the valley, the river flows between 
  The rocks and me,

  I watch the trees, the valley is seen, the flowing river is a 
  Forever dream.

  The sun is setting upon all that is seen, I am life, and the 
  River is me,

  I am not pretend as I have been forever, the flowing 
  River Flows through me.
                                Keith Garrett


                           THE GREATEST TIME

  Watching the kids throwing snowballs in the cold,

 Snow falling down, clapping their hands, joyful sounds.

  Sleds and saucers, laughter rings through the day,

  I am here as I am shown the greatest time a child 
  May have.

  Making a snowman come to life, snow angels upon 
  The ground,

  Watching their dreaming eyes wish upon a star, a 
  Lifetime ahead.

  Like looking back in time when the magic was more  
  Alive, It fades,

  The greatest time is watching children fly with no scars 
  To hide.
                Keith Garrett


                                THE VIGILANTE

  A peaceful man, calm was he with a smile so 

 Until they took his wife,, then his daughter's life.

 His world was turned inside out, nothing will be the 

  His name is known within the business world, the 
  Nights are his.

  A man who did have a family, now he takes the lives of 
  Them who take,

  His life is much different now, days of a regular 
  Citizen, Nights of vengeance.

  He now lives within himself, with the pain he inflicts 
  Upon The evil that bring pain,

  He is the vigilante, a good man who had enough of bad 
  People in a crazy world.

                                      Keith Garrett


                               SHE SITS ALONE

  In her cozy little home, she sits alone,

  Out of the window the birds sing, they wait.

  A lady wakes to her day, she sees the sun,

  A smile on her face as she watches.

  It's a beautiful day as she strolls out into the yard,

  Into her garden with food for her flying friends.

  Bluebirds can sense the table of peanuts,

 They are most happy as they gather a favorite food.

  She watches as the squirrels sit and eat,

  She sits alone but never so alone.

  There's a peace within the trees and plants,

  She thinks and dreams, quiet is the scene,

  She sits alone with friends that roam.

                                    Keith Garrett


                                   SNOW SCENE

  See into this picture, beyond right in front of you,

  Snow falling lightly, the trees that once had leaves

  Now dressed in white is a beautiful scene to be.

  What was once grass of green is now a blanket of white,

  Fences of wood stretched out in the distance are covered.

  Icicles of many shapes and sizes hang from rooftops,

  Feel the wind, hear it sing as it passes through the

  The sky has many colors, so cold it appears sitting 

  There are no stars on this night, not a moon so bright.

  A snow scene can be a most beautiful thing, see what
  Might be.
                                          Keith Garrett



  Just as before, so long ago where once we were,

  I was your son, you were my dad, I saw you there.

  Standing in the snow, like yesterday, you were real,

  As the years passed and again the snow would be,

  I watched as the snow would fall, I searched for you 
  And me.

  I am no longer a child as I remember those child -filled 

  I thought I saw you in the snow, I wished for it anyway.

  Were you there, were you walking in the snow today,

  Was it a dream, I saw as you smiled and looked my way.

  I thought I saw you in the snow, was it really so long 

  I thought I saw you in the snow, I think maybe it was so.

                                  Keith Garrett


                        THIS BOY FROM TUPELO

  From Mississippi, born quite some time ago,

 The name of Elvis, would be forever known.

  Gospel music, he could sing very well,

  Growing up In a town, where the poor would dwell.

   He loved his mother, to her a song he would sing,

  Noticed by a man named Sam, to a boy, fame this 
  Would bring.

  Moving on to Memphis, a place In Tennessee,

 A mansion known as Graceland, now the home for he.

  Always near by, on him an eye they keep,

  Called the Memphis Mafia, Is who they would be.

   A show he puts' on In such places well known,

  All over the world his legend has grown.

  When his time came, the Lord made his visit,

  Away Elvis went with him, to the music we still listen.

                               Keith Garrett                    


                          SHADOWS IN THE SNOW

 So cold it is on a Winter's day,

 The trees in the distance are empty with a 
  touch of frost upon them.

 Appears very quiet with not a soul to be found,

  Nature by itself, nature not disturbed.

  A fence runs across the snow covered land,

  Followed by shadows that accompany its path.

  Around the trees, through the hills, and everywhere,

  As the sun goes down there are shadows, shadows 
  In the snow.

                                 Keith Garrett


                                    THIS IS WINTER

  Beyond, there are mountains high above the trees,

  Covered with snow, below the open sky.

  A road blanketed with snow, disappears into the frosty,

  White, trees growing all around,

  Such a beautiful, and colorful, looking scene to the

  Dream past what you see, Imagine a running stream,

  Icy, with snow covered banks and wildlife living here.

  Could there be a waterfall pouring down into a frozen 

  Possibly icicicles hanging down from rocky cliffs?

  This is Winter, it is cold and sometimes bitter,

 There might be a freezing , blowing, wind howling 
  Through the land.

                 This is Winter, this is Winter.

                                       Keith Garrett  


                          WINTER WILDERNESS

 Alone, so alone and cold, nothing seems to be alive,

 In the background a hill of snow and darkness to see.

  There's a fence surrounded by a cold, cold, sky above,

  Standing by itself, layered with a blanket of icy snow is 

  An old, leafless, tree guarding this land.

  A look of Winter on the face of this place,

  Such a beautiful scene to take in.

   Seems so peaceful, this Winter wilderness.

                                                            Keith Garrett