I Imagined I was awake and this aging world had changed,

Asleep and dreaming was this man, listen to what is seen.

Just suppose all mankind was with peace, my mind sees,

No wars to conquer, not a child would have to die.

Anger and hatred put aside, not a bomb to drop on any side,

All home for Christmas, loved ones together everywhere.

No colors of difference, all are of human flesh and blood,

Violence and crime are a thing of the past, do you see.

As I sleep, watch me while I dream, Imagine,

Hand in hand across the land, give of yourself what you can.

Evil and corruption destroyed from above, dream with me,

Christmas dreams live inside many a heart, love conquers.

The world holds much beauty but covered with doubt and fear,

My dreams are told, did you listen with an ear, did you see,

Pray for mankind, share in my Christmas dreams.

Keith Garrett




Take a look at this man, the spirit of Christmas as he stands,

Grown on his face is an enormous white beard, a jolly old man.

A red coat and cap trimmed in white color, warm as he needs,

A black belt around his waist and boots of black worn on his feet.

He’s known for a ho! ho! ho! and a Merry Christmas to all, Santa Claus,

As he flies through the air on Christmas Eve and to all a goodnight.

If you can dream like a child or dream as a child you once were,

Up at the North pole he lives, a fantasy village far, far, away.

Keith Garrett



Snow covered ground with pine trees all around,

Bears of white everywhere, logs of wood lying there.

Roaming deer watching without fear,

Snowballs on the ground, big and round.

An elf that smiles up in a tree,

Dressed in red, bells on his feet.

There’s a snowman, in the distance he stands,

Cold as Winter, in this fairytale land.

As the snow falls down, Santa Claus walks the grounds,

Candles lit with color brightens what’s around.

A Christmas scene, perhaps all in a dream,

A child’s Imagination, does your memory still see.

Keith Garrett




For the world, each year has a Christmas,

As the hand of a clock turns, a last Christmas.

From the first celebration, the joy of the season has been shared,

Bringing people together, mending wounds of the heart.

Just as each day we must live as if it were our last,

We must share this day also as if it were a last Christmas.

We don’t live in the past just as we don’t live in the future,

The reality is we have only today so let’s spend it together

As if it is a last Christmas.

Keith Garrett




An English setting, a time of old, a man with a heart so cold,

Snow falling from the sky as the not so fortunate await Christmas.

Friendly he is not, forgotten has he the meaning of love in his day,

Alone he sits, alone he values the riches within his pockets.

To a home, this man enters each night and dines quite silently,

What he will learn soon is sad but true, precious wasted time.

Visited him on this Christmas Eve will be ghosts of three,

The past, present, and future haunt a man such as he.

Through the night travels a burdened soul with a truth,

Where he has come from to now that which he has become.

Sees does this old, bitter man his yesterday, today, and tomorrow,

A chance to change is a most priceless gift of all, forgive us all.

Time wasted but lessons accompanied with tears of regret,

A story told about a man whom with open eyes was blinded.

Given to him by ghosts of three the gift of a chance to change,

Old man from the past, you now walk with a different heart.

Keith Garrett



I appear but once a year, I am the day,

The cold that comes with it is part of me.

The snow falling down may be when I’m around,

Decorated trees have everything to do with me.

Songs of the season, mistletoe, and a snowman.

I am called Christmas, a celebration of family and togetherness,

Gifts given, love, and happiness are a piece of what I am.

I am a day of peace and goodwill toward man,

I am a sleigh ride through the sky by a jolly old man

And reindeer on such a special night.

I am called Christmas, the name stands for many

Happening events throughout the land,

I am not one man, I am many hearts on a December day.

Keith Garrett



Keith Garrett

Another year almost in our book of memories,

Winter is on its way, shorter days, shadows stay.

There’s a cold look to the mountain’s face,

Listen to the early breeze as another season sets in.

The trees shed their leaves, the sun drifts a little away,

See the wildlife gather all that they need.

Lights of beautiful color are raised in the town square,

Warm clothes and jackets are noticed everywhere.

The seeking of gifts is a fun and thoughtful idea,

But for Christmas this year, let’s be thankful for the life we have.

Remembering family and friends whom we’ve lost with time,

Grateful for the ones in our lives that we love.

Each Christmas just as each day may not come our way again,

So whatever the season means to you,

Take time and reflect on the good health you have.

Your family and friends,

Cherish every moment of every day.