HE SITS IN THE PARK

 The heat of Summer, deadly, hot, humidity,

 What circumstances brought him here.

 He battles the elements, seasons of four,

 A meal this morning, fighting for more.

 Rain or shine, through the Winter nights,

 He seeks shelter, he sits in the park.

 His life is lived day by day, no place to stay,

 Under the stars is his view of the night.

 On his own and what can this man call home,

 Wherever he roams and stops is all he can claim.

 He sits in the dark, he sits in the park,

 At mornings light, beyond what is night.

 He's no less than what you see, who is he,

 A man with no plan, living in this land.

                             Keith Garrett                                        


                      HE IS THERE

 More than once he visited me in my sleep, taunting,

 I would be alone in a dark house, awake and peek out  
 The window.

 Always windy in this dream, I can see him in the 

 Face hidden behind a black robe that blows in the wind.        

 He knows that I am inside, he can feel my fear as I hide,  

 It appears that we are the only two in this world,         
 Following Me.

 He is there, always knowing where I am, getting closer,     

 Is this a dream as I awake in the darkness, I am 

 I peek out the window to make sure he is not 

 Within the dark wind, in a black robe, he is always 
                   Keith Garrett


                       DR. DOOM

 The story was from many years ago about a man 
 Called Dr. Doom,

 He was a real doctor with a wife and a regular, 
 Normal life.

 The neighbors all liked him as well as his patients 
 And co-workers,

 Yes! a strange name for a doctor, kind of freaky to 
 Some people.

 This doctor had a secret, fore unknown to all he was 
 Two men,

 Dr. Doom was one and the other was a man of terrible 

 Killing in the night as he would enter the hospital  
 Carefully, Then be gone,

 During the day a normal man who cares for the needy, 
 Sick ones.

 It was never known who was doing the murders or that 
 The evil one

 Was right there in the neighborhood or simply among  
 Them Walking

 Around the office each day,

 The last killing was October thirty first twenty years 

 Dr. Doom and his wife had moved away, never seen again,

 Until today when a couple moves into a house in a town  
 Far Away.

 Another October, Dr. Doom has changed his name but not 
 The Doom

 He has planned for this town on a different Fall day.

                             Keith Garrett


                 ONE OF EVIL, ONE OF GOOD

 Born as twins, a mothers joy, a mothers pain,

 As they grew, evil and good, one a girl, the other boy.

 Darkness in the mind, thoughts of a wicked one,

 Happiness of another, smile of the decent one.

 Brother and sister, one of evil, one of good,

 Boy as he should be, girl that has a dark heart.

 Fore which is evil, which one is good,

 What lives in the souls of two,

 Good is evil and evil is good.

 Both possess an evil, they both know of the good.

              Keith Garrett


                   ONE A.M.

 When they come, they come in force, from somewhere,

 From everywhere they surround and take whatever 
 Is found.

 These things that they are never do you want to meet,

 Their hearts are of black, you are nothing more to them 
 Than can be used.

 There is no mercy shown when they lay their claws upon 

 Lock your doors! you already know that every year at one 

 On Halloween, it is them who come from some place of 

 Horrible to you  but to them a feast on this night after 
 The midnight hour.

 Hide as you do where they can not see as they will not 
 Search for you,

 For the foolish, the ones that don't believe or don't 
 Think it will happen again.

 At one a.m. if you are within sight then on this night 
 You will have no more life.
                         Keith Garrett


                     THEY LET ME OUT!

 Fools! they let me out, they let me go, I'm on the  
 Loose once again,

 They believed me when I said I'm sorry, I've learned 
 My lesson.

 My time here is complete, you have reformed me as I  
 Agree, Ha! Ha!

 Yes! I understand that I must be good and not do those 
 Things again.

 Trust me when I say that I was wrong and I know I have a 

 You have my word that I'll take my medicine and report 
 When I should.

 I was sick, I know that now, you'll be watching me, I 
 Promise you, trust me,

 They let me out! those fools! I'll show them what's going 
 To happen for locking me up.

 They have no idea what I've really done or what I'm   
 Capable Of, they no little,

 What I've been punished for is not all that I have done, 
 they let me out.

  What I am is more evil than you can imagine, bad things 
  Will happen,

  It's not my fault, just remember, they let me out!

                        Keith Garrett


                 THEY TRIED TO TAKE OUR FARM

 To sweat and actually bleed, long hot days giving 
 Our all,

 When the rooster crows we are already starting the 

 What it takes to keep a farm, everyone pulling together 
 As one,

 You'll find out quick that no one will care, so you  
 Better Care more.

 The government decided they wanted our land, they asked 

 We said no! we don't want to sell, that wasn't really a 
 Question you see.

 They got mean, we decide to get meaner, no one is taking 
 Our farm,

 Here we'll stand with guns in hand, die if we must, this 
 Is our land.

 Together as one women and men we were ready to fight for 
 A Farm, our home,

 They tried to take our farm, we prayed for peace, we  
 Want This not to be.

 In the end we did not fall, we said it all, they went  
 Away This is our home.
                                Keith Garrett



 She appeared one day, moved in with only bags 
 Of plastic,

 From where she came is not at this time known, 
 Lives alone.

 By daylight windows and doors never do they open, 
 She is inside,

 Peeks out once in a while, never have I seen a smile, 
 Who is she?

 Sometimes a giggle from within her cage, alone inside 
 She stays,

 Not much ever of a light, flashes on and off late in 
 The night.

 Never trash brought outside, what does she eat? never 
 Food brought inside,

 A smell so foul permeates through the walls of where 
 She hides.
 Is she human or perhaps something other that cannot be 

 She knows we watch, maybe she's just a bad dream.

                          Keith Garrett


                          IT'S NOT HUMAN

 It lives but it can not be seen,

 Hunted but you do not know it, you are seen.

 Not in your dreams, a living nightmare,

 You can hide, does it know where you are.

 What does it look like, teeth or claws,

 A tail that swings, feet as you've seen.

 Is it an animal or just an evil being,

 It can not be seen, is it because blindness is 
 Is for you in between.
 Is it not to you human because of the nature of the 

 It's not human, Is it the monster in a man.

                                   Keith Garrett 


                 WHAT MAKES GOD SAD

 The wonder's of the world, for us he made,

 A cool felt breeze on a Summer's day.

 Mountains that stand so tall up above,

 Oceans and rivers, that which does live in them.

 What makes God sad is the hatred towards one another,

 The destruction of land for a dollar put in hand.

 Thinking of only ones self, perhaps not lending 
 A helping hand,

 Murder, the taking of a life, this wasn't his plan.

 Pollution of lakes and streams, toxic waste not dreamed,

 The air being destroyed, does anybody even care.

 Abuse of all that is here, what man values is not 
 What he shared,

 What makes god sad should bring shame to this world.

                       Keith Garrett