It came to me one morning as I listened to the sirens and noise,

Fall is here, Thanksgiving is coming soon and this is not the place to be.

My Thanksgiving dream is to get away to that special, little town of peace,

Something out of a movie, going home where friends and family still live.

Driving across the country to where memories wait for me, you can see Fall,

When I arrive I can see many trees with leaves dropping to the ground.

Suppose to be cold tonight, snow will be here soon, the days are short,

Here with family, old friends gather for a thanksgiving feast and thoughts.

The night is quiet, a warm fire, watching the sun go down with autumn alive,

Tomorrow is the day, asleep tonight in my old room, I can hear the wind howl.

Morning light awakens me with the smell of foods cooking downstairs,

Mom and Grandma in the kitchen, turkey in the oven and pies on the counter.

A cup of coffee, warm is the fire, outside on the porch as cold is the morning,

This is Fall, back home for the holidays where the seasons change.

Kids playing in piles of leaves, grateful for this day that’s about to be,

Today at the table together we sit, share, thankful for this Thanksgiving dream.

Keith Garrett






Different we are from one another,

The things we do different make us like no other.

Some of us move with an unusual step,

Or others make talk high pitched or deep voiced.

A person may think of the same thing, unlike a stranger or friend,

None are the same, we may wonder why till the end.

Why we see through our eyes in our own way,

Make each one special everyday,

Dance we will to our own tune.

Keith Garrett




Page 2.


I find my way beyond the turn of the century to a place, a town, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

1903 is the year and I am there to witness a first flight in the air, a time gone away.

Orville and Wilbur Wright on their first flight I would be a part of on this December day.

Say goodbye do I as it is time also for me to fly away, continue my dream filled night.

Land do I in a place, a man of science speaks of his theory of relativity, german is he.

Hans Albert Einstein stands not far from me, I listen as his voice rings out loud.

A voice, something that again carries me away to a city where a statue stands high.

Nineteen twenty seven New York city where I will see greatness and the twenty seven Yankees.

Murderers row they were called as they won world series one by one, this day I sit in the stands.

The Babe, Lou Gehrig, I find myself seated in their great presence, I am sitting in the dugout.

I hear the crack of his bat, watch as he drives his 714th home run out of the park, Yankee stadium.

Time to say goodbye, I am now going onward in my dream somewhere I have never seen.

Early Hollywood is now where I travel, the greatest of stars would come together.

Names so famous today, most of them have now gone away, I am here before them.

Men and women of the stage, screen, and theatre are right before my eyes, the early days.

We now leave here, travel back to the past, I find myself in a most historic setting.

With these eyes I will see what can only be a dream, Christ and the last supper.

I am shown through a window, seated men of stories, a bible of time, a sight from my mind.

I am and will forever be, Lost in a dream.


Page 1.

I went to sleep one night, remember do I nothing but going to bed.

There was a voice while I slept, It was calling me, I followed it far away.

I found myself in a place of a beginning, I watched the first sunrise.

The beginning of life was shown to me, I stood as man once stood.

Dinosaurs so giant roamed the land, hear them coming I could feel the fear.

The dawn of man I did see with my own eyes and sat with them trying to survive.

A nightly fire was shown to me made from sticks and sparks from stones some time ago.

I spoke no words but a language understood with sound, primal man was all around.

Tools were used, made from wood, stone, and that which was left from animals dead.

I was one of them but I knew i belonged some place else. This was my beginning.

The first sign of inventions as man was struggling to learn and understand his surroundings.

Onward this voice calls to me, in my dream state I wander into a place, an Island within water.

A time of old, Knights and warriors, who fought in wars for Kings and Queens full of greed.

I was there but not seen, I watched the rich rule over the poor, medieval times were born.

I was forced to fight now dressed in battle armor, a battle among men and days of ignorance.

I was living their reality, all things were possible as fire breathing dragons soared the sky and

wizards cast spells of evil to rule the land or take over that which they thought was their world.

Castles I’ve only seen in children’s fairy tales are here before me now a standing reality.

I walk through halls built in old England in times magic believed in the minds of superstitious

men and women. I find myself here and with my own eyes magical occurences are real.

A voice speaks to me that it’s time to leave, I travel along through many centuries, now where.?

Another time period, I see ships that set sail across the ocean to many new lands as I sleep.

I can feel the experience first hand as I could only read about such things in books.

Sailing on a ship with men of history, brave men whom will sacrifice their lives to discover.




Chances taken, sacrifices made as they set sail for hope and a new life,

Far across the sea battling hunger and disease, they traveled a dream.

Not always was this a happy ending as many ships of the time were lost,

Hundreds of years ago families and friends, those seeking a better life took a chance.

Massive ships set course for unknown places, praying to conquer the oceans hostility,

The world was a mysterious and unknown piece of work still not understood.

It would take much courage and a voyage more complicated and rougher than imagined,

Plymouth Rock would one day be seen, a new world, this would be a land of new things.

There would be much sickness, hardship, and survival would be most difficult,

They would settle and slowly get to understand the ways of the Indian people.

The first Thanksgiving is not clear and no way to really know how it really was,

A new world it was for those whom were from another land and wanted change.

Here’s to a new world and too all the Thanksgivings before and today.

Keith Garrett




Any cold beer on a hot Summer’s day,

White wine or red, what’s your taste.

Champagnes’ of many, celebrate the occasion,

A toast to friends, one for life.

Gin and tonic, a screwdriver is fine,

Tequila shots, blow your mind.

Jack Daniels and coke, Bacardi and coke,

After work, a taste on the back of your throat.

Mai, Tai’s or Daquerie’s are a tasty drink,

Marguerita’s at sunset on a beautiful beach.

Tonight!, name your poison, so many to choose,

On the rocks, drinks for two.

Whatever your pleasure, it’s time to unwind,

Raise your glass, tonight’s the night.

Keith Garrett



There’s a right and wrong way of thinking on certain issues,

We should all know right from wrong.

Good versus evil is a way we choose to be,

Think before you act, in an instance lives are changed.

There are two roads to walk, two roads of thought,

Choose the right road and possibly an easy stroll,

The wrong road, a good chance in a cage you’ll go.

When acts of horrible violence are from the mind planned,

Reasons why matter not to those shattered families

Who remain standing in a blood stained land.

Analyzed theory’s about who did it and why,

Don’t take away the tears from a mothers eyes.

Raising your children, being in their lives,

The signs of trouble are there, don’t close your eyes.

Two roads to travel in a persons thought filled mind,

It seems so simple, why do so many have to die.

Keith Garrett