Crime in the streets, it goes on in the day and by dark of night,

Anger and mistrust are now an epidemic of disease running wild.

Shooting guns are everywhere, open your eyes, beware as the enemy is here,

We are hated but laughed at all around this spinning globe, we are weakening, they know.

It is us who are deadlier, more dangerous than those who surround and invade,

Standing together we pretend, we are each one on our own, make no mistake, we are alone.

Our lives matter but only to us, there is no high power who cares if we survive or turn to dust,

Can you see it? everyday the horror encircles our American way, we slowly decay, soon to go away.

An uncertain America where the flag moves slowly down, shredding a little each day,

Something wicked is coming soon our way, be well prepared with trust only in yourself.

Keith Garrett





Many things there are that possess strength and power,

I am the wind, I can travel further than most natural things.

Things of the earth, I am everywhere and always somewhere,

I can not be seen therefore you can not look at me, I am the wind.

I can find ways to break through and move around, I create sound,

Everyone knows of me, all things are touched by what I am.

There Is much proof of my existence as I can be gentle and quiet,

I can also destroy, be of much destruction and terror to a world.

I am the wind!, I find you, I too can not see you but I have the advantage,

I am of much more power as I do not ever get tired, I am the wind.

A name I have been given to show of my difference, You know me, I am the wind.

Keith Garrett



I saw an old man, standing in the sand, with cane in hand, staring out at the horizon.

I asked of him what his thought’s were about,

He stared at me with a sigh and a smile.

I’m one hundred and three as I look to the sea,

I’ve outlived my wife and family.

I’ve had a life, seen many wonderful things,

Now an old man, old as the trees.

I say old man! what is it like to be one hundred and three,

I don’t know, I only know what it’s like to be me.

I asked of him, would you wish to again be a child,

He replied, my only wish is to again see my wifes smile.

I asked to him an old man, what’s the greatest thing you have done in such a lifetime,

His words to me were this, I married a beautiful wife, i walked with her in the sand,

I saw her smile, and now here I stand.

Keith Garrett



You sit back on your throne and watch the world spinning around,

You hear the angry sounds, words of hatred that shatter the grounds.

There Is screaming throughout the world, the winds are fierce with power,

There Is energy In fear and sorrow that destroys what Is all around.

Flood waters rise high within storms that cause many souls to die,

Why master do the angry seas wash away homes, why must people cry?

The earth seems to be roaring like a lion, stomping like a giant with anger,

Could it possibly be you master, are you with much anger over what man does?

Are tears from heaven so heavy that they wash away life and destroy land,

Will anyone ever learn before all has disappeared, acts of nature or a sign?

There is rumbling everywhere with sounds of what In the world Is wrong,

Master, you must be disappointed, perhaps not shocked as you know everything.

You saw this coming so why create such a masterpiece and watch It crumble,

One thing learned from disaster Is that people come together but how much is enough?

Master, about this world that you command, you named one who did really understand.

Keith Garrett




Is there trust in yourself, what trust in others,

How far would you walk for another, what would you give?

Are you of a good heart even if in the end there is no reward,

Do you expect something in return for putting your life on the line?

Would you run out in the street to save a child or one in a burning car,

Is it a question of a moral value, fear and life is a thought that comes to mind?

An act of faith, would you take a chance, do anything for friend or man,

Would you give of yourself if there could become a certain end?

Keith Garrett




I have a name, it tells no meaning of what’s inside,

I am not a rich man but hidden treasures to be found.

When I love it is that my love is true, I now love,

Wander I do not from another’s heart, faithfully.

When it is that I’m angry then it is that i’m sad,

Patience has been discovered, not a patient man.

A thinker am I of many things,dreams fill my heart,

When I give my heart then to the given must be a precious gift.

Jealousy is an unseen monster that teases my soul,

It holds no worth, Imagination of the mind, my fears.

Trust is a much needed part of my life, I must trust,

Therefore the need for trust is needed, trust in me.

I will give all that’s in me if in return I am allowed to give,

About me, I give to you my heart, I share with you my life.

Keith Garrett



They call him everyday gay, so what’s in a name,

Does he not have a heart and personality?

Screamed out in the street, less than the color black is he,

Is he not a man, what makes any color better than you.

A boy was he, love of the dance but many names of unkind,

Names that would not serve the world in any descent way.

Called names and beaten because he was shy, tell me why,

Because he was shy, the bully is nothing in these eyes.

Too heavy or too thin, judgement from those who are weak,

Hurtful words from blackened hearts, those with not much to say.

I began to learn that life is too short to hate the world away.

Keith Garrett