YOU WERE MOM

  I can't quite remember when I first opened my eyes,

  From that moment you were always by my side, mother 
  Of mine.

  You held me when I was hungry, fed me as I drifted 
  Back to sleep,

  Made me feel secure, washed me and made sure I was 
  Always clean.

  When I woke from a scary dream, it was you who took 
  Away my fearful screams,

  You were there when I was down, near and always around, 
  You were mom.

  You taught me about the things that I should know, about 
  The world as I would grow,

  You were a friend, companion, but most of all, you were 
  My mother, you were mom.

  Memories I will never forget, I would trade them all for one
   More day, you went away,

  I will see you again in a different kind of land, you were mom, 
  Thanks for all that you were.
   Happy Mother's Day, in heaven, you rest.  



                                    A NEW MOTHER'S DAY            

   Not as before, when morning phone calls would visit,

  Cards sent with love, through the mail cease to be,

  Flowers of color may be your,s in a new heavenly scene.

  Many Mother's Day celebrations, we all shared with you,

  Words to a mother, in a different way we'll do.

  A new Mother's Day of changes, some sad, a day to be glad,

  Our Mother would want us to be happy, just as she,

  No dwelling on the loss, let it go, as in heaven she will 
  Forever be.
                           Happy Mother's Day, Mom,

                                          Rest in peace.                 



                            ABOVE THE WAVE

  Out on the horizon, beneath the sinking sun, It rolls In,

  They all come to watch, they come to ride the wild surf.

  For the true surfer, It comes from within, at one with 
  The wave,

  Shooting the tube, living on the edge, free to glide across 
  The water.

  From Australia, the split, surfers' paradise, they battle the 
  Rolling storm,

  To Hawaii, waimea Bay, North Shore, Pipeline, or Hanalei Bay, 
  The wave.

  Above the wave where dreams' are made, surf the open 

  Around the world, beyond the shores of Peru to New Zealand,

  Above the wave, beneath the wide open sky, forever ride,

  Touch the water, and listen to the sound of the crashing waves.

                                        Keith Garrett


                                 1943 NICKEL

  A nickel I came upon, old is its age,

  Dirty and worn, 1943 had a name.

  When it was made, which first pocket did hold,

  A celebrity of movies, or a farmer tired at night.

  Could it have been the great Joe Dimaggio, 

  As time went by, possibly a singer or olympian.

  A little boy had a nickel in his pocket, grew did he,

  A famous writer he became, a 1943 nickel, where 
  Could it be?

  Beyond seventy years, this silver looking coin has 

  Today it rests with me, who held onto it in 1943?

      Keith Garrett


                             ACROSS THE DESERT, I TRAVEL

  My  challenge this day, a trek across the always 
  dangerous desert,

  Pack my things, just myself and a backpack, complete 
  With all I need.

  Dressed In jeans, hiking boots, long sleeved shirt, and hat, 
  I am ready,

  Early morning, as the rising sun stares down upon me, 
  Time to move.

  Such a feeling, to seem alone In the world, step by step 
  Through the quiet

  Morning, while nature does Its own thing, I am watched 
  As I walk.

  Across the desert I travel, with a breeze swirling around 
  What surrounds,

  The heat of the day has not yet arrived, as I continue my 
  Quest through the desert land.

  So much beautiful and unusual plant life, animals seen 
  From a distance,

  The sun Is moving, day Is disappearing, with shadows 
  Forming upon this land.

  I'll soon make camp with the animals of the night, a fire 
  so bright,  warm with light,

  When the morning comes, then I will continue my journey
  Until I am done,

  Across the desert I travel.

                                                       Keith Garrett 


                          ABOUT THIS PICTURE

  This is what you see, a man standing there,

  With a microphone in his hand, singing out celtic songs.

   Dressed partly in green with expression and thought,

   Bruce Springsteen is his name, many things he's about.

  There's emotion that comes from a musical spirit,

   Look at his face, what do you see?

                                        Keith Garrett


                                   A WESTERN SCENE

  They stood alone but together, gunfighters so mean,

  A battle on a dirty street, a ghost town today, of 

  A western scene where  dance hall girls entertain 
  Gamblers so drunk,

  Outlaws who do rob and kill, will one day have their 
  Walk to the gallows.

  There is a ranch out beyond where a town sits, cowboys 
   whom once rode,

  There was a time when laws were different, justice could 
  Be a swift act.

  Bounty hunters tracked down fugitives, who escaped and 
  Ran from the law,

  A western scene, where a family worked hard for a farm, 
  For their dream.
                  Keith Garrett


                                      A WAND OF MAGIC

  In hand, a wand would make me a magic man,

  Not even a word and crime would disappear.

  I could stop time, rid the world of trash or pollution,

  Take away the sick waters of rivers and oceans.

  Murder on our land would be stopped with a hand,

  The ill would be no more, cancer but a memory.

  I could run fast or jump high,

  A tear would be one less for all of mankind.

  The cruel slaughter of creatures in the world,

   With a wave from my hand, this would end.

   A wand of magic, need not be that of evil,

  For love and good, the hand that holds this wand.

  A wand of magic is not to be real,

  We can wish, hope, and pray, that it all goes away.

                Keith Garrett                                                     


                                           ADRIFT AT SEA

   No memory have I of how this came to be,

   Lost and alone, just me and the sea.

   Day after day, across endless water,

   Above only the sky and the seagulls that fly.

   Get by do I with only little water and food,

   Maybe a hope and a prayer that it may get me 

  In the distance, perhaps a dolphin or whale,

  My imagination is running wild.

  Thinking of what's below me, scares me some,

  Loneliness is worse, fore nobody listens.

  A dream am I having, or my personal hell,

  Until the end of this, i'll not be able to tell.

  Up ahead, what is it that I see,

   My hope and prayer is answered to me,

   No longer will i be, adrift at sea.

                                      Keith Garrett                                             



  From his death were heard cries of pain,

  A man no more, a girl, a memory, all has changed.

  No more of this Earth, onward a souls journey to 
  Another life,

  Somewhere In heaven, he dwells by the Lord's side.

   With those who loved him, he had a place,

   In their hearts, forever In their thoughts.

  Remembering always that this was a mother's child,

  A sister's brother, a child's father, or a girl who loved him,

   Even though he was not perfect, and sometimes a bit wild,

   He was once a small child who played In the dirt,

    Played In the water, and sometimes got hurt.

  This was his time to go, no more pain or sorrow will he know,

   Up In the sky, fly away, fly.

                                                      Keith Garrett