The wind blows, where it goes only it knows,

An echo that sounds whenever it be around.

Listen when it roars, when it sleeps, hear the peace,

Feel the wind as it will move all around, touches what is found.

In the wind, what things do get lost, yesterdays thoughts,

Leaves from the trees, branches, or what tomorrow could bring,

Lost in the wind, material things, a soul that sings, everything.

Keith Garrett





He walked down the street full of laughter and fun,

He was poor with no money but no worries had he.

She was from a different world, of money and material things’,

A young woman with everything but she had nothing.

He was free with dreams’ that were possibly only dreams’,

What he wanted was only to be, what he wanted was she.

She was art, dance, and culture passed on by a family,

What she wanted was to be set free, treasure was not just money.

He appeared as a man whose clothing meant he had no worth,

But what Is the worth of a well dressed man with no Integrity?

They were different she and he, drawn together by feelings’,

The heart, the eyes, the touch of man to woman and woman to man.

They were different but they were the same, walking hand In hand,

With what’s love and pain.

Keith Garrett



Wake to the morning, a cup of tea or coffee,

Feeling the sunshine on a chilly, Fall morning.

Something to eat as again hunger visits me,

A shower, a hug from maybe someone you love.

Feeling good as health is a precious gift to enjoy,

A stroll down the street just my headphones and me.

A breath of life from morning through the dark of night,

Taken for granted at times, daily pleasures are so fine.

Keith Garrett



From my beginning, I’ve sat and watched you,

Up so high, beyond what Is blue.

I’m always here but you can’t always see,

Perhaps clouds’ cover your view of beautiful me.

If my lights’ are turned on you might see my smile,

On a dark clear night, I’ll be up for a while.

As you awake In the morning I’ll be asleep,

Another time Is when we’ll meet.

Keith Garrett




Mistakes be made, scars are formed and carried along,

Choices we make are a part of our song.

I thought I would die but I did not know it would be in my time,

So scramble I do to mend all that I have done wrong.

Time is against me as I attempt to make up for lost time,

It is that I have waited much too long to write my special song.

I have done some bad and it is for sure that I have shown the good,

I am trying to change my life from the past as the past does not change.

Regrets about dying, this I did not choose, In life, there is much to lose,

I do have my regrets, but it is really not about dying.

Keith Garrett




On boots they jingle, western wear for the cowboy,

Listen for them as they approach, they have a sound..

Spurs that spin, dress up a western look,

Worn by the cowboy, cool as he moves.

On a ranch, somewhere in a western town,

A boot with spurs, clicking as the sun goes down.

Take off your boots and rest for the night,

Jingling, clicking spurs again at morning’s light.

Keith Garrett




From his death were heard cries of pain,

A man no more, a girl, a memory, all has changed.

No more of this Earth, onward a souls journey to another life,

Somewhere In heaven, he dwells by the Lord’s side.

With those who loved him, he had a place,

In their hearts, forever In their thoughts.

Remembering always that this was a mother’s child,

A sister’s brother, a child’s father, or a girl who loved him

Even though he was not perfect and sometimes a bit wild,

He was once a small child who played In the dirt,

Played In the water, and sometimes got hurt.

This was his time to go, no more pain or sorrow will he know,

Up In the sky, fly away, fly.

Keith Garrett