ECHOES AND SHADOWS

 When the wind blows there are echoes in time,

 Echoes of all that have passed on by.

 The sounds of a lifetime, listen as the children 
 Have grown,

 Echoes of voices lost with the emptying hourglass.

 There are the echoes of those who once lived,

 Laughter of young ones, now part of the wind.

 Shadows of the seasons, one by one, gone,

 Shadows remembered of a man standing in the sun.

 Shadows of trees that stood tall in the sky,

 Across mountain tops, shadows from morning till night.

 Echoes and shadows from the beginning of time,

 Time passed by, seen from many eyes.

                Keith Garrett 


                 EASTER BUNNY

 Where does he come from, this figure of folklore, 

 A symbol of Easter from many generations ago.

 This rabbit that brings Easter eggs during the night,

 Also called the "Easter Hare" Sometimes shown wearing 

 As legend tells, he carried colored eggs in a basket,  
 Candy, And toys,

 To the homes of children who were good and obedient.

 Easter bunny, Easter bunny, I thought of you during the 

 A gift to me of a colorful Easter Basket, by morning's 
             Keith Garrett



 More than one hundred years ago he lived,

 In a small village somewhere in Mexico, a boy.

 Poor was his family as each day was a struggle,

 There were those close by, the bad ones who stole 

 A day came when his village was destroyed, family killed,

 Survived did he to one dsy grow to be a man.

 Revenge would be his only friend, not a bad man was he,

 With pistols at his side he would seek justice.

 They called him desperado, a no good criminal,

  He stole from them who once took everything meaningful.

  His gun did the talking, anger ate at his soul,

  He lived by campfire, ate what he shot or stole,

 Justice was one day his, his reward was always on the 

  Run.                          Keith Garrett


                       THE WARRIOR

 Dressed for battle, he stands ready to fight, 
 The warrior,

 Fear lives within him fore this emotion brings wisdom.

 Strong as he fights for that which he believes,

 A lonely way of life but a man makes a choice, a stand.

 A family, not In this souls' plans, born to walk alone,

 This chosen way that may haunt Is just a house of cards.

 It's not said that a bad man Is he, quietly the sun rises 
 For him,

 This path chosen, a quiet one If those choose to let It
 Be Not a fight.

 Always ready for battle, though silently lives In the 

 This wanting to be left In peace man Is a warrior on 
 His own.

                       Keith Garrett 


                   TAKE ME

           TO THE END OF THE ROAD!

 I'll walk the road from dawn till dusk In shoes 
 Of black,

 In the morning darkness my quest begins, but not alone.

 By my side stand those who come as strength and power,

 Hour by hour I'll trek along Into the street seeking 
 What's lost.

 Understand, my mission to this point In life Is to 

 Fight a battle that has not been with eyes seen but 
 The heart.

 Hurt and anger, a smile of hope, will guide this 
 Searching man,

 A rainbow of fantasy, a treasure chest Imagined
 In a dream.

 Walk with me brother and sister, friends' and 

 All that gather, show that you care, hold your fist 
 To the sky.

 Stand with me In the cold of the mornings' rising 

 Lend me your courage until my day Is done, this our day.

 If I should fall then lift me up, If I do stumble then 

 Words will comfort,

 Take me to the end of the road, take me to the end 
 Of the road.

                           Keith Garrett  


                     FOLLOW THE RIVER

 Watching the water as It flows' down stream,

 I walk Its' path on either side.

 As the river turns,' swaying from side, to side,

 The rushing water crashes and throws' Itself at me

 As I make my way along.

 On my journey past trees and hills,'

 Notice do I the bright sun and big white clouds'
 Passing me by.

 Follow, follow the river on a course chosen by Itself,

 Onward, downward until such a place where the water 
 Lies still.

 I follow the river to a resting spot,

 Now It Is time for this soul to sleep.

                Keith Garrett



 I stand not on the ground but from where I am 
 I can not stand,

 From so far In the sky, I fly, fly without wings' 
 Within the clouds.

 There's no feeling above me as below, no solid 
 Ground to touch,

 Living things' of few roam this land, large as It 
 Seems never ending.

 Down, down so fast but a feeling of weightlessness 
 As if a feather,

 Falling, falling from where I flew, where once this 
 Man stood.

 Closer and closer I can with my eyes see life waiting 
 For me,

 Back to where I once stood, down from where I once stood.

 For only minutes but what seems like forever a dream,

 Floating, merely floating down, back to my reality.

                         Keith Garrett 


               A CLEAR SPRING NIGHT

 I await you as the sun goes down, a breeze 
 Blowing cool,

 There will be a full moon rising In the sky tonight.

 Jasmine Is a fragrance noticed In the nights' of 

 Sweet Is Its' smell as darkness awakes and the daylight

 The cold bite of Winter becomes a memory for now,

 Summers' heat has not yet been born, this feeling of 

 Walk with me hand In hand, under a full moon so bright,

 A clear Spring night Is alright, with a woman of beauty 
 I walk.

 A dreaming man tells a story of a walk with a beautiful

 Under a full moon on a clear Spring night, he waits.

                 Keith Garrett  


                     FACE OF A MAN

 Look my way, stare into these ageing eyes of green,
 I've seen,

 Hair of a lost blonde, long gone, reflections' of 

 Once whiskers' of a darkness, now a different 
 Shade of life,

 A smile always the same, if not hidden beneath 
 Sorrow or pain.

 Lines appear on this face when seen through the days'

 Growing older but never so old as to give up the search,
 I'm searching.

 Through the tears, laughter finds a face of love wanted, 
 My face,

 Look my way, this is the face of a man, expressions' of 
 Thought shown through.

 More than a stare, a smile, or many pictures combined 
 From A world of time,

 Take a closer look, give one more stare, understand the 
 Face of a man.
                                          Keith Garrett


                   HILLS' OF DARKNESS

 Through the hills' I walk to find a place, 

 Of peace and happiness for a home I'll make.

 Escape I will from times of darkness,

 Into the light of day where I want to be.

 Leave behind things' of the past,

 Onward I walk till I find my path.

 As my travels' through the hills' continue,

 See do I, clearer from my eyes.

 These hills' of darkness, I leave behind,

 Out In the open, of better things' I'll find.

             Keith Garrett