All that I see

 Far In the distance I see hills' standing still,

 Trees of green blowing In the breeze, falling leaves.

 Grass of green that I see below me, vision of paradise,

 A lake that sits' beneath the sky, this sky sometimes 

 I am a dreamer who sees with heart and soul,

 All that I see Is not only a dream.

            Keith Garrett


                    AN OLD MAN

 I saw an old man, standing in the sand, with cane in hand, 
 Staring out at the horizon,

 I asked of him what his thought's were about,

 He stared at me with a sigh and a smile.

 I'm one hundred and three as I look to the sea,

 I've outlived my wife and family.

 I've had a life, seen many wonderful things,

 Now an old man, old as the trees.

 I say old man! what is it like to be one hundred 
 And three,

 I don't know, I only know what it's like to be me.

 I asked of him, would you wish to again be a child,

 He replied, my only wish is to again see my wife's smile.

 I asked to him an old man, what's the greatest thing you 
 Have done in such a lifetime,

 His words to me were this, I married a beautiful wife, 
 I walked with her in the sand.

 I saw her smile, and now here I stand.

                                                                                          Keith Garrett   



 Yesterday, what we see as hundreds of years ago is gone,

 History it is to us, read about in books of long lost 

 The days are always moving along, we do take for granted 
 The morning,

 The setting sun is a most spectacular sight, heading 
 Into The night.

 Here where we stand may still be standing, another will 
 Be standing,

 100 years from today the world that we know will have 
 Much changed.

 Just as we wonder what life was like back in a time of 
 Cowboys and pioneers,

 Tomorrow's people will also wonder and read about our 
 Time and place.

 100 years from today we will be a part of history, others 
 Will be amazed,

 Just as we are amazed and dream of those times when the 
 World Appeared to be a dream.

                     Keith Garrett


                 THIS GUITAR

 Strum as you will each string on Its' face,

 Words' In tune with every touch of a hand.

 What does It say as you teach It to speak,

 Sound and rhythm of emotion, this guitar.

 Two become one, body and tool, this guitar,

 Learn from It, feel Its' heartbeat of magic.

 This guitar talks' with the help of a wanting heart,

 Listen, listen as It echoes out thoughts', this guitar.

             Keith Garrett               


                       "REMEMBER ME"
 With love from dad, Sean, Scott, Sarah

 I go outside to the things I'll see,
 A life of pain, not simple or free.

 I walk and wonder of what I'll be,
 If I get old as the sea.

 There was a time I was just a seed,
 I grew and grew to become me.

 The day will come when It's all done,
 I'll leave behind a daughter, a son, and a son.

 I will laugh, you'll hear no cry,
 There Is no time to sit and die.

 What will they think of, my children these three?
 That I love them all, one, two, three.

 I have a girl, a boy, and a boy,
 Every day they bring me joy.

 There was a time, I was all alone,
 No daughter or sons' to call my own.

 Each day you live remember me,
 I'll always love you, yes! you three.

 Look to the sun, the stars, and the moon,
 We shared all the Summer's, they started In June.

 When we take walks together to all kinds of places,
 In all sorts of weather, we see all the faces.

 We play at the park, you laugh at each other,
 I've been your father but also your mother.

 I've walked you to school year after year,
 And given a hug when you show a tear.

 Sometimes you don't like me, I make you mad,
 For the decisions I make, just call me dad.

 As you grow up, you will understand,
 I walked with you all and you all held my hand.

 We all start out small and grow to be tall,
 As children we believe In magic you see,
 Life wakes us up to reality.


                   " I OFFER NO SURRENDER"

 You sit there princess, on the shore, watching,

 Passing by under a full moon, am I to far to touch.

 The sea Is calm, quietly my boat sails' on by,

 Distant are you, away from me you stay, I wait.

 Circle your world as my search does not end,

 I offer no surrender, I fight through the dark 
 Of night.

 Here you sit, an Image of Inner beauty so fine,

 My eyes can only see what a heart lets' It see, beauty.

                       Keith Garrett 


                 THE WARRIOR

 Dressed for battle, he stands ready to fight, 
 The warrior,

 Fear lives within him for this emotion brings 

 Strong, as he fights for that which he believes,

 A lonely way of life but a man makes a choice, a stand.

 A family, not in this souls plans, born to walk alone,

 This chosen way that may haunt is just a house of cards.

 It's not said that a bad man is he, quietly the sun 
 Rises for him,

 This path chosen, a quiet one if those to let it be 
 not a fight.

 Always ready for battle, though silently lives in 
 The shadow,

 This wanting to be left in peace man is a warrior 
 On his own.

                Keith Garrett


                  THE WRESTLER

 Broken down, a man aging in appearance and spirit,

 A lonely road is wandered by this wanting warrior.

 His pain is out there, it is of the heart, love lives 
 In the ring,

 The world does not need him, what he needs is no longer 
 Tears run down an old but regretting face, se him as 
 He searches,

 Loneliness is a prison of un wanting sorrow, his fight 
 Has an end.

 Scars of yesterdays blood  are a reminder to a once 
 Young soul,

 The only thing of value left for a man is one final 
 Goodbye dance.

 He is the wrestler, battles within him are now done, 
 Darkness lingers,

 He walks in the sand, He sees the sinking sun, his day 
 Is almost done.

 He struggles to the ropes as he rises one more time 
 Through the pain,

 A tear, a smile, through the air, fade to black, 
 He is the wrestler.
                         Keith Garrett       


                 THE BALLAD OF A MAN

 The sun keeps going down, no ones ever around,

 No one talks to me no more, I see my body on the 

 The days and nights run into tomorrow, a little 
 Laughter, And some sorrow.

 Tears and crying in a world of pain, my mother went  
 Away Before spring was awake,

 My dad's been gone since I was a little boy,
 Laughter And Joy in between my sorrow.

 Songs that ring inside my head remind me of things 
 From Yesterday and friends,

 I started out a little boy, grew to a man who wonders 
 Where he's going.

 Brothers and sisters all over the place, I see their  
 Faces, Do they have the same names,

I travel my own road of life, three children I love  
 And an ex-wife I have never even liked,

This is a Ballad of a man who loved and cared, he did in  
 His life, all that he can.
                             Keith Garrett



 Upon the mountains, a blanket of white is a sight,

 Deer strolling through the woods, under snow filled 

 When the snow falls again, the world seems to become 

 A stillness that is almost lonely but a different 
 Kind of peace.

 Around a cabin, snow on its roof, a warm fire that 
 Burns inside,

 A yard, a family that lives inside having supper on a 
 December night.

 When the snow falls again, a chilly cold lingers about,
 At times a fog wanders through,

 Many different things come to mind when the snow falls 

               Keith Garrett