A  fight for survival, mans quest for power 
 To rule,

 Fear and ignorance but money will be the tool.

 Inventors of destruction, builders of a  force,

 The enemy is our brother, traitor to the land.

 Which side are we on, who is on our side,

 Conflict and hatred, how many must have to die.?

 And then there were none, not much left to say,

 Put the bombs away, we may have another day.

                 Keith Garrett



 Life is but a flash, just as a lightning bolt 
 Strikes and is gone,

 The earth is a speck compared to this neverending

 If each one us were even given a great gift of one       
 Hundred years,

 Like a particle of sand compared again to the age 
 Of our world.

 Like the wind blowing past and gone in the blink 
 Of an eye,

 An instance in time is what we are given to see and
              Keith Garrett


              A PLACE TO DREAM

 Away from here, far, far away I disappear,

 Possibilities await me, they're only there.

 Covered hills of grass so green, just you and me,

 Beautiful trees, the warm, colorful, sun between.

 A place to dream where the wind can be seen,

 Where the sky can be touched, a place to dream.

 A tune to my ears, that which soothes a soul,

 A song in my heart, one that speaks words of you.

 Hopes and wishes, fantasies or dreams,

 Is there such a place for these, a place to dream.

               Keith Garrett


                 LOST IN THE WILD

 To step outside the world I've known,
 Leave It all behind and those who know me.

 Off on a great journey to see It all,
 Into the wilderness as If nothing else matters' 

 To try things never tried before,
 Experience life through a new open door.

 Perhaps a fear of what lies ahead,
 I trek across the land, survive If I can.

 See many new things from my eyes,
 Into the night I hear nature cry.

 Not expecting never to go home again,
 Lost In the wild Is where my life ends.

             Keith Garrett 


               "WITHIN THE FOG"

 Trees standing, trees empty and alone,

 Mountains' cold, high above, below.

 All around, within the fog life stands' still,

 A layer of white, floating, hovering so low.

 Within the fog, a world hidden from the light,

 Vanishes, disappears' as the suns' warmth overpowers.

 Beauty and life lie beneath, within the fog.

          Keith Garrett                                



 I get dressed In the morning and pack my bags,'

 Open the window to look outside, the rain Is nomore.

 Through the clouds' appears a ray of light, just 
 A little,
 Wind blowing strong enough to close an open door.

 A cup of coffee to get me going, breakfast really 
 With my things' In my hands, I head for the car, 
 Moving along.
 Saying goodbye, leaving this place, I'm going away 
 Nothing left In this town for a poor lonely man, 
 I'm walking away.
 I'm heading down the road to a place I don't know, 
 Into the sun,
 Along the way, to me many things' of sight, driving 
 Night by night.
 What's been left behind lives now only In a poor 
 Mans' mind,
 I'll be doing fine, I'll be doing fine, I'm heading 
 Down the road, I'm heading down the line.

 I'm heading down the road, I'll be searching for you, 
 Moving along,
 I'm heading down the road, I'm coming for you, 
 I'm coming.
                 Keith Garrett


                 THINKING OF MAN

 Wow!, think about it, everyone has changed just 
 As the times have changed,

 Way back in time when food had to be hunted for daily,
 Appreciation for a bite.

 Today fast food on every corner that is slowly 
 Killing all around the world,

 When we don't finish our plates then we simply toss 
 It away, down the drain.

 There was a time when a man could drink from a 
 Lake or stream, refreshing,

 Today without an intelligent thought it is perhaps 
 For a dollar, polluted water.

 Way back in the west, many places, in fact, a body  
 Could rest their weary head

 Under a tree, make camp and sleep, hunt, have 
 Some peace without a stare,

 We come to the future where a person is now labeled 
 Homeless, we stare.

 Loitering and vagrancy are the words used, no 
 Sleeping, hard to survive,

 Move along it will be said, to the one who dares 
 To be free and live in peace.

 It's come to where neighbors fighting and the 
 Sounds of sirens are the way,

 Nature is screamed at, a burden to many as they 
 Make their beautiful sounds in the day.

 Trash in the streets but that's okay, another will  
 Clean it if they come this way,

 Thinking of man, this way of the future, we now   
 Pay a price for water, air, and even dirt.

               Keith Garrett                                           


               "POETRY IN MOTION"

 Always walking, consistently moving along 
 Or active,

 Constantly thinking, analyzing things' and 
 People around.

 It's motion that keeps my body and mind 
 Alive and running,

 It can only stop If I stop, I'm a man In

 Writing about the world and those In my mind, 
 My wondering mind,

 Has given me sight, the ability to visualize 
 And better understand.

 Words' have no meaning without the mind to 
 Interpret Definition,

 Poetry Is song and emotion without 
 Instrumental sound.

 A combination of these now lives In me, words'
 I write,

 Motion I have, I am poetry In motion.

         Keith Garrett                     



 Late eighteen hundreds, in the North somewhere,

 A young boy by the name of Solomon had a life.

                                                                               From Virginia, Mississippi, his family traveled,

 An older brother and of course a loving mother.

 A father of no more but remembered and loved,

 Together they worked a piece of land, all they had.

 No longer slaves but yet enslaved in their world,

 Solomon had a dream to learn and become something.

 He ran away, saw the reality of what a brother had

 He would have to go back home, for now, work the 

 A boy by the name of Solomon still dreamed, grew 
 To be.
              Keith Garrett


               CAN'T TOUCH THE SUN

 My hand is stretched in front of my face, 
 I reach for the sun,

 So close but how far away is incredible when 
 Really imagined.

 We can touch the rain, it falls far to where 
 We are,

 Touch the wind without seeing, it moves like 
 A dance not seen.

 We can touch the trees no matter how tall in 
 The sky they be,

 The mountains, they can be felt, not always 
 Touched in places untouchable.

 We can touch the ocean, fire touched will surely 
 Burn but touched it can,

 These things touched are a creation worth putting 
 A hand upon.

 It is that we may strive to touch the sky, to reach 
 For a plane flying by,

 Reach high and wish a hand touch that glowing moon 
 In the night.

 We can dream, maybe make them come true, we can't 
 Touch the sun,

 We can run, grab hold of many things until our day 
 Is done.
               Keith Garrett