I guess that I don’t quite understand what’s been happening to our world,

We’re In It Together, none of us can run away and hide from the destruction.

Everything Is taken for granted as If we are owed something from somewhere,

One man Is waiting for the next to take care of the problems that exist.

I think at times we all try to hide and close our eyes to make it go away,

Our world is being destroyed for money, the mighty dollar Is evil In a bad hand.

There is so much wrongdoing from one side of the globe all the way around,

The world is not bad, those who do not care, the ones who will do anything for a dollar

Are the bad, Pollution, crime, and corruption are destroying God’s beautiful creation.

He rests out there somewhere watching as we slowly fade away one day,

There is much more to say but we can’t escape ourselves until our day to go away.

Keith Garrett




They move in layers, traveling with the force of the wind,

On a course, always heading for everywhere, not a sound though.

There’s a rumble that comes, the sound of an approaching storm,

From above all Is not calm, with a mind of Its own it then attacks.

How long will this last, until it weakens and the winds take it,

Waves in the sky are most unusual and mysterious way up high.

They roll on to where we can not see, they are waves in the sky,

Gone away and forgotten, not so much thought about really.

Until another day when waves in the sky come rolling over our heads,

The water gently crashing on our heads, no sand anywhere I say,

Waves in the sky, our world upside down once in a while.

Keith Garrett




War, how far back can I go, nature of man to battle and conquer,

Does it have to be with weapons, debate and discuss until no end?

Think about how ridiculous and completely sad that it comes to a killing game,

Whatever the issue it appears to be a fight as children would fight.

The difference being there is much more at stake when men can’t play nice,

War, never ending, I’ll just go back to the Revolutionary war, the Alamo,

Little bighorn, the Civil war, world war one and two, is this enough.?

No, let’s go to Korea, when it’s done, onward to Vietnam,

So here we are today with young men still gone far away.

It has to stop someday, tears and crying need too go away,

I don’t agree because all men cause war, we wouldn’t need heroes

If men would act Civil and not go to war over what they want to get, not what they believe.

Here’s to the men and women throughout time who did their duty and part for the good

Of man and that which they personally believe.

Wars are caused and then the young men and women, those who serve are wounded

And die cleaning up the mess and protect what never goes away.

Keith Garrett



Let’s walk, we’ll see, and dream,

Do you see the mountains that touch the sky,

Do you dream that they’ll always stand so high.?

Look at the clouds that pass on by casting shadows,

See the clouds, see and dream.

Walk with me into the forest, do you see the animals moving,

Dream that nature will survive, dream the animals will forever be.

Upon the sand, we stand looking out at the horizon,

See the waves before your eyes, will the ocean forever be.?

The sun will rise, away go the shadows and darkness,

Watch as the sun rises, do you see, dream that it will rise each day.

When the sun sets, a full moon will glow tonight,

Tell me you see the moon in the sky,

Dream the moon will never die.

The snow sets upon the ground, we see it fall all around,

Together let’s dream the snow we’ll always see.

Do you see the trees dance in the wind, see the trees,

The wind we can not see, dream that the trees and wind will never leave.

Walk with me, see, and dream.

Keith Garrett




The light of day, before the sun rises, quiet and peaceful,

About this ranch, a place of much beauty, working hard and some fun.

Life lives here with the world staring from four directions,

Land reaches far and wide, early morning and it’s time to ride.

Horses are a great part of this world, mysterious, also beautiful,

On this ranch, horses are many with colors of difference standing.

Look into their big eyes, you can just about see their souls,

A sound they make when wanting to be heard, listen to them.

They want to be free as once so long ago running with the wind,

Watch the horses run, free as they used to be, under the rising sun.

Keith Garrett




Early morning with my feet sinking in the sand, I stand,

A breeze swirling around me as I gaze upon the waves.

The sound of them crashing on the beach is quite peaceful,

Water makes its way swiftly up to my waiting feet.

The sun rises from the dark to see the day, I watch as the light shines,

Watching the horizon line as it separates the now from the other side.

There’s a whole new world out there beyond what is seen in front of me,

Amazing as below the moving waters lives a world like no other.

Creatures of number travel and exist together beneath what we know,

Still, a mystery is the ocean floor, I stand here in the sand in amazement.

Watching the horizon takes me away to many places I’ve not yet seen.

Keith Garrett



There have been times in my life when I have stumbled, fallen,

I have always picked myself up and endured what has happened.

I have wandered in the dark many times in my life, not in the physical sense,

At times lost and alone was I as a child growing up, a sense of fear filled me.

Being shy, not very big as there were bullies of the world lurking in the shadows,

Wandering in the dark as I could not see the possibilities or answers all around me.

To be strong mentally, to achieve by pushing on, overcome obstacles never so great,

When you can understand that you need not fear another man as he like you is of flesh and blood,

Stand strong just as once a man of flesh and blood stood for what he believed, possibly some fear.

To wander in the dark comes in many forms, to find the light, see it, takes a little wisdom, strength,

And a belief in yourself that you are as important, special, and faith will guide you by the hand.

Keith Garrett