Forever lost in thought, imagination running wild,

Always wondering about things that can be, things to see.

Possibilities are endless in a mind that dreams,

Reality is a constant but a daydreamer can escape

And see what he wants to be.

At times a story of fantasy is his dream,

Knows when to open his eyes.

See what’s in front of him,

Never lose sight of that which can really be.

A daydreamer takes a break to catch his breath,

To imagine and understand what is and what is not.

There are faith and hope in his eyes,

Nothing so wrong as to dream, to keep one’s self alive.

Keith Garrett



Hatred, sickness, plots against our homeland, they’re coming,

They’re here in this land, they don’t hide as their faces are seen.

Work with you they do, maybe a smile as they pass you by,

As good people they come in from all sides, they don’t have to sneak.

They step from planes with passports and go about their day,

Cruise do these monsters with no morals on ships, welcome to our home.

We have darkness from sea to shining sea, borders are without safety,

They come from there just as they are over there from here, grow with fear.

A flag they plan to replace with a flag that waves for over two hundred years,

Their message is clear, they say it with the murders of our people, we don’t care.

As they become stronger with power and weapons we sit and wonder but it’s real,

What’s really going on, can we trust anybody anywhere, we hope, don’t think so.

Darkness in America is growing fast, you can see it as the sun shines bright,

Pray that a day does not come when our children need to carry a gun in their hand.

Keith Garrett




Whom shall I be, what kind is thought of in your mind,

You possess the imagination and wisdom to understand.

If you were to create me would I be of a good and kind heart,

Would I care about this world and be of help to a neighbor?

When you create me will you add compassion and love,

Will I try and change the world, not be of destruction?

Create me as a good human being otherwise do not waste your time,

“Do not create me at all”

Keith Garrett




Always at the mercy of someone, not only far away,

They are here, in our neighborhoods and schools,

Working side by side with a smile as they plan and plot.

Not always whom you might think or believe to be,

Others roam our land, from the inside quietly they stand.

Beyond terror, the street lights may go out, ATM’s of no value,

Chaos and panic fill the streets, computers shut down, at the mercy.

Terrorized from many directions, we shake hands, they are us,

Collapse in a moment, we are not in control, not even our homes,

No paranoia here, be aware, every moment be prepared.

Keith Garrett




I saw it when I was a child, a castle with stairs that went high,

At the top, a suit of armor like a knight from centuries long ago.

Why was I there, I do not recall such a place, the snow, many a face,

When I was young it was very real, was this a dream that I did feel?

A hall with many rooms from my eyes I did see, a ghost in white,

It wandered within this place, was it a thought as I slept on a night?

I went to sleep one night when I was seven, In my dream, God was a child,

My fingers were bones, never did I see such a scene ever again.

Knocked on my neighbors’ door, what appeared was never before,

A witch with such laughter, made me rise into the air, not so real.

Between dreams and memories, what I have seen may have been dreams,

That which I thought were dreams may have been by me, seen.

Keith Garrett




Spin the wheel, maybe a roll of the dice,

A bad hand at cards, so it’s said, you’ll lose your shirt.

Bet on a game, football, basketball, baseball, it’s all the same,

Your wallet is empty, credit cards are okay.

Horses are great, this time you feel lucky inside,

At the finish line, a house could be on the line.

Deal in drugs, surely a gambler you’ll be,

If it’s not the law, a dead man you might be.

A car thief is a risk, money at your feet,

End up in prison, oh! what a life you lead.

Ask of a loan shark, a favor please,

Put up your life, no friend indeed.

A gambler, a gambler, in each one of us may be,

What risks do you take for all that you need?

Keith Garrett



We chase, search out and run as fast as we can,

While we sleep the greatest things can happen,

Run do we very fast, jump so very high to touch the sky,

Jump on the rooftop, flips in the air, slow motion if you please.

Always for me money floating down a stream, a pile in the street,

Just as it is grabbed by my hand disappears does it as I become awake.

We all have been there when a monster chases us and then we are elsewhere,

Dreams are always so mixed up, at times tiring as we are in places of mystery.

Floating in the air, suddenly in a bubble, we drift onward to where nothing makes sense,

Catch a dream, hold on tight and bring it back home with you tonight, any night.

Catch a dream, dream, to be all that you hope to be, dream the perfect scene.

Keith Garrett