Some have said that everyone Is born with a sentence of death,

Life after, to live in eternity Is said to be of the greatest peace.

There is a purpose for our lives here on this Earth,

Lessons to understand, too feel and experience all emotions.

The greatest joy and gift that one may receive can only be a dream

As we live and breath here in this world,

The thought of death, too die appears as something so horrible.

Life is a precious mystery that we all are given by God,

We are blessed with the chance and knowing that one day

When our time is here done that we will enter his kingdom.

Sin will be no more, pain, suffering, and hatred will die,

Everlasting love and beauty will be ours,

Enter his kingdom and live forever.

Keith Garrett




We are alive, on the same path, a day all will die,

One day to oblivion we will be, before that let’s see.

A journey to an eternal place but we live from day to day,

Feeling good, happy as we awake to the morning light.

We are born, it’s a wonderful gift as we slowly sicken from that day,

Don’t get me wrong fore life holds many beautiful scenes I agree.

None of us are really sick just a touch of cancer that steals our day,

A touch of Cancer, It seeks us out in different ways, in the world always.

Keith Garrett




A small, mischievous Elf, dressed in green attire,

Belts of black, boots perhaps of the same color.

From Irish Folklore, It has been said they have been

Seen roaming the Irish countryside, these wee folk.

Members of a clan, they invaded Ireland, banished to live underground,

Standing only two to three feet tall, these devious characters,

Quick witted, intelligent, they evade capture from humans.

They live in underground caves with entrances or a hollow trunk of a fairy tree,

It is said that wishes of three have been granted to some that leave them be.

They are known for their love of Irish music and dance, Instruments played,

Tin Whistle, the fiddle, Bodhran, and the Irish harp, a look with beards and pipes.

Shoemakers they are, believed because of all the dance they do,

To catch one of the wee folk is nearly impossible as they are smart with magical powers,

Vanish into thin air they can, a pot of gold is a most possible dream.

You’ll hear an Irish Leprechaun before you’ll ever see one,

They have a fondness for drinking Irish Poitin, catch one if you can.

Happy ST. Patrick’s Day,

Keith Garrett




Outstretched, they reach far and wide, around the world,

Fierce and strong, they can crush or destroy what’s needed,

Careful and loving as they will comfort when the going is tough.

A being so full of mystery, with power and wisdom so unknown,

Creator of all that we know and more, arms of God will carry us home.

Wherever you may be, within all that we see, they exist to help us up,

Touching a universe that seems to have not an ending of discovery,

The arms of God are not to be seen as they are not a fantasy or a dream.

Keith Garrett




Think far back or just a few years if there was a season remembered,

I was a child when those first Summers played, a time not in my mind.

Places that I have lived have Summers that belong to them, what is remembered,

There have been many seasons of the heated time, some of the best in my life,

Do you remember a house and city you may have lived in as a child or teen,

Friends, running with the wind, full of energy as the days seemed to never end.

The best Summer of my life, the first one that has never been recalled to this day,

The best Summer of my life was the last Summer as a young boy with my dad.

When you are young it is that when school is out every Summer will be the best,

For me, there was a great place, some of the best Summers of my life, Yorba Linda,

I was ten when I moved there and for all those kids who did, do you remember the magic.?

The best Summer of my life is every Summer I awake to from beginning to end.

Keith Garrett




Lost was I within the snowy landscape of the Alaskan wilderness,

Crashed did I my plane into the chilly waters, lucky to be alive.

Made my way from the water, freezing, a few items salvaged,

Matches sealed in a bag were at this moment, my only friend.

Managed with a lot of work to get a small fire going under a tree,

Cold and alone I wondered what would become of me, tired am i.

Starting to drift into sleep, cracking of branches startled me,

When I looked up, appeared to my eyes fear, a bear silently standing there.

I couldn’t move, the bear just stared, turned and walked away,

This can not be as it must be a dream, what does this mean.?

Sleep did visit me when I awoke I was not scared, a fish lay at my feet,

In the distance the bear watched me, I cooked then ate, he walked away.

I noticed his path the same way, he roared out as if speaking to me,

I was not afraid as I followed him up the hill, he stared and then disappeared,

In front of me, over the hill sat a town alive with people, the bear.

Keith Garrett




Watching the smog as it fills up high,

Polluted water, senseless acts day and night.

Wars of destruction, the greed in a man,

Acts of violence that destroy nature and human beings.

Trash fills the streets, anger and hate consume,

What are we doing in our world of doom.?

Evil thoughts, random killings go on,

The family structure dissolves, crumbles and falls.

Tears from the sky, god watches as our time goes by,

Stand back and watch, you just might cry.

Keith Garrett