WHAT HAUNTS THE NIGHT

 Stumble upon a haunted house,

 Ghosts of fear that roam everywhere.

 A black cat watches all that you see,

 Not a candle is lit, in a place of misery.

 Through a howling wind, you can listen as it sounds,

 Somewhere out in the darkness, a werewolf cries.

 Lock the windows as they feed in the night,

 Vampires that do not die are there in the moonlight.

 Hidden in the basement is a mummy's tomb,

It rises on a cold, cold, night and wanders till dawn.

 A monster that's brought back to life,

 Frankenstein is a thought full of fright.

 What haunts the night, an old witch on a broom 
 Flying by.

 A spell she casts to those on this night.

 Legends and fables, fantasy or fact,

What haunts the night, is it all in your mind?

                    Keith Garrett


                      TO LIVE

 What is the meaning of life? 
 We do not know of god's plan,
 To live, we must seize the day, laugh, and play.

 Most are worried about surviving 
 From the clocks every tick,
 As if to really live has no time for us.
 when you awake do you see the light, the rising sun,

 Are you blinded by the struggles of your daily flight?

 To your ears is there the sound of birds 
 Chirping and singing,
 Or only the echo in your head of all that must be done.

 You need to stop and watch as the sun goes down,

A moment of peace before a regret that tomorrow
Has no plans for you.
 Learn to dance, listen to the music you forget to hear,

 Take a walk with the one you love 
 Until it's time to disappear.
 Slow down just a little and breathe the air,

 To live is to relax and enjoy,  
 To love and sometimes do nothing but see and dream.                               

 Take notice that as we grow older, 
 Time seems to move faster.

 The day will come when we must let it all go,

   Pray that God's plan has a place for you.

                                                                                        Keith Garrett  


    Keith Garrett       PORFINIFIGUS

Where he comes from nobody knows, he does live,

 A myth, a fable, only a child believes, 
 One who has seen.

 Along the riverbank of a small Eastern town in Maine,

 A place of play for a boy named Luke, this is no dream.

Many fantastic tales he does tell, who will listen
This time?

 Described to others as a type of elf, an ugly troll.

 Many late afternoons is when Luke visits the river,

 Today it is a bit windy, he will appear once more.

 He speaks to Luke in whispers, I am Porfinifigus,

 I am created from your thoughts and fear.

 Why do you find me here each day, are you real?

 I told you that I live in you, you gave me a name.

 There are wishes that you ask for, I can hear you,

 With every wish there comes a curse.

 I have many things to wish for, will they be mine?

 For everything you receive, something I will take.

  I wish for all things in this town be mine,

  Foolish boy, everything in this town be no more.


                     WHAT LIVES IN THE TREES

In the deep forest, what lives in the trees,

 If passing through it make sure you make it 
 to the other side. 

 Before the shadows fade, before the sun goes away.

 They sleep by day, not a sound will they make,

 What lives in the trees is not something to see.

 You've wandered around for much too long,

 Day is fading, shadows going away.

 I told you not to take it as a joke,

 Soon it will be dark, you won't make it home.

 Can you hear them moving, they're beginning to rise,

  What lives in the trees is everywhere.

  Hungry they are, you're on your own,

  Run! run! as they jump from tree to tree.
                                                                   Scream as loud as you want,

 In the deep forest, you'll not be found.

     Keith Garrett.


                    HE HAS A NAME OF FEAR

  At one time I'm sure he was a little boy,

  Scared by demons of his early world.

  The sound of his name brings chills of fright,

  To children everywhere as he haunts their life.

  Watch out! Watch out! for the boogey man,

  He may be hiding under your bed if he can.

  In the dark of your closet he may be watching you,

  Keep your feet in the bed, keep your closet closed.

  The boogey man strikes on a dark lonely street,

  In shadows of the night, behind a standing tree.

  Keep your blankets to your eyes, your curtains closed,

  When you shut out your lights, will he be standing 
  In your room.
  Look out for the man, he has a name of fear,

  He'll scare you to death, the boogey man is near.

    Keith Garrett


                      A SMALL TOWN'S CURSE

 In this small town only children could see
 An evil that lives,
 For adults who stopped believing, there was no reality.

 A group of kids whom became best friends stood 
 together strong.
 They would fight the bad that came to dwell 
 In a forgotten town.
 A simpler time when an afternoon Saturday movie 
 Was just fine,
 To build a dam, to swim in a pool created 
 By those whom would dream.
 A dancing clown with promises of balloons
 And never ending fun,
 Dressed up in colors and wearing a face  
 That only the young could see.                        

 From hell it seems he came as he is something  
 Other than appears to be,

 He's a monster dressed to kill, 
 he comes to feed for eternity.
 These children of Innocence become
 Each scarred by a curse,

 Brave as they battle a force, 
 As no child should live a nightmare.
 Not defeated as they grow to become adults  
 And hide this haunting pain,

 Go their own separate ways into the world  
 With what they hold hidden.

 Each successful in business, money is theirs, 
 Although happiness is not,

 Emotional scars deep inside forgotten  
 Until the past rings loud in ears.

 Return to this small Maine town they do, seven people,  
 Thirty years lost,

 Bring it to an end this evil, this dancing curse 
 That brings fear.
 Lucky seven, their faith and love for one another 
 Keeps them together,                 

 It's back and these once children,  
 Misfits of horrible family memories,

 Sacrifice all they have, their lives, 
 and destroy this clown But a monster.                     

 A small town curse is destroyed as finally these friends  
 May have peace,             

 They now learn of laughter, love, and happiness  
 Though seven are now five.

 The dancing clown, Pennywise, IT.

       Keith Garrett  


                    ROBE AND MASK OF BLACK

 He watches, at times you see him in a dream,

 Alone you are in a dark house on a hill top.

 Out there standing in the night, the wind howling,

 You peek out of your window, he knows you are there.

 Dressed in a robe and mask of black, waiting,

 You do not awake as your heart races.

 He does not move but he can feel you 
 Behind your closed curtains,

 The fear in you is in his conscious mind.

 Everything to you is black, of darkness,

 As if there is no other person alive on this earth  
 Except for you and he.

The terror is about to begin as you awake in the 
Dark night,

 Relieved that you are now awake, you get 
 Up wondering.

There's a feeling that you must check, 
Peek out of the window,

 Out there, in the darkness, a robe and mask of black, 
 He watches.

           Keith Garrett 


                     All that I see

  Far In the distance I see hills' standing still,

  Trees of green blowing In the breeze, falling leaves.

 Grass of green that I see below me, vision of paradise,

 A lake that sits' beneath the sky, this sky sometimes 

 I am a dreamer who sees with heart and soul,

 All that I see Is not only a dream.

     Keith Garrett


           WHAT HAPPENED TO HARRY BLAKE  Keith Garrett

 He drove to the mountains, to Stoney woods,

 He wanted to run, to get away from his life.

 To a big house where he would not be bothered

 Or found by the outside world.

Stormy weather was approaching as he headed 
Up the mountain,

 If he hurried then he could make it before it hit.

Alone he would be as he pulled up to this big 

 That stood all alone among tall trees,

 He got his things and went inside where dusty furniture  
 Sat in the dark.

 It was cold but there was a big, old, fireplace.

 Harry gathered some wood and started a nice fire

 That kept this creepy place lit for the night,

Harry didn't know it but someone or something was there 

Alone on the 31st of October, Halloween in Stoney Woods,

 It was late, the fire fading, sleep took him away.

 At mornings light, Harry was gone, where did he go?

 On October 31st every year the fire burns in a dark house.

Up on a mountain in Stoney Woods you can hear the echoing

 Voice of Harry Blake, never seen again.


                        HORRIBLE HOUSE

 There's a horrible house with horrible things,

 It's deep in a forest where their live horrible people.

 Horrible thoughts from horrible minds,

  Horrible deeds, horrible crimes.

  Don't go to the door, you'll never escape,

If you see their horrible faces, your screams will echo  
 Into the night.

A horrible place, horrible for you to discover,

 What horrible things they'll do for dinner.

  Stay away from this horrible house,

  Horrible things will surely happen to you.

  Horrible house has had many visitors,  

 They walked through the forest and did not escape

 Those horrible faces in that horrible house. Keith G.