I thought i’d call to you and talk awhile,

I’m sitting here alone, I’ve been thinking.

What can i do to make this world a better place,

Let go of anger and sometimes terrible thoughts.

Do not waste this time that I’ve been given,

Smile and say hello to a passerby.

Lend a hand to a less fortunate soul,

Put a little trust in man, this I’ve been told.

Do not take a life, be there for a friend,

Teach a child right from wrong.

Love as much as you can, hate is not a gift in hand,

Do not steal or act in violence,

I’ve been thinking god, I just needed you to listen.

Keith Garrett

256 thoughts on “I’VE BEEN THINKING

  1. I’ve been listening to George Harrison’s song “Give me Love (Give me Peace on Earth)” and it’s been lifting me up, and perhaps it can help you along with your path as well. Peace.

  2. This is a fantastic poem! It`s nice to read your honesty about how you feel about people. It`s good to write these things down. You`ve turned difficult emotions, that many people have, into something good. Well put together words into a great piece of writing!

  3. Yes you write with a Christian Soul. Yes it’s stark reminder that were are moving away from our ideals. Anand Bose from Kerala

  4. Thanks for visiting actmadelyrical.com. Now I have followed you home. I enjoyed your poem. Poetry is a great way to express emotions and you have shared something of yourself here that others will appreciate.

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