Like the wind i move with force through a chosen path,

At times so quiet, loud without warning.

As a tornado screams with havoc into the dark night,

I am fierce but i am also the quiet calm.

Thunder is booming, the hammer that strikes hard,

I am at times quite loud, sometimes not seen.

Lightning strikes fast and bright in many directions,

I may at times appear scary, i will not cause harm.

Like the falling snow, a blizzard passing through,

There lies in me the avalanche, the soft snowball tossed to you.

The raging river is swift, powerful as it makes its way,

I am strong, i am fast and head strong.

Watch the ocean as it moves to everywhere,

I keep moving in many directions, i am one.

A hurricane has an eye just as i have an eye,

Yelling out with anger, it sweeps across the land.

Like the hurricane i can be a monster or i might leave all alone,

The raging storm has beauty just as a man has his storm.

Keith Garrett

9 thoughts on “THE RAGING STORM

  1. I like your polarized imagery with storms … I think what many fail to appreciate with storms is that they are created from a perfect balance of various elements, some of which are in opposition. As such, a storm has as its potential a rather wide spectrum – it’s this spectrum of potential I feel like you really manage to capture with this poem!

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