Walking along a path, my ears took in the sound,

                        The loud rushing of water in the distance.

                      There she stood staring out into the scenery,

                             A woman of such beauty all alone.

      I didn’t make a sound as the words of her song echoed all around,

                   A voice so soft but filled with the power of a tune. 

                    Standing by the river in the middle of nowhere,

                    No horse did she ride, from where did she come.

                         Dressed she was not for a dangerous hike

                                But like that of an angel in white,

                    She did not see me but did she know i was there.

                           Listen did i as she sang from her heart,

                   As i turned to walk away, she turned and waived.

         Never a word between us, her song i could still hear far away.

                  Keith Garrett


3 thoughts on “STANDING BY THE RIVER

  1. some of these are so full of deep emotion and thought, you should turn them into short stories, or long… 🙂 really good stuff!

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