Like mystical knights from a time long since past,

          These three surviving warriors are back at last.

A golden god wailing tunes that echo through our minds,

With emotion to his audience, a performer so fine.

From a magical guitarist born back in time,

Plays a bow on the strings like a wizard casts a spell.

On his Organ he plays sounds like they were made up in heaven,

Also a guitar would be another weapon.

Together a power none dreamed of before,

A masterpiece of song never seen on a stage floor.

Missing from them, one fallen warrior whose hammering

On his drums shook the ground like thunder,

They called him Bonzo, now a spirit in a new world of wonder.

From England they were born some time ago,

Their music lives on forever you know.

Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, John Paul Jones.

Led Zeppelin

Keith Garrett



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