Anger eats at his heart, hurt devours this mans loving soul,

He fights within himself as he seeks the peace of restful sleep.

Listen to this man as he asks to be heard among the screaming noise,

 A battle rages between pain and the happiness so desired for so long.

 What does a man see when hate and mistrust rule his hopes and dreams,

 He seeks to walk out from the darkness and let the fight die with yesterday.

        The brave man awakes to his morning and breathes the hopeful day,

             With his hand he takes from his belt the sorrow, let it go away.

         The brave man puts down his sword fore there exists another way,

  The battle needs not to be won, the war created and destroyed by only he.

                      Keith Garrett  


  1. This is a beautiful piece. I truly enjoyed reading it. I am glad that you reblogged it. I need to work on reading more of your work. You are very talented.

  2. So true. Wonderfully expresses that state of the psyche where we need to find the courage, and I have for so long not have that courage, I feared the courage would vaporize too easily, and the war was so familiar there was a comfort in it, for as you so nicely put it, it was my war within me.

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