Keith Garrett
I’m glad you’re here, it’s quite early as the sun awakes to this day,

I asked you here because i need you to walk with me today.

There’s not a word you need to say as we move our feet together,

We’re headed into a most beautiful day as a calm peace joins us.

There’s a breeze in the air, the smell of breakfast from an early

Saturday morning get together of friends and family near by,

The sound of the scrub jays as they search for their own morning food.

Can you see the sunlight shining across the trees, walk with me,

Down this trail we travel, a little slippery so take hold of my hand.

The time comes when a moment needs to be taken not to stop

But to slow down and see what god has created around us all,

I’m glad you’re here and decided to walk with me today so

That we could take the time to appreciate our lives and learn

Not to take for granted the special things we share and have.

See the mountains in the distance, feel the warm sun on your face,

We leave the everyday world behind as we walk and laugh.

Thank you for walking with me today, I’ve learned much from

You as you never spoke a word, listened to me, and made me feel

As though i wasn’t alone.



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