No memory have i of how this came to be,

                 Lost and alone, just me and the sea.

                  Day after day across endless water,

          Above, only the sky and the seagulls that fly.

            Get by do i with only little water and food,

   Maybe a hope and a prayer that it may get me through.

              In the distance perhaps a dolphin or whale,

                        My Imagination is running wild.

              Thinking of what’s below me scares me some,

                   Loneliness is worse fore nobody listens.

                  A dream am i having or my personal hell,

                 Until the end of this i’ll not be able to tell.

                          Up ahead, what is it that i see,

                   My hope and prayer is answered to me,

                           No longer will i be adrift at sea.

        Keith Garrett

7 thoughts on “ADRIFT AT SEA

  1. Great poem Keith! I love ocean themed poetry! I have written many ocean themed poems of my own, and yours was relatible to allegories I have used before, and so I am able to appreciate the poem beyond in just passing creative appreciation, and beyond just light similar interest reading. You are a great poet, and I am glad you subscribed to my blog, and glad I subscribed back. If you ever get a book of your poems published, I will definitely purchase it! And if you have already, share a link with me where I can buy it!

    • wow, that’s way more poems than I have written! looking forward to the Halloween poems, I remember you mentioning that you would be posting them in October in a previous post of yours. Halloween is my favorite holliday, I love the kinds of things that can be written about common themes attributed to things associated with the holiday… ghosts and etc. Definitely keep posting your poems, I read every one of them you share. If you ever self-publish with a site like definitely do. I used to not enjoy reading other people’s poetry, and had barely read anything by anyone else, but since I started my wordpress blog in August, that’s completely changed. I had no idea about all the inspiring, creative cool stuff I was missing out on!

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