I was born In Amesbury Massachusetts in nineteen sixty two.

A mother, father, and in time four sisters and two brothers.

We moved out here to California in nineteen sixty six i recall.

I remember living in Lawndale and going to school in kindergarten.

When i was seven in second grade on Halloween night my dad died.

He fell off of a cliff in Palos Verdes in nineteen sixty nine, i remember.

The dreaming little boy found out that life wasn’t so magical after all.

I never stopped my dreaming or gave up on dreams as i went about life.

I’ve had my share of pain and disappointments as i walked my path.

I’ve had friends and family whom have disappeared and gone away.

I have had great times and memory’s through the years, a life.

When i was In Jr. high in Yorba Linda i fell on my head in P.E.

I had my first brain surgery when i was fifteen and told that i

Might die or be in a wheel chair, neither have happened yet.

I’ve walked fifty miles when i was told it wouldn’t happen.

I have three children, two sons and a daughter, I’m alive.

I’m fifty one, started writing poetry when i was thirty five.

I have a wonderful girl friend Kim, I dare to dream. Keith Garrett


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