I’ve walked many miles and seen a lifetime of unfamiliar smiles,
Laughter doesn’t always show on these faces of our world.
When once i was a child dreams filled my head of magical places,
Fairy tales of witches and giants were stories told as i listened and believed.
Always words or thoughts filling my head as the pages added creating
Many stories to books of a mans wanderings throughout a land of years,
Writing, putting down words and thoughts on paper to tell a story, a poem.
A piece put together of a picture seen from eyes that wish, from ears that hear,
Everyday scenes taken in, books stored on the shelves of my mind to be shared.
My hopes, opinions, thoughts sent out to all people, poets of the world whom will
In return share their thoughts, search their minds in an effort to also understand,
I am the poetry man, take in my words, i’ll read what’s written from your hands.
Keith Garrett


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