Keith Garrett

War, How far back can I go, Nature of man to battle and conquer,

Does it have to be with weapons, debate and discuss until no end.

Think about how ridiculous and completely sad that it comes to a killing game,

Whatever the Issue it appears to be a fight as children would fight,

The difference being there is much more at stake when men can’t play nice.

War, never ending, I’ll just go back to the Revolutionary war, the Alamo,

Little big horn, The Civil war, World war one and two, is this enough.

No, Lets go to Korea, when it’s done onward to Vietnam,

So here we are today still with young men gone far away.

It has to stop someday, tears and crying need to go away,

I don’t agree because all men cause war, we wouldn’t need

Heroes if men would act civil and not go to war over what they

Want to get not what they believe, here’s to the men and women

Throughout time whom did their duty and part for the good of man

And that which they personally believe, wars are caused and then

The young men and women, those whom serve are wounded and die

Cleaning up the mess and protect what never goes away.

Keith Garrett


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