A poem is beautiful, It can be anything that you wish it to be,

What lives in a poem,? Imagination of the wondering mind.

It can take you away, a vacation of choice to anywhere out there,

A dream that lives inside, written words that greatly describe.

What lives in a poem are the memories you carry around always,

Sad happenings of realistic times, happy, wonderful things that define.

Your thoughts and all that makes you whom you are,

To write, too make that what lives in a poem come alive.

What lives in a poem can be any place you want to be,

You can go anywhere, write a fantasy life or live a dream.

What lives in a poem is the real you and all that you see.

Keith Garrett


21 thoughts on “WHAT LIVES IN A POEM

  1. So very true, a poem can be about anything and take you anywhere…it is up to the soul that sees and then creates. Nice job, love it!

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  3. this is very very true! I really like how you made this concept for active “what lives in a poem” because that is exactly what’s happening. all of these thoughts, emotions, and ideas live in the poems that we write, which is what make them so impactful.

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