Suddenly as fast as I visit sleep then awake do I to the late night,

Not a pleasant adventure as tired is my mind, body, and eyes.

Stories are told by me, seen over and over as I lay there awake,

Television shows In detail, memories played repeatedly,

Thoughts of the day, thoughts of many yesterdays come to mind.

Good or bad, I can’t sleep as my brain try’s to figure out and

Understand that which can’t be ever changed, endless headache.

When sleep does not visit there Is no clue to what wanders the mind,

Why these life experiences keep me searching for answers always.

When sleep does not visit me then I must turn to fantasy for sleep.

Keith Garrett


  1. the hours from 2am until 7 am is the extra, when ordinary becomes extraordinary. when others take a break, we create the mead lake. the biggest man made in all 50 states. we take nap time use it for lap the line, hit the gas on what we shine on our texas tea smiles

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