You were just standing there weren’t you, yesterday you were a child,

Only a moment ago It seems like today, years ago now as those days are gone.

At times life seems so very long which Is a wonderful thing,

Wake up do you to a morning, one just like before but something has changed.

The dreaming child, the one whom believed In magic and wishes has gone away,

They are alive kept always Inside, bring them out for a day so that they do not die.

When you were a child the sun would shine while riding your bike along side friends,

Days seemed to never end, not a care In the world playing hopscotch or a treehouse

Built In a field by boys whom were young then disappeared Into many years ahead.

Pretending was you that little girl who wished to be a princess and daddy was the hero,

Chasing butterflies and jumprope, teaparties were magical the day when you were a child.

Playing kick the can walking down the street,

Having sword fights with sticks pretending they were guns.

Model airplanes and sleepovers, making tents for the night,

Baseball In the park, flying kites watching the sun going down.

When you were a child yesterday for just a little while.

Keith Garrett





































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