Wings fluttering so fast in sight,

Yet hovering in one place, a color so bright.

Small as they are yet fast they disappear,

Where do they go when darkness is in the air.

Searching for nectar in flowers of a tubular shape,

From here to there, they move swiftly to anyplace.

Mysterious they appear, like no other type of bird,

When they pass you by, slightly they are heard.

Keith Garrett







8 thoughts on “HUMMINGBIRD

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  2. Great poem.
    There was a friendly little humming bird that came to eat at the feeder we put up for them at our house we had in Colorado. After eating it would come hover around my right shoulder. If the feeder got empty it would harass my husband until he had filled it. Kinda hard to fill a feeder with a swarm of humming birds trying to get to the liquid food. Feeder was too high up for me to reach.
    Jeanette Hall

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