“Old Man” by Keith Garrett
Who he was did not matter to me as each day i passed his way,
On a porch swing or rocking chair he would read or listen to the world.
I gave him a smile in which he replied with a smirk from his face,
Who are you whom sits in the morning sun thinking thoughts never done.?
I am a man but once a child running from sunrise till dusk, i am a man,
I’ve seen the years and have done many things in my time, once full of energy.
‘Old man’ on your porch is sitting there all that you do, tell me your story,
Are you waiting to die as each day you grow weary from nothing at all.
You are much younger than i as there was a day when i too looked like you,
What makes you think that i did not dream, that i did not succeed.
Who keeps a man company as he rests alone everyday, who loves you,
As once their lived for me a love so true, she went away, who are you.?
I am an old man and for me their was a love of beauty so fine,
Today i am loved by those whom will pass me by, listen and smile.
Do you fear that life has not much more time for you old friend,
Will you grow tired of quiet nights with thoughts that never end.?
Tomorrow sunrise brings with it a new beginning, possibilities,
When i grow tired then sleep visits me, dreams fill this old man.
I am young but not so wise as i did not understand passing by,
The day will come when i too will be some what like you.
You called me old friend as just moments ago i was a stranger,
i did not matter to you, wisdom will grow but learn from it.
As i pass this way i will see you in a different way fore you do matter,
You’re not just an old man, you have spirit and soul, old man,
My friend.


6 thoughts on “” OLD MAN”

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This poem touched me. I am writing my memoirs and so often remember my younger years. Yet now I am older and still dream of happiness and times of joy and peace and respect for me as an old man. I hope you enjoy this reblog. Blessings!

  2. I haven’t watched Anthony Bourdain’s series Parts Unknown. Only episode 8, season 7. Montana. There was an old man, Jim Harrison, apparently famous and accomplished writer. Just an old man. Being visited by another old man (Anthony). Acknowledging that time’s past, but vital in the soul. They share a chuckle, looking out into open space. Like your man on the porch.
    To be Human is to be a Friend.
    Amazing double read with Sunlight 😌👌

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