I’ll never understand why a wonderful human being has gone away,

What were you thinking on this day, that life was so bad, what would you say.?

You made the world laugh since the days of Mork and Mindy in the past,

A gift was bestowed upon your soul the moment when you dear Robin was born.

Grow would you to accomplish a most wonderful thing, you made the world laugh,

Your voice, your own laughter echoed around the world and you sir! were a gift.

Oh! Robin, why? sadness rested in your heart and now it rests in ours,

So much laughter as behind it you wore the mask of a clown, painted face whom cries.

Today a tear sheds on many faces as around the world an echo of Robin’s goodbye,

You made me laugh, you were one of those who made me want to dream.

You now set sail on another adventure, you are cast as a star, you’re on your way,

I know in heaven you will laugh once more, i’m sure you will make Jesus smile.

I say to you, goodbye Robin Williams, the world laughs a little less without you,

We will smile and once again laugh in time, rest your weary mind by god’s side.

Keith Garrett

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