A matter of faith, yes! this must be as I don’t understand,
Many tales of bad things happening all over this great world.
Although there is much suffering everywhere, I never blame God,
Fore many things are the cause of man, piece by piece the world crumbles.
A story of a man I recall many years ago from a town, Yorba Linda,
He was the reverand of a church, the Moravian Church across from school.
Cared about people, loyalty to this church and his family, a loving man,
Never a bad deed, throughout life always a helping hand, I remember him.
I have been told of his days now, living with Parkinson’s Disease, he lives,
I don’t understand why a man such as this, devoted to doing good was given this.
A man of God, this is not that which he deserves, for a reason I suppose, God knows,
I don’t understand why some things should be for the wrong man, I don’t understand.
Keith Garrett


7 thoughts on “I DON’T UNDERSTAND

  1. THE toughest question believers have to face. “Is God involved?”, “Does God Care?”, “If God is good and ‘for me’ then why Evil, death and disease?”. Theodicy.

    What if God isn’t involved in the equation at all? it would make perfect sense. but would shake our Faith to the Core of reality. and THAT causes the Cognitive Dissonance that is Theodicy.

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