It’s not coming back, only in your thoughts can it live,

To a place we can always journey, stand where we were.

Why dwell on the past? it has wandered into the future,

Why dwell on the past? it is here we all started, where we were.

Our place of memories, for most the great times growing up,

Special friends we all took for granted, we just didn’t know it then.

It seems like just moments ago we were walking to school, laughing,

Our troubles were few, the ones we had appeared so huge,

The past, if we could only for a magical moment take a walk back.

Keith Garrett


12 thoughts on “WHY DWELL ON THE PAST

  1. ah, it’s the devil we know syndrome…so much of who we are comes from where we have been and though we cannot change even a second ago, we spend time there, listening, watching, observing and reflecting…

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