Oh my god! I am finding my family, I lost them forever,

Were they kept from me through the years, another side.

They do live, exist in another time zone through much of my time,

Since a time when I was so young I have not again seen these blood relatives.

Distance and time take away what can never be replaced, lost years and some family,

They went about their days just as we out here did, cheated I feel but here I am.

A piece of the family puzzle has been found with some effort and wanting,

Still far in distance as a little closer we have become, one day at a time we find.

A family has grown back there in the Eastern snow, I want to go,

A lifetime ago I did walk down streets, stand in the snow where they still do.

We are separated by choice and decisions made a long time ago,

A piece of the family puzzle has been located, like a treasure discovered,

Lost between the East and the West, wherever did those days go.

Keith Garrett


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