From many things are who I am, a fearful child in a long lost land,

Things from me that were taken away back in time on a dark, sad, day,

A storm that circles all around, in its arms sometimes I am found.

A hurt that once was sent to me, by a trusted friend no more to be,

Inside to most i’m afraid to show, the good there is only for you to know.

On the outside a picture of strength you see, what’s on the inside sometimes fragile,

Never broken, shared with you but owned by me.

I have weaknesses but am not weak, It’s peace and happiness in the world I seek,

Who I am, this is I, maybe a tear sometimes a cry.

Keith Garrett


5 thoughts on “WHO I AM

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  2. oh yeeah, i have weaknesses but i am definitely not weak. i love this Keith, I nominated you for the one lovely blog award, do check out my last post, and take as much time as you want should you choose to accept, if you don’t do awards, know that i love you still. muaaah.

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