I’m beginning to understand and too see,

The good that is inside this person that’s me.

There are many things about which i care,

About where i’m headed in a land of uncertainty.

Within me lies a man of strength,

Just a moment of weakness has taken from me.

A smile lives beneath, sometimes far down,

On the surface pain hidden behind the act of a clown.

What’s within myself a small boy trying to find,

A man that may survive in todays state of mind.

What’s within myself is a hope for a better tomorrow.

Keith Garrett


One thought on “WHAT’S WITHIN MYSELF

  1. I feel you! It’s unfortunate that to survive we must hide the sacred center, the core of who we are to prevent it from harm. May we all learn to show our inner child more and more, as each of us feels more safe, it increases the safety for others.
    For me, being overtly sexual has been one of the scariest things…I’m learning to unleash her. =)
    May your child within find the strength in his voice.

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