Where have you been? i’ve been searching for so long,

I tried to call you on the phone but you were no longer home.

I went to the places where we use to be,

Just standing there in the wind, memory’s of a friend.

I grew up just as you did, life changed and i went away,

There were many things for me to see, living my dreams.

I meant to call but as time went by, out of sight, out of mind,

A woman came into my life, my past was left behind.

So tell me friend what have you been doing,?

I stayed behind, watching the world go by,

Children of three and a wife no more to be.

Worked to survive, became older did i,

A roller coaster ride, i’ve had in my time.

I’m glad we found one another, i’ll soon be coming home,

I went away but i’ll be coming back that way.

We’ll stand together one more time,

Somewhat older as you are you and i am me.

Keith Garrett



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