I only ask that you listen when I speak,

In return I will give you both ears kindly.

Be there when I am in pain and need a shoulder,

I’ll be there to catch you if in time you do fall.

Please do not stab me in the back, no talking about me,

For you I will speak directly to you, also if i’m angry.

Understand that there is in me no perfect piece you’ll see,

I know you are a person with human flaws, that’s quite okay,

Be a friend to me and a friendship we will share, I do care.

Keith Garrett


7 thoughts on “BE A FRIEND

  1. I know that “there will be a rainbow in your soul, if there were tears in your eyes”…I like myself when i don`t need to explain so much.maybe and you?

  2. “A friend is someone who walks in when the whole world walks out.”
    “A friend knows your flaws and still stays with you.”
    That was a beautiful poem about friendship, Keith!

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