Talent and experience shows in their sound,

In the hall of fame is where they are found.

Multiple instruments most of them play,

This comes out of the music into our day.

Such a gift given to ones life,

Too share with the world tunes that they write.

Close your eyes and too the music just listen,

Know now in your mind this thing that’s been missing.

As Steuart gets them going with his electric guitar,

The rest do their own thing, that’s just who they are.

Whether it be rock, or country, maybe a love song or two,

Music of the Eagles is what’s listened too.

Steuart Smith, Glen Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit.

Keith Garrett


8 thoughts on “MUSIC OF THE EAGLES

  1. “Desperado”is a beautiful song….we all getting old , more important is to do something that make us happy , like music, adore my new Yamaha …

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