Not to be seen, noticed among the crowded streets,

Too walk a chosen road, dreaming and not seen.

Just a little time to be left alone, on my own,

Not a sound i’ll make or attention i’ll create.

Invisible moments, there will be no picture or scene,

No description of a man, all around me will be.

At times not to be before these eyes anything,

Not an unwanted sound, nothing all around.

The soul needs moments of peace, a slower pace,

Escape from the fast pace of the human race.

Invisible moments, quiet times under a forgotten tree,

In an empty field of grass, i’m not known to be.

Keith Garrett

17 thoughts on “INVISIBLE MOMENTS

  1. I really like the calmness of your piece….
    its beautiful …i am in the no sound space these days
    its a good place to be
    Take Care…You Matter….

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